Igor Kolyvanov: career of player and coach

Igor Kolyvanov is a former Soviet andRussian footballer, who played in the championships of three different countries (USSR, Russia, Italy). He also played in three national teams (USSR, CIS, Russia). Currently working as a coach.

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Igor Vladimirovich Kolyvanov was born in 1968in Moscow. Playing position on the football field is an attacker. Years of performance in big football - 1986-2001. Russian citizen. Has the title of Master of Sports of the USSR of international class and Honored coach of Russia. He enters the club of Grigory Fedotov (117 goals). He is married.

Career football player

As a football player, Igor Kolyvanov played in the championships of the two countries (the USSR and Italy) for three different clubs. He played 333 matches, in which he scored 90 goals.

  • 1986-1991 - "Dynamo" (Moscow);
  • 1991-1996 - Foggia (Italy);
  • 1996-2001 - Bologna (Italy).

For three different national teams Igor Kolyvanov played from 1989 to 1998.

He played 59 matches and scored 15 goals.

  • 1989-1992 - the USSR national team;
  • 1992 - the national team of the CIS;
  • 1992-1998 - the Russian national team.

Stages of the gaming career

We well remember the players who have clearly shownthemselves at the turn of the late 80's - early 90's. This is Sergei Yuran, and Andrei Kanchelskis, and Igor Dobrovolsky, and Victor Onopko. Igor Kolyvanov is one of them.

Biography of the footballer assumed him the career of a musician (father played dombra, mother - on piano). But he chose sport, or rather football.

The basics of football Igor Kolyvanov began to comprehend in9 years of age. And already in 14 years I played for the junior team of Moscow and the USSR. At the age of 16 he tries himself in the team "Spartacus". But after playing a few matches in the doubling team of the club, he leaves for Eduard Malafeev in the Moscow "Dynamo". Here he is a player of the main team, which also plays in the youth team of the USSR. In 1989, he made his debut in the national team to play next year at the European Youth Championship, win the tournament and become his best scorer, scoring 9 goals. Here was a young player Igor Kolyvanov (photo below).

igor kolyanov football player

The next year of 1991 is the last yearIgor Kolyvanov's performances not only in the Moscow Dynamo, but also in the country that soon died. It was one of the best football seasons for the player. He is the best scorer of the last championship of the USSR (18 goals) and the best football player of the championship. Simultaneously, Igor Kolyvanov duplicates and a record rate of fire in one match of the championship (5 goals). For six seasons in the Moscow club he played 140 matches, scoring 42 goals.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, many playersgot the opportunity to try their hand at foreign championships. Igor was also among the players who left abroad. Two and a half million dollars received for the player, "Dynamo", and Kolyvanov himself became an attacking midfielder of the Italian club "Foggia".

The first three seasons were quite successful. Footballer became a player of the main team, he scored a lot. But then there was an episode that affected his entire career. In one of the matches in the Russian national team, Igor Kolyvanov received a very unpleasant and often common injury - a rupture of the cruciate ligaments of the knee. Finished his sixth season for "Foggia", he on loan passes to the newcomer team of the Italian championship "Bologna".

For 4 years Kolyvanov becomes the best football playerclub, his main scorer (17 goals in the season 1996-97). Further, the player was constantly harassed by injuries. He lost his place in the team, coming out in the 2000/2001 season just once on the football field. In the summer, the term of the contract with the club expired, and Igor Kolyvanov, a football player who played six seasons with Bologna, played 87 games and scored 26 goals, completed his career as a player.

Thus, having played in the championship of Italy more10 years, far from not the strongest teams, he managed to become one of the best foreign players performing in Serie A (193 matches, 48 ​​goals). Kolyvanov is one of the few Soviet and Russian players who have successfully developed a playing career in the European championships in the 90s.

Coach career

 Igor Kolivanov coach

Coaching career Igor Kolyvanov started in 2002year. Until 2010 he works with junior and youth Russian teams (U-17, U-19). As coach of the youth team Kolyvanov in 2006 won the European Championship (U-17). With youth teams did not work out. After a number of unsuccessful matches, he was fired in 2010. In the same 2010 Igor Kolyvanov - coach of the Russian national team at the Commonwealth Cup tournament.

In May 2012 he signed a contract with the teamthe first Russian division "Ufa". In the first season the club takes the sixth place, and in the next championship - the fourth. After winning the play-offs for the right to play in the Premier League with the Tom team, the Ufa club, which does not have sufficient funding and selection of players, makes a sensational breakthrough into the highest division of Russian football.

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Everyone was waiting for the inevitable departure of the team in the firstseason, but Kolyvanov managed to keep the club in the Premier League. The next championship team started unsuccessfully. Having won only one victory and suffered seven defeats, "Ufa" took the 16th position after the 12th round.

On October 21, 2015, the club management announced that coach Igor Kolyvanov had been dismissed.

The registration of the resignation was carried out by mutual consent: calmly, respectfully and professionally.

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Trophies and achievements

Almost all of his awards Igor Kolyvanov won,speaking in the USSR championship for the Moscow "Dynamo". He became the owner of silver (1986) and bronze (1990) medals, the best footballer and scorer (1991), twice on the list of "33 best players of the season in the USSR" (1990, 1991).

As football player Kolyvanov - European champion (U-19), as a coach - winner of the European Championship (U-17).

A family

Igor Kolyvanov - a man for a long time married. He was married, being a player of the Moscow "Dynamo". The spouse's name is Mona. In 1989, they had a daughter, Anna.

The family lives in Moscow.

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