Biography of Ilya Prusikin (Ilyich)

Ilya Prusikin (Ilyich) is an old-timer of the Russian YouTube scene, co-founder of the creative association “ClickKlak”, one of the authors of the idea of ​​the web series Police Week, the Constructorr project, the social show “In the order of things” and many other rating videos. Blogger, director, video producer, judge of rap fights Versus Battle, leader of the rave band Little Big, with which Ilyich fulfills his long-time dream - to become a phenomenon of world music culture and “pump the whole world”.
Videoblogger and musician Ilya PrusikinThe video blogger and musician Ilya Prusikin

Childhood and youth

The future YouTube celebrity was born on April 8, 1985 on the border with China, in Transbaikalia. Soon the family moved to the Leningrad region, and later to the city itself on the Neva. According to the blogger, there are Polish and Jewish roots in his family.
Ilya Prusikin in childhoodIlya Prusikin in childhood
Ilya graduated from not only general education, but also a piano music school. In adolescence, he was fond of football, aeromodelling and baseball.
In 2002, Ilya founded his first group - Tenkorr.The team worked in the genre of "Emokor". Their first mini-album consisted of three tracks and was called “It Will Be Late”. In 2004, the group presented a concert video for the song “How Everything Started (K.VN.N.)” and won the grand prix at the Leningrad Regional Festival.
Ilya Prusikin in his youthIlya Prusikin in his youth
A year later, their debut album “My Last Letter” was recorded, which included ten conceptual compositions, including “It Will Be Late”, “Pseudo Love”, “A World Without You”, “Metro”, “K.VN.”. Then the videos were released on the tracks "Hate" and "Believe." In the latter, at the beginning, everything looked like a traditional emo clip: there was a hero, a girl, suffering and a friend, a calming guy. But then it turned out that he was suffering not for her, but for a friend ...
In the same period, Tenkorr recorded a new album, “ROCK, baby!”, Toured in support of it, visiting about three dozen cities in our country.
Ilya Prusikin and the Tenkorr group - “Sex police”
In 2008, their new longplay “SEX POLICE” was released, which included 10 songs in the genre of “alternative rock”.
In parallel, the musician managed to work with bands Like A Virgin, st.Bastards, Construktorr, who in the media dubbed "the brightest phenomenon in the cultural life of the country, now expressive crazy."
Biography of Ilya Prusikin
Lesson music did not prevent the young man to get a higher education. He graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy at the St. Petersburg Institute of Culture.

Career development

In 2011, a musician and songwriter who had experience in producing video clips, began to collaborate with the creative group “Thank you, Eva!” And master video blogging.
In partnership with Vladimir Besedin, he launched the project “The Show of Guffy Gough”. To his notes, they attracted other YouTube stars: Ilya Davydov (Madison), Ruslan Usachev, Artur Galchenko (Sam Nikel), Vasily Rudenko (Vasya Ebashilovo), etc.
Shot from “The Show by Gaffy Gafa”Shot from “The Show by Gaffy Gough”
The show imitated children's entertainment and educational programs: socks, dolls sang funny songs, but they were not devoted to the study of letters and basic social concepts - Girafik-rafik advised how to retract from the army.
Ilya Prusikin's height is 165 cmIlya Prusikin's height is 165 cm
The world saw only 2 seasons of the show, as the creators switched to more interesting projects, but many songs from the “Gaffi Gaff Show” are still stored in the memory of thousands of viewers.
No less popular was the satirical show “The Great Rap Battle” (an adaptation of the English-language project Epic Rap Battles of History), where famous historical figures fought in the format of rap fights. Topical issues and pressing social issues discussed in their course made us not only laugh, but also think. For example, in a battle Pussy Piot and Patriarch Kirill, Jesus Christ and Nikita Mikhalkov, Alexey Navalny and Vladimir Lenin could clash.
The Great Rap Battle from Illya Prusikin! Stalin vs Pavel Durov
In 2012, Ilyich became one of the directors of the “Police Weekdays” web-series, and also played the role of Sergeant Kotov in it. His colleagues in the shooting again became many video makers from Eva: Denis Kukoyaka, Vladimir Besedin, Sam Nickel, Ilya Maddison. The project was closed after the release of all three 12-minute series.
Ilya Prusikin in the TV series “Police Weekdays”Ilya Prusikin in the TV series “Police Weekdays”
In 2013, Ilyich began to work with the St. Petersburg video blogger, a member of the “Successful Group” Eldar Dzharakhov. The result of their joint creativity was the creation of the association “ClickClacBand”. As part of the project, Ilyich, Dzharakhov, Yura Muzychenko and other bloggers played jengu with a stun gun, fought vazelin in frank swimsuitsThey gave each other "bream" and did many other crazy, but funny things.

