How to take "Trichopol" from acne? Reviews

Today, for the treatment of various skin diseases,including acne, dermatologists appoint their patients "Trichopol". This is an inexpensive remedy, which in its effect is similar to strong antibiotics. In addition to ingestion, the drug is often used to prepare all kinds of talkers, masks and creams. Let's find out how well Trichopol helps with acne, reviews about the drug and the rules for its use.

How does Trichopol work?

The main active substanceThe drug is metronidazole. In the medical environment, metronidazole is known as antiulcer, antibacterial, antiprotozoal, antimicrobial and trichomonacid. All these properties allow the effective use of "Trichopol" in the fight against pathogens and microbes, protozoa, and parasites, which become a frequent cause of inflammatory processes in the epidermis. The only thing against which the drug is powerless is seborrheic (vulgar) acne.

trichopol for acne reviews

"Trichopol" with demodicosis

"Trichopol" from acne (reviews confirm this)has a positive effect with skin rashes of various origins. But the best result is achieved in the treatment of this drug demodekoza - dermatological disease, which causes subcutaneous tick demodex. This mite lives on the skin of almost every person, and if the immune system is in a normal state, the parasite does not manifest itself. However, it is worth the immunity to weaken, as the mites begin to multiply rapidly and cause inflammation of the skin, because of which numerous rashes appear on it, which eventually become crusted.

The development of the disease can also contribute to hormonal changes, functional skin disorders, which are accompanied by excessive fat content and a change in the composition of sebum.

Demodekoz can be detected only after scrapingskin and laboratory tests. Treatment with the drug "Trichopol" from acne (reviews, photos are contained in the article) is held in the complex. It includes the taking of tablets inside and the external use of talkers and ointments based on metronidazole.

trichopol on acne reviews

Treatment of acne caused by disorders of the digestive tract

As is known, malfunctions in the work of bodiesdigestion is reflected in the skin condition. That is why the treatment of skin rashes is often engaged in a gastroenterologist. If as a result of a diagnostic examination, such diseases as gastric ulcer or giardiasis were detected, Trichopol is prescribed, which suppresses the action of bacteria and microorganisms sensitive to the drug. True, only "Trichopol" is indispensable here. It is important to understand that treatment should be aimed at eliminating the root cause, and not at removing external manifestations. It must be complex.

"Trichopol" for treatment of youthful acne

This drug dermatologists often appointwith adolescent pimples. If the skin of a teenager is affected by acne, when referring to a doctor, the examination of the gastrointestinal tract is carried out in the first place, and the presence of demodecosis is excluded. In the case when both reasons are not confirmed, the specialist can appoint "Trichopol", as it very well helps with pustular pimples, especially those caused by bacteria sensitive to metronidazole.

trichopol on acne reviews in tablets

General recommendations for use

When treating "Trichopolis" it is necessary to strictly adhere to the following recommendations:

• it is recommended to use the drug solely externally;

• without the appointment of a specialist, "Trichopol" is prohibited to be taken together with antibiotics;

• Treatment course "Trichopolum" lasts no more than 10 days;

• Do not drink alcohol while taking pills and 2 days after stopping it, because the drug causes its intolerance;

• Due to the fact that metronidazole has a propertyto weaken concentration of attention and slow down the reaction, during drug therapy it is necessary to refuse from driving vehicles and performing potentially dangerous work.

Before the beginning of therapy it is recommended to visit a doctor, because only a qualified specialist will be able to prescribe an adequate treatment.

External use of the drug

"Trichopol" from acne on the face, reviews about which ingenerally positive, many use externally. Local treatment of the problematic skin involves the use of ointments and chatters on the basis of metronidazole. Such drugs have a drying, antibacterial and antiprotozoal effect. They can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepared independently.

In the presence of demodecosis, together with ointment is usedDimexide. This drug has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. In addition, "Dimexide" improves the effect of metronidazole, resulting in more effective therapy.

trichopolum against acne reviews

Acne Recipes

In order to conduct an independent treatment,You can use the pill "Trichopol" from acne (reviews about the drug are described below), making on their basis masks and chatters. To prepare them you need simple and affordable ingredients, which you can buy in each pharmacy.

