How to remove gel nails?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
March 28, 2013
How to remove gel nails?

Beautiful and very impressive gel nails are today one of the most popular ways to ennoble their hands. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove this beauty on their own. For example, if the nail is cracked or its life has expired, and there is no possibility to visit the salon for correction. How to remove gel nails at home?

Some believe that the gel, like acrylic, can be removed with a special liquid. However, this information is incorrect. Gel nails are cut only.

Prepare the necessary tools. You will need manicure tweezers and a file with a good degree of abrasiveness. First you need to carefully "bite off" the length with tweezers. However, this should be done skillfully, without damaging your nails. Do not try to do it with scissors. In extreme cases, in the absence of tweezers, cut them with a nail file. Only this option is longer.

Tip: use a file, in which the abrasiveness is not more than 180 grit. Then the cutting will be faster.

Cutting right

When you remove the length, you can begin to remove the gel layer from the nail plates. How to remove the gel from the nails, you can peep in the cabin. The specialist will simply cut the layer by layer of the gel with a nail file. You need to do this carefully, so as not to cut down your nails. Therefore, it is usually recommended to leave a thin film of the gel rather than cutting at least a little of your own nail. In order for the cutting to take place “without victims”, change the file to a more gentle one closer to the nail.

It should be noted that it is easier to work with the right hand, and it is easier to cut off the gel from the nails of the left hand. Therefore, when it comes to the right hand, try to move not with a nail file, but with a fingernail, in order to more reliably control the pressing force.

Now that we have explained how to remove the gel nails, it will be important to add that a wellness treatment should be carried out for nails that are tired of the gel. To do this, it is recommended to rub into the nails any vegetable oil, preferably heated. Then polish the nails with suede trimming. It is believed that this procedure does not allow the nails to exfoliate and gives them a brilliant look.

Thus, your nails after cutting will be neat and will not lose their natural charm.

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