Hypoallergenic diet for children: what you need to know

Hypoallergenic diet for children is extremely important in the presence of sensitivity to certain types of products. In today's world, food allergies are not uncommon. Well, if you know what it reacts to the body. Then change the diet is not difficult.

But there are cases when a child has an immune response to almost any food. Most of the possible allergen products have to be excluded from the diet. Over time, the main symptoms of food allergies will disappear and the disease will pass into remission. Then you can gradually introduce previously prohibited products and watch the reaction.

hypoallergenic diet for children


According to the degree of influence on the body, food can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • with high impact;
  • with average;
  • with little influence.

The first group includes such allergenic products as cow's milk, chicken eggs and meat of this bird, fish and various seafood, nuts, citrus fruits, mushrooms, honey, cocoa, chocolate, tomatoes, red pepper. Wheat and rye belong to the cereals of increased allergenicity.Therefore, the reaction can cause bread and other pastries, pasta, semolina. The organism is very sensitive to such berries as raspberries and strawberries. The above foods are excluded from the menu first.

Allergens of moderate severity are beef, oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, pulses, many berries, and so on.

Sour-milk products, vegetables and fruits with green color, lean meats, barley affect the body less than others. Hypoallergenic diet for children can include apples, pears, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini. From meat fit lean pork, lamb, rabbit, turkey.

Antiallergic diet for children of different ages

allergenic products

Allergic reactions to food products can develop from the very birth of a child or occur over time. At an early age they are observed more often than in later periods of life. Over time, the immune system is strengthened, and the hypersensitivity to certain types of food decreases.

Some children have cross-allergy. In this state, the body begins to respond not only to obvious allergens, but also to other products.Even on the food that was previously tolerated without any problems. It is important not to allow this state. It should be as soon as possible to transfer the child to a hypoallergenic diet. Otherwise, serious complications can be provoked, and the treatment will be harder and longer.

Features diet

hypoallergenic diet for kids menu

Hypoallergenic diet for children facilitates the general condition of the body and allows you to understand the reasons for this reaction.

  1. Strong allergens are removed from the diet.
  2. Diets last about 7–10 days until symptoms subside.
  3. Begin to introduce a new or previously banned product in a small amount and observe the reaction.
  4. If everything is in order, the product is used in the diet. Otherwise, it is excluded for a longer time - by 1-2 months.
  5. A week after the introduction of the first product, try a new kind of food and note its effect.

Allergens can help identify the food diary. It records when and what the child ate and what was the reaction. Having observed, it will be possible to understand to which products the children's organism is most sensitive.

Babies and their diet

In infants, food allergy most often occurs on protein found in cow's milk. Conventional mixtures and dairy foodshypoallergenic diet recipesexcluded from nutrition.Assign special hydrolyzed mixture. They contain digested protein that is easily digested.

When breastfeeding from the diet, mothers remove the most allergenic products. It is advisable to keep a diary and mark what was eaten in a day. So it will be easier to determine which product should not be consumed, so as not to provoke allergies in the baby.

Watch the baby closely during the introduction of complementary foods. Product offer baby in small quantities. The following new type of food can be given 7–10 days after the previous feeding. The food on which the allergy was noticed is canceled for a while, and then they try to inject again.

Hypoallergenic diet for children 1-3 years old

Starting from the year the amount of the mixture and milk in the child’s diet decreases markedly. Their place is taken by other foods. The child's menu is becoming more diverse. Therefore, the risk of developing allergies increases.

Not only the products themselves matter, but also the way they are prepared. Smoked products, various pickles, spicy and fried dishes are not allowed.hypoallergenic foodLimit or completely eliminate from the diet sweets and pastries, as well as food containing food additives. It is important that a hypoallergenic diet is strictly adhered to.Recipes should be selected according to the age of the baby.

Do not be afraid over time to include in the diet of food, which was previously noted
reaction. Children's body develops and improves. Products that could not be given at the age of one year can be well absorbed later. After three years, the child usually “outgrows” allergies.

Important points of preparation of hypoallergenic dishes

Food for children is cooked in a boiled form, steamed, in the oven. Fried exclude. Meat is boiled in two waters. First, it is boiled for about 20 minutes, and then they change the water and finish the product. Porridge boiled on water. Cereals are presoaked for 1–2 hours, like potatoes. For the nutrition of the baby lean soups are better suited. Since meat broth can cause an allergic reaction. Vegetables are stewed or boiled.

Get rid of the disease will help hypoallergenic diet for children. The menu must be balanced so that the growing body receives the necessary substances. In this case, doctors do not recommend giving the child vitamins, as they may be a negative reaction.

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