Ilya Prusikin and “Little Big”

In the same period, he created the rave group Little Big, which was called a supervirus in the press. Listeners often compared it with the outrageous South African team Die Antwoord, at the opening of which the musicians lit in the St. Petersburg club "A2" on July 2, 2013.
Ilya Prusikin created his own group “Little Big”Ilya Prusikin created his own group “Little Big”
The frontman of the group was even accused of copying his image from Die Antwoord's lead singer, but the attacks did not last long. Little Big proved its originality and great potential on the world stage: Petersburgers won the hearts of listeners in Germany, in France, in Belgium, Spain, Argentina, USA and Brazil.
Ilyich (Little Big) and Ninja (Die Antwoord)Ilyich (Little Big) and Ninja (Die Antwoord)
Soloists-dwarfs Olympia Ivleva and Anna Karst (later left the group) became the pearl of the group.
The very first video of this outrageous group called “Everyday I'm Drinking” instantly scattered across the web. The video made fun of the “cranberry” stereotypes about Russia and delighted the eye with its amazing camera work: a bear sniffing cocaine along with a naked purple-haired girl, predatory clowns against a shabby front door, Soviet interiors and a lot of vodka.
Ilya Prusikin and Little Big - Everyday I'm drinking
The bar was set high, but each little Big Big video was not inferior to the first quality and extravagance of the approach: “Life in Da Trash”, popularly known as “clip with maggots”, “Give Me Your Money”, “Big Dick” (winner of the Berlin festival music videos in the category “Best Thrash Video”), “With Russia From Love”, “Public Enemy”, “Hateful Love”, in which the model Elena Sheydlina appeared. In 2015, the group released its second album, “Funeral Rave” (“Funeral Rave”). The record includes 11 songs, of which only one (Polyushko Polye) was recorded in Russian. The album debuted in the iTunes chart on the ninth line.

Personal life of Ilya Prusikin

A popular vloger and musician is married. His chosen one was a singer and blogger from Naberezhnye Chelny Irina Smelaya (known on YouTube as Tatarka) born in 1992. Her debut video "Altyn", directed by Dzharakhov, immediately hit the YouTube trend.
Ilya Prusikin and Ira DaringIlya Prusikin and Ira Daring
Young people got married in July 2016, and a year later it became known that Ira was expecting a child. The baby, who was born on November 26, 2017, received the name Dobrynya.
Friends called blogger "puska." It turns out that he is afraid of rats, mice, snakes and even insects.
Ilya Prusikin with his wife IrinaIlya Prusikin with his wife Irina
Ilyich devotes all his free time to Little Big, calling his work his hobby since he was 15 years old.

Ilya Prusikin now

In the spring of 2017, during a tour of the Russian Federation, which started in September of the previous year, the frontman of Little Big published the video “Rave On” on the Web, which gathered more than a million views a day. Viewers had access to the track with the additional song “For Hatters”. At the same time in the social network "VKontakte", together with Dzharakhov, he launched the show "ClickKlak in Prison".
Ilya Prusikin in the show "ClickKlak Behind Bars: Interrogation"
The group also released a clip “U Can Take” with Ilyich’s wife, Irina, where the text of the composition is in Tatar and English. On the first day of posting on YouTube, he collected over two million views.
In the summer of the same year, the musicians became participants in the project “Rooftop Concerts. Red Summer ”, speaking in Moscow.

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