Impact screwdrivers: review of models, comparison of the best models and reviews

In the work of the home master or professional builder is required to use a special tool. It should be universal, allowing for the performance of repairs to perform several actions with the same equipment. Among electric tools one of the most popular is the screwdriver. He may have various additional qualities. These include the possibility of impact when the mechanism is operating. This expands the scope of the tool.

How to chooseimpact screwdriversRecommendations of experienced specialists will help. Rating the best models, as well as user reviews will highlight a number of leading devices.

General characteristics of the instrument

Impact screwdriversdesigned to perform a number of functions that were beyond the power of the usual variety of such equipment.This power tool is designed to twist and unscrew the screws, drill holes of various diameters, twist, etc. It greatly speeds up the work process, improving the quality of the final result.

A wide range of models of such equipment is on sale. First of all, there are professional and domestic screwdrivers. Their characteristics correspond to the requirements of different categories of masters.Impact screwdrivers

There is also a network andcordless impact driver.Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The specifics of the wizard allows you to select the optimal type of device.

Today, the power tool market offers customers a large selection of domestic and foreign devices. Depending on the technical characteristics, the price of the presented equipment is also determined. When choosing a impact screwdriver, you need to have knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of each model. This will make the right choice.

What to look for when choosing?

Wanting to purchaseimpact screwdriver (networkor battery), you need to pay attention to the factors determining the choice.First of all, experts recommend to designate the scope of this equipment. If the master uses the device once or twice a year, you can give preference to simple models. Their cost will be less than that of more powerful equipment.Cordless impact driver

However, even for a one-time use of an impact screwdriver, it is worth considering the future load. For example, assembling a garage or other metalwork, you should not get the most simple, low-power devices. In this case, the work will take more time and effort. Also, experts do not advise to buy the cheapest power tools of unknown manufacturers. Such equipment quickly fails.

If the master uses the tool in his professional activity, it is better to give preference to a more durable, powerful screwdriver. It will allow to solve even complex repair tasks. The cost of this equipment will be higher than that of simple models. But the screwdriver quickly pays off when carrying out repairs or other actions on a professional level.

Difference of functions

Most of the screwdrivers on the market of power tools today are classified as semi-professional.This means that the equipment has improved qualities, but does not meet the requirements that are put forward to professional devices.

Almost all manufacturers produce both powerful and simple models. The most popularimpact screwdriverMakita, Bosch, Metabo, and from domestic brands - “Interskol”, “Zubr”.Devolt network screwdriver

A professional tool is distinguished by the ability to work without interruptions for a long time, with high power, as well as a quick replacement of equipment. This type of device does not require too careful handling, it is characterized by endurance and durability.

Household screwdrivers are characterized by a more modest set of qualities. It should be said that in the professional series of equipment there are also low-power types of products. For example, thisBosch impact screwdriverProfessional with a battery of 10.8 V. However, they are ranked among this group due to the high build quality, well-thought-out ergonomics, as well as a large working resource. Such devices are indispensable, for example, in furniture assembly plants.


Considering the on sale todayimpact screwdrivers, you should familiarize yourself with the basic technical characteristics of household and professional models.

The power of network devices for home use ranges from 200 to 500 watts. The same figure for professional equipment is over 500 watts. If the master acquires an accumulator device for domestic purposes, a device with an operating voltage of 9.6 to 14.4 V is suitable. This indicator for a screwdriver that works frequently and for a long time ranges from 14.4 to 18 V.Makita Shock Screwdriver

The battery capacity of a household appliance is 2 Ah, and professional - 4 Ah. In conventional screwdrivers, it is usually not possible to switch the speed. Professional equipment has a wider range of functions. Therefore, in such devices there are 2-3 speeds. Their torque is 20 Nm or more. Household screwdrivers have this indicator at 15 Nm.

In addition, experts acquire a tool that is not afraid of stress, mechanical shocks, and even a fall from a height. The cost of such devices is quite high. Therefore, for home use more fragile but cheap power tools are used.

Power type

When choosing a device, you need to decide on the type of power tool.Cordless impact driversuitable for work almost everywhere. It does not require a household network to be near, to which the instrument can be powered. Scope of the presented tool is extremely large.Impact screwdriver reviews

However, the presence of the battery limits the master in the duration of the work. If the load on the tool increases, its duration of operation decreases sharply. Cordless screwdrivers usually have limited torque. Therefore, the power of such equipment is sometimes not enough to carry out all the necessary actions during the repair. One of the best representatives of this class of devices isrechargeable impact drill drillMakita.This device is able to drill even hard materials, and also to work for quite a long time without recharging.

For professional purposes, network types of devices are often used. They can function for a long time, and the cost of such equipment will be less. As a rule, such screwdrivers have high rotational speed and power.The absence of a battery facilitates the design, making the device presented comfortable in operation. But there is one major drawback in the work of this class of screwdrivers. If there is no outlet nearby, it is not possible to use such a device. This limits the ability of network equipment.

It is also worth considering that choosing the cheapest network units, you can not get the desired power of the equipment. Therefore, when choosing a particular type of equipment, it is necessary to take into account its capabilities and relate them to your needs.

Reviews of cordless screwdrivers for home

To choose the best screwdriver for