How to stew meat?

In cooking, the word “stew” is characterized by the process of cooking a dish in a certain amount of water or sauce with the addition of seasonings, wine, roots, spices, and also simply in its own juice. The process of extinguishing is long-term, takes place over low heat, takes from 35 minutes to two hours. Public interest in how to stew meat is understandable. Since the result is a gentle and soft dishes, rich in broth juice and spices.

Proper dishes - the first and important step.

Cookware for extinguishing should be with thick walls and a lid, made of cast iron, heat-resistant glass, food-grade aluminum, heat-ceramic. For how to stew meat meets the material and design dishes. It does not allow food to burn and maintains heat. This is necessary when stewing dishes. Designs and forms of dishes can be varied - stewpan, cauldron, utyatnitsa, pot, ceramic pot.

What meat is best stew

You can stew any meat - pork, beef, lamb, game. The method is ideal for making "rough" parts of the carcass.The long process of heat treatment of meat allows you to use in its composition of connective tissue and fat, which is reflected in the price of the product. Know that the losses at the time of preparation range from 30 to 40% of the initial weight. The time of stewing meat also depends on the size of the pieces. Now more detailed how to stew meat.

Mutton, pork, beef stew

To extinguish lamb choose brisket or scapula. Properly simmering meat is recommended in plenty of water over low heat. Pre-marinated meat with onion rings, black pepper, greens, salt. It is not necessary to stew for a long time, otherwise it will become dry and hard.

For stewed pork, you can take any part of the carcass. First, the meat must be fried. To quench the extra fat is not needed, the pork meat is fat and she has enough of her. Utensils need a spacious, so it was convenient to boil soft meat. Before you start to fry and simmer the meat, it can be pickled in spices, special marinades, vinegar.

Before quenching the beef is sprinkled with flour and fried in a fat until golden brown. After transferring to the extinguishing tank along with the remaining fat, pour water and process it over low heat. As evaporation, add water.

Tips to extinguish meat in a slow cooker

The “quenching” mode implies the languor of meat at a very low temperature, this is in contrast to the “classic” quenching on fire, where boiling of the sauce liquid occurs. Pre-fried meat is placed in a slow cooker, onions and garlic are separately fried, attached to the meat. Next come the spices and sauce, everything is mixed and you can simmer the meat in the slow cooker. Of course, the cooking time is much longer - about 8-9 hours, but for busy people, it will do.

Recipe for fixing material

“Pork stewed with apples” is an old recipe for Russian cuisine.

A set of products - 0.5 kg. pork, 100 gr. apples, 2 onions, 50 gr. fat, 30 gr. flour, 3 tablespoons cumin, salt.

Preparation: Pork is rubbed with salt in a whole piece, sprinkled with flour and fried in a pan in fat. Next, it is transferred to the dish for stewing, poured with fat from the pan. Cumin, apple slices, onion rings are added to the dishes. Extinguishing time 2 hours.

Sauce: flour is added to the juice after quenching and brought to a boil, filtered.

Serving: pork served in sliced ​​slices, put the sauce separately.

Garnish for pork: boiled potatoes, fresh vegetables, rice.

Now you know exactly how to stew meat!

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