How do you spell "more"?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
December 25, 2012
How do you spell "more"?

To begin with, we will determine which part of speech is the word “more”. This may be an adjective to a comparative degree. The prefix "on" softens in this case a comparative degree. How do you spell "more" in this case? Together.

The adverb "more" means a sign of the state in its meaning, refers to adverbs. The composition of this word includes a comparative degree of adverbs. Example: "He was just thinking how to collect more money."

We come to the wording of some rules:

  1. Adverbs are written together in the form of a comparative degree, which are formed by the prefix "by": "more", "deeper", "lighter". Example sentences: "For fishing, we chose a place downstream, there was plenty of space."
  2. The name of the adjective form of degrees of comparison with the prefix "is" written together: "more" means "more".

"By more" how to spell? The correct answer is one! Therefore, always and in all cases we write "more."

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