How to sell a wedding dress

We put an adequate price

When choosing a price for your wedding dress, girls should take into account one fact: the competition is quite powerful, and the demand is much lower than the supply. It is because the purchase price is reduced threefold, and the likelihood that you will sell the outfit will increase dramatically.

  • If the price category of the dress is average, and it corresponds to modern wedding trends, the primary price can be divided by 2, but keep in mind that the higher the price of the product, the more difficult and longer it will have to be sold.
  • If the wedding dress bought by you belongs to the category of branded or haute couture, and bought for a bag that exceeds the average for a wedding dress several times, reduce the purchase price by 5-6 times. The fact is that for more money you can buy a great new dress of a little-known brand, so you will not be able to sell the dress quickly.

Also an excellent option would be an indication of "bargaining" - this will help attract more potential customers. An excellent option would be a non-rounded price.Put it on a few hundred to a round one thousand.

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