How to reduce the nose at home: exercise

Almost every girl dreams of being like her idols, who look very attractive in photos. But they do not understand that before becoming so beautiful, famous models and actresses have to spend a lot of time with stylists who correct the flaws in their appearance. Many girls are not satisfied with their nose shape: some say that it is too long, others too short and so on. Of course, you should not immediately resort to radical ways to solve this problem (for example, plastic surgery), because there are a lot of safer methods. Many girls are interested in how to reduce the nose at home. Exercises specifically designed for this - one of the best options.

Choosing the right exercise

Before you begin the exercises to correct the shape of the nose, you need to determine what exactly you do not like in the nose.After all, there are various complexes aimed at reducing its length, correcting humpbacks, etc. Of course, there are also mixed complexes that will help eliminate several defects at once. If you can not choose a suitable exercise, you can start with a universal - from Carol Madgio.

What is the essence of the universal exercise?

how to reduce nose at home

Any girl who is faced with the question of how to reduce her nose at home is lost among the huge amount of exercise suggested in newspapers and magazines. However, the main problem is not always the length of the nose. Some girls are confused by its width, landing, crook (if any). Therefore, it is better to choose universal exercises that will help to cope with any problems. One of them is gymnastics from Carol Maggio. With its help, you can narrow and slightly shorten the tip of the nose. This happens due to training, lowering the nasal muscles. After increasing the tone of this muscle, you can even visually reduce the bump. If you are interested in how to reduce a long nose at home, then you need to perform this exercise:

  • Take the starting position.To do this, draw in the stomach, tighten the muscles of the hips and buttocks.
  • Take hold of the nose with your thumb and forefinger. It is necessary to slightly press on the nose. The thumb or forefinger of the other hand needs to rest on the tip of the nose, lifting it up.
  • Little finger pull the lower lip down, while the tip should also be lowered. In this position, you need to stay for a few seconds.
  • The exercise is repeated 20 to 40 times. Perform the exercise is recommended once a day.

Straightening the tip of the nose

Most girls ask the question: "How to reduce the nose at home?". But there is another popular problem - the tip of the nose is slightly twisted. It is also possible to correct asymmetry with the help of special exercises. In this case, you can overcome the wrong position of the tip, but such manipulations will not work to eliminate the humpback. The exercise is quick and easy:

  • It is necessary to take an ip, which is completely identical with that in the gymnastics from Carol Maggio, described above.
  • But in this case, the tip of the nose should not be directed downwards, but in the direction completely opposite to the curvature.
  • You need to repeat it about 40 times in a row.It is advisable not to stop its implementation, even if the curvature is already corrected. So be able to maintain the correct shape of the to reduce nose at home exercise

Exercises to narrow the nose

Some girls are interested in how to reduce the nose at home. Moreover, this does not always concern its length, but also its width. Using the exercise below, you can make the shape of the nose more beautiful. Its owner will look much younger. To perform it, you must follow a specific algorithm:

  • Use your index finger to lift the tip of the nose upwards.
  • The mouth should be slightly opened, with the upper lip to tuck to the teeth.
  • It should be as much as possible to direct down, pulling on the teeth.
  • Exercise should be repeated about 40 times.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the wider the mouth is, the more muscles are involved in the exercise. how to reduce nose at home photo

Narrowing of the nose

Many girls, and guys, dream of a narrower nose. To achieve good results in this matter, you need to use the muscles located inside the nose. With their help, it will be possible to visually tighten the nose and make it narrower.How to reduce the nose with potatoes at home? Yes, very simple! The main thing - to choose the right exercise. Its implementation is as follows:

  • Lower chin, open mouth. It will immediately be noticeable that the nose will become significantly narrower.
  • In this position, you need to stay for 5-10 seconds. You need to perform it 2 sets a day, 30 times. Already in 2-4 weeks the result will be noticeable. how to reduce nose at home

How to strengthen your nose?

Many girls do not like the features of their faces, so they are interested in the question: "How to reduce the nose at home?". But in order for the result of any correction to be fixed, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the nose so that they remain in that position for a long time. Of course, there are also special exercises for this. Consider one of them:

  • The middle fingers of both hands should be placed on the nose. At the same time they should be touching on the nose.
  • Gentle movements should pull the skin down, but at the same time the nose itself should be a little tense.
  • In this position, you need to stay on 10 accounts. If it does not work, then you can stop at least 5, but over time, this figure should be increased.

Interestingly, with this simple manipulation, wrinkles can also be prevented in the nasal area. After all, this exercise is more like a massage than a gymnastics.In addition, by performing it, you can get rid of some diseases (for example, curvature of the nasal cartilage).how to reduce nose with potatoes at home

Visual reduction of the nose

Of course, such exercises may not help everyone. But this does not mean that immediately you need to run to a plastic surgeon. How to reduce the nose at home (photos can be seen below), almost every girl is interested. In fact, nothing abstruse in this. The main thing - to learn how to do the right makeup.

So, in order to correct any defects that are on the face, all you need to do is acquire three tonal means: a natural tone, a shade lighter and darker. With the help of a light base, you can increase the shape, and the dark one, on the contrary, reduces them. That is, in the case of an overly wide nose, it is necessary to apply a dark tone to the side stripes and wings. In this case, it is better to lighten the back of the nose. To make-up seemed complete, you can put some powder on the tip of the nose.

how to reduce a long nose at home

Work with hair

Often the irregular shape of the eyebrows causes the nose to look ugly. If the eyebrows are too thick, the spout will also look bigger.Therefore, if there is a question: “How to reduce the nose at home?”, Then it is better to give preference to the semicircular eyebrows. Also on the proportions of the face can have an effect and irregular hairstyle. If a girl has too long or wide nose, then it is better for her to refuse bangs or straight haircuts. At the same time, some types of bangs, on the contrary, are welcome (asymmetric, oblique, torn). It is worth noting that you can correct the nose and with the help of hair color. As you know, light shades attract attention, so no one will notice your nose (if you are blonde).

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