How to store vegetables?

Proper storage of vegetables is very serious.and responsible mission. Since the goal is to preserve not only the freshness of vegetables and their taste qualities, but also the entire stock of important useful nutrients: vitamins, fiber, minerals. If the vegetables are stored incorrectly, they quickly deteriorate, because they contain 75% to 95% moisture. When they lose it, they become wrinkled and soft. Microbes contained in vegetables quickly multiply and they simply rot. To avoid this, you need to know how to store vegetables, try to understand everything in more detail.

Basic rules for storing vegetables

  • You should try to eat all the vegetables at once, as only then they will be most useful, especially avoiding the storage of corn.
  • Take away somehow damaged vegetables, dentedand the more rotten ones, they should be thrown away immediately, and if left, then stored for a short time and used as soon as possible, they can infect good-quality bacteria with putrefactive bacteria. If suddenly you find a rotten barrel - you can just cut it.
  • If the vegetables are washed, they will spoil muchfaster, since moisture will wash away from the fruit all the natural layer given by nature, which is barrier protection against bacteria. In addition, water, in combination with the nutrient medium of the product - is a comfortable environment for the reproduction of microbes.
  • Do not put all vegetables at once in the refrigerator, bacteria, of course, reproduce more slowly at low temperatures, but the taste of some vegetables deteriorates when you are in the refrigerator.
  • Light is another prohibition. Biological processes in fruits are stimulated by light and therefore the spoilage of products is so greatly accelerated.
  • We divide the vegetables. The ideal option is a separate space for each product, but overcrowded refrigerators do not always give such a possibility, so vegetables should be divided even into types. Root vegetables put separately, garlic, onions, all separately.
  • Do not need to revive rotten vegetables, as well as vegetables with mold. Health here comes first.

Now you know everything about storing vegetables! By observing these simple rules for storing vegetables, you will extend their life as long as possible. They will remain tasty and useful.

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