How to start chatting?

Communication with people is one of the most important components of a person’s social life. But sometimes we meet an interesting person and do not know where to start a conversation with him. To easily and naturally start a conversation with an interesting person, follow our advice.

How to start to communicate with the girl

Start a conversation with a girl is quite simple. It is enough to ask her a question (for example, to clarify what time it is) or to ask (for example, show the way). It is much more difficult to continue a request for help or a question and translate it into a dialogue. To start, try to make a girl laugh with an interesting joke. The main thing that the joke was appropriate in this situation. Guys with a good sense of humor always like girls. If everything worked out and the girl smiled, feel free to ask a second question. For example, if you are in a store, ask a girl to help you with the choice of a particular product, in a cafe - ask what coffee she prefers, well, and in a club - what kind of music she loves. Then the most logical would be to invite a girl for a coffee, dance or just walk.

How to start chatting with a guy

Before you start a conversation with a guy, smile to him. Sincere female smile always gives a guy a signal that the girl is not opposed to meet. If the guy smiled back, feel free to start a conversation. Make a compliment to the guy’s appearance (for example, appreciate his shoes, shirt or watches), ask a simple question (for example, if he has been to this place before), or even better, ask the guy for help (for example, show the way or open a bottle of water) . No man can refuse a girl to help, in addition, he will be pleased that an unfamiliar girl needs him. Most likely, after that the guy himself will continue your dialogue. Well, if not, then start a conversation on a topic that will interest the interlocutor. Try to determine it based on the appearance of a guy, a place of acquaintance or other signs. The main thing is to stay confident and smile!

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How to start chatting in contact

Social networks occupy most of the life of a modern person. Therefore, learning to communicate with people on the Internet is no less important than in real life. To do this, follow a few rules:

  1. Before starting a conversation, examine the profile of the interlocutor.So you learn what he is interested in, what kind of music he prefers and even what principles of life he adheres to. Start a conversation on a topic interesting to the interlocutor, much easier.
  2. Stick to neutral talk topics. During the first communication on the Internet, you should not touch on personal or sexual topics so as not to scare another person away.
  3. Try to use less slang and monitor the literacy of your messages. Remember, the text of your messages is your appearance on the Internet.
  4. Tell the truth about yourself. High probability. that the conversation on the Internet will grow into a real meeting, and then your interlocutor will understand how much you have embellished your information about yourself.

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