How to store honey? Storage of honey at home

About everyone knows. It is an effective natural remedy that enhances the immune system and the protective functions of the body. In addition, honey has excellent taste and is completely absorbed by the human body, which makes it an affordable delicacy for a wide range of consumers. In natural conditions (comb) this product can be stored for centuries. How to store honey at home, so that it does not lose its useful and taste qualities, you can learn from this article.

Beneficial features

Honey is very good for health. It normalizes the activity of internal organs, improves immunity and blood composition, protects against premature aging and is considered a source of powerful energy. All these valuable properties of honey are due to its complex chemical composition and extraordinary biological nature. The main properties of a bee product include: density, viscosity, electrical conductivity, fermentation, crystallization, thermal conductivity, thixotropy, hygroscopic heat capacity, optical activity, and others.Honey has dietary, medicinal and bactericidal properties. Due to its remarkable qualities, it is widely used both in folk and in traditional medicine.

how to store honey

Composition of honey

Honey has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiallergic and antibacterial properties. It has a very rich composition: trace elements, sugars, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, folic and pantothenic acids, zinc, chlorine, boron, aluminum, chromium, silicon, osmium, titanium, tin, lead, nickel, lithium, biologically active substances, necessary for the human body. Honey is a good medicine that helps with burns and wounds, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, biliary tract, liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract). In addition, the bee product is unusually nutritious. It includes proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, enzymes, etc. When splitting fructose and glucose, a huge amount of energy is released, which is necessary for the vital activity of the body. Therefore, it’s important to know how to store honey at home so that it does not lose its valuable properties.

Shelf life

How long can honey be stored? As mentioned above, under the conditions of a beehive, it is conserved and retains its properties for hundreds of years. The composition of this product has a large number of vitamins, among which the bacteria can not exist. Scientists found honey in wax cells in the ancient Egyptian pyramids, where it was perfectly preserved. At home, the bee product can be kept no more than two years. Under the influence of light and air temperature its useful properties quickly deteriorate. Under certain conditions, the shelf life of the product can be increased to several decades.

how much honey can you keep

Storage temperature

To learn how to properly store honey, you need to mentally look into the beehive. In winter, these hardworking creatures insulate their home so much that the temperature in it does not fall below minus ten degrees even in the most severe frosts. When the thermometer reads more than -20 degrees Celsius, the product loses its structure, instantly candies and hardens. At high temperatures (more than +20 degrees), the chemical composition of honey changes, taste deteriorates, color is lost, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and bactericidal substances are destroyed.In the process of heating the bee product begins to ferment, becomes a sweet mass, which contains only carbohydrates. The optimum temperature for storage of honey is from -5 to +10 degrees Celsius.

Other factors

Where to store honey at home? Another enemy of the beneficial properties of the product is light. Honey in no case can not be stored on the windowsill, under direct sunlight. Even diffused light can affect a product that is held in a transparent glass container. Bright lighting destroys all enzymes and valuable components in a natural medicine for a couple of days. Therefore, the product must be stored in a dark cool place. An important factor is the humidity. This indicator should not exceed 75%. Of course, different honey withstands various storage conditions. Acacia perfectly tolerates moisture, and padevy deteriorates at a humidity of more than 60%. However, if the necessary conditions are not observed, the product quickly turns sour.

So how to store honey properly? A dry, clean, dark and cool place, the humidity in which does not exceed 60%, is suitable for it. For example, a closed kitchen cabinet or a tidy pantry.

how to store honey at home

Cold storage

How to store honey in the refrigerator? For this you need to follow some rules.

  • First, the air temperature should not exceed +5 ... + 10 degrees. For refrigeration tanks, this is the usual standard temperature setting.
  • Secondly, in the refrigerator you need to maintain a certain level of humidity. If it is equipped with a dry freeze function, then nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you should periodically wipe the walls of the refrigerator from excessive moisture.
  • Thirdly, the dishes in which honey is stored must be hermetically sealed. Otherwise, the product will absorb the smell of moisture and food.

Thus, honey can be stored in the refrigerator. However, for this you need to strictly observe all the above conditions.