  • Chatting with "Levomycetin". Take 4 tablets of "Trichopolum" and "Levomycetin" and thoroughly grind to a powder state. The resulting mass is added to the bottle with salicylic alcohol. Before use, the mixture must be shaken. Distressed places are treated twice a day.
  • Chatting with Aspirin. For its preparation, mix 100 ml of calendula tincture, 10 crushed tablets of "Trichopolis" and 10 tablets "Aspirin". It is worth noting that calendula itself is very effective in controlling skin rashes, so it can be used as a separate remedy.
  • With streptotsidom and mummies. "Trichopol", "Streptocide" and "Mumiye" (6 tablets each) are triturated and combined with 100 ml of vodka. Shake well before use. This tool is recommended to be applied before bedtime.
  • Chatter on alcohol. "Trichopolum" in the amount of 4 tablets to grind and add to a bottle with alcohol (50 ml). Let it brew in a dark place for 3 days. The pimples are treated pointwise. Do it preferably at night. Because alcohol has the property of drying out the skin, after morning washing it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream to the skin.

trichopol for acne testimonials application

Rules for taking tablets

Unfortunately, the external application of "Trichopol" is notalways gives a good result. As a rule, the treatment of acne is more successful, if in parallel with the talkers take "Trichopol" inside. "Trichopol" from acne (reviews in tablets are characterized from the best side) are taken with food and washed down with plenty of water.

The dosage is determined by the attending physician depending on the disease.

So, with demodicosis appoint 1 tablet"Trichopolis" 2 times a day. Duration of treatment is 10 days. To fight giardiasis, take 2 tablets twice a day for a week or 8 tablets a day for 3 days.

In diseases of the digestive tract, caused by Helicobacter pylori, drink 2 tablets 3 times a day for a week. The drug is taken with Amoxicillin.

Either way, the dosage and durationtherapy with the drug "Trichopol" from acne (reviews of tablets indicate their high effectiveness) should be determined by the doctor, taking into account the cause of the disease, the nature and severity of the inflammatory process.


"Trichopol" from acne, reviews about which are almost always good, it is contraindicated to take in such cases:

• Individual intolerance to metronidazole and other components of the drug;

• liver failure;

• Lakopenia;

• disorders of the central nervous system;

• short gestation;

• lactation;

• children under 3 years;

• Persons under the age of 18 (together with Amoxicillin).

Caution requires the appointment of the drug in the elderly, in the II and III trimester of pregnancy, with renal failure.

pills trichopol from acne reviews

Side effect

Sometimes the use of the drug "Trichopol" against acne (reviews confirm this) can trigger the appearance of undesirable side effects. These can be:

• nausea, vomiting, dizziness and headaches;

• sleep disturbance, depression, hearing loss;

• constipation, diarrhea;

• anemia;

• a decrease in the level of leukocytes and platelets in the blood plasma;

• Cystitis, frequent urination;

• Muscle and joint pain;

• allergic reactions.

As you can see, the side effect of "Trichopol" canbe very serious. Therefore, do not self-medicate, referring to the recommendations of friends and reviews left on the Internet. Remember that only a specialist can provide qualified assistance.

trichopolum from acne photo review

What they say reviews

Recommend the drug "Trichopol" from acne reviews. The application in this case is very effective and helps to eliminate unwanted rashes on the skin and make it cleaner. The maximum positive result can be achieved through complex therapy, that is, when the drug is applied externally and internally at the same time. Some users complain about side effects. The main ones are allergies and digestive disorders. Sometimes patients complain about the lack of expected results, as well as the temporary effect of taking Trichopol.

In conclusion, it can be noted that "Trichopol" fromacne (reviews in most cases indicate good results of treatment) is a fairly effective tool that allows you to get rid of almost all types of skin rashes. At the same time, the drug has some side effects and contraindications. To avoid serious consequences will help to go to the doctor. Only a specialist will be able to choose the right treatment regimen, based on a specific situation. The independent reception of "Trichopol" is allowed only as an external application.

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