Ice Comet 3D 2 (Iceman 2) - 2018 film

  • Premiere: during 2018
  • Genre: fantasy, action, comedy, history
  • Producer: Raymond Yip
  • Cast: Donnie Yen, Wang Baoqiang, Eva Huang, Yu Kang, Simon Yam, Yasuaki Kurata, Hans Marrero, etc.

In 2018, the movie “Ice Comet 3D 2” will be released. Donnie Yen ... Interesting?

Chinese iceman

In English, it’s customary to call this project iceman. Therefore, we do not accept it. After all, it is both brief and capacious. In general, it is true of conveys,

In general, the filmmakers are made of filmmakers. There they call it: Bing feng: Chong sheng zhi men. This is the first part.


It was more than 25 million dollars. It is equivalent to 25 "local lyamam". It is equivalent to 25 "local lyamam".

But, apparently, they still came out in plus, once launched into production a sequel. Or, they still have no idea that donnie yen is capable of making millions of profits.

Note that the first “Eysman” was a 1989 Hong Kong sci-fi thriller called “Ice Comet” (original - Ji dong ji xia). In the picture of Clarence Yi-lung Fock ("The Armor of God", "Monkey King") starred Yuen Biao ("Project A", "Snack Bar") and Maggie Chun ("Hero", "Love Mood", " Police Story ").

Iceman was also directed by Wing-Cheong Lau (“Vajra Wrath”, “Abduction”). Donnie Yen (“Ip Man”, “Hero”, “Outcast One: Star Wars. Stories”, “Shanghai Knights”, “Monkey King”, “Three X-Men: World Domination” ").

This is a plot of the original “Iceman” of Hong Kong. Each of them has its own goals. Donnie Yen, who is, however, it is not altogether.

It has been a lot of inspiration, in fact, from history.

Director and Scriptwriters of the project

If you look at it, you can see what it’s like to go on with it.

Ice comet

As you can see, Wing-Cheong Lau gave way to his colleague. But will this benefit the project?

Ramon Yip is known for:

  • "Generals" with Jet and Andy Lau,
  • “Adventure road”
  • and bruce lee.

The plot of the film.

Wu down for the writing of the screenplay for Aisman. Chinese fans in particular and donnie yen in particular this time.

Donnie yen

By the way, Donnie Yen is one of the producers of Ice Comet. Perhaps he was taken for another person. You never know, this option is still possible, agree.

Sci-fi action movie

Whatever it was, it seemed to us. At least at home.

During the filming:

  • Wang Baoqiang (“Touch of Sin,” “Last of the Best,” “Big Soldier”),
  • Eva Huan ("Kung Fu Style Showdown", "Founding of China", "Witch Mountain"),
  • Yu Kang ("The Sword," "Hot Spot", "Missing Blade Master"),
  • Simon Yam ("Bullet in the Head", "Les Miserables", "Elections", "Thieves", "Sparrow", "Hitman"),
  • Yasuaki Kurata (Fist of the Legend, Fighting Angels, Shinjuku Incident)
  • and Hans Marrero ("Walk among the Graves", "Southland", "Warrior", "Banshee", "The Ancients", "Gotham").

Well, and many others, have been disclosed to the authors of the project.

Viewers from the first part.

The plot of the second "Iceman"

"Ice Comet" It is probable that it will be cut off in the original.

Possible options for the future. What do you think?

The following is the case: It is the accused of the murder, which he did not commit. His faithful comrades instantly turn on him. There were three of them alive.An avalanche fell for about 300 years.

Philanthropist finds Chinese soldiers from under the snow. He manages to escape. So they are in modern Hong Kong.

This is an attractive barmaid. He wants to get rich.

Chinese fairy tale, the continuation of which was a matter of time. As you can see it.

Movie release date

The release date of the movie “Ice Comet 3D 2” - during 2018.

You can’t see what you’re looking for in a three-dimensional format. This is a project.

According to rumors, it’s still the same 200 million Hong Kong dollars.

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