Storage in the cellar

How to store honey in the cellar? For residents of the private sector, this issue is particularly relevant. The level of humidity and temperature in ordinary cellars is far from those necessary for the storage of natural medicines. Therefore, the bee product cannot be stored, for example, in a glass jar. The most suitable container for storing honey in the cellar is a wooden barrel, covered with wax from the inside.Honey should be protected from foreign odors. If there are pickles, fish, sauerkraut or cheeses in the cellar, it is better to hide the treat in another place, for example, in a dark and dry pantry. In no case should an open container with honey stand close to sugar, salt and cereals. Thanks to these hygroscopic substances, the fermentation process of the bee product is enhanced.

how to keep honey in the fridge

What kind of container is better to store honey

Most often, fans of bee treats have a question: “In which containers is it better to keep honey?” First of all, the dishes in which the product is stored must be completely sealed so that no other odors and moisture get into it. A glass bank that fits tightly with a metal or plastic lid will do. The tank must be clean and dry. In addition, you should not add a fresh portion of honey to the old, already lying down product, as this will start the process of fermentation of bee treats.

What other dishes can be used to store honey? Suitable wooden packaging made of lime, willow, alder or birch. It is not necessary to keep the product in conifers in barrels because of their strong natural flavor.Honey is beautifully stored in flasks and cans of aluminum or stainless steel, designed, for example, for milk products. You can use ceramic vessels, covered with glaze, and clay containers. Tin jars with special food lacquer applied on them, as well as aluminum foil cups, are suitable for storing honey.

What can not be stored honey

In no case can a bee product be kept in lead, copper or galvanized containers, as the acid contained in honey reacts with the metal and forms toxic substances. Iron cookware is also not suitable for use. When interacting with the active substances found in honey, it undergoes corrosion, due to which the product not only loses all its beneficial and aromatic properties, but also acquires a metallic taste and a disgusting chemical smell.

how to keep honey in comb

Plastic container

To date, plastic containers - the most popular container for storing bee treats. It is convenient, easy and inexpensive. However, it should be remembered that such dishes must be certified.How long can honey be stored in plastic containers? Experts say that no more than a year. The fact is that a bee product very actively interacts with other substances and is able to "pull" chemicals from plastic. Therefore, to keep honey in non-food plastic containers in any case impossible.

Clay dishes

Clay pot - this is perhaps the ideal utensils for storing honey. Beekeepers say that no matter how much you keep a bee treat in such a container, it will always be useful and tasty. This is due to the natural properties of clay. It does not deteriorate and does not oxidize, does not enter into a chemical reaction with other materials, does not let the sun's rays through, and even maintains the optimum temperature. Therefore, such an active substance, like bee honey, feels great in pottery and has been preserved in it for decades. However, it should be remembered that the container in which the product is stored must be hermetically sealed.

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Honey comb

Honeycombs are the packaging in which honey is stored in natural conditions. Not only the bee treat itself has useful qualities, but also the wax from which the honeycomb is made.Moreover, some small, but also very valuable for health particles in the squeezed honey are not found, but are contained in this natural packaging created by bees. Therefore, the question of how to store honey in honeycombs, is essential.

  • Firstly, the temperature should be observed - from +3 to +10 degrees Celsius.
  • Secondly, fruit and vegetables, especially bananas, should not be kept near the product. Their aroma is for honey in comb, in fact, a gas that affects its composition and natural properties.
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to monitor a certain level of humidity. It should be maintained at 60%. A larger figure will lead to honeycomb deacidification, a smaller one - to the appearance of moths or molds.

It is best to wrap honey in honeycombs in cling film and store in a cool, dark and dry place.

how to store honey at home

How to keep honey liquid

Some believe that liquid honey is the most fresh and healthy product. This statement is only partly true. Indeed, freshly pumped honey is liquid, transparent and light. However, immediately after extraction from the honeycomb, it becomes dark and cloudy, as the natural process of crystallization of honey begins.If, during storage, the bee product was divided into a liquid and thick substance, it means that it was removed too early from the framework, it turned out to be immature, with a lot of water. This fact does not affect the shelf life and valuable properties of honey. If after long storage, in winter, the product remains liquid - this is a clear sign of falsification. By this time, real honey should already crystallize. If it has become hard and thick, then it can be melted in a water bath. To do this, put the container with honey in a saucepan with hot water and heat until it diverges into a more viscous consistency. It should be remembered that when heated to a temperature of more than 37-40 degrees, the product completely loses all its useful properties. Therefore, it is impossible to heat honey on an open fire.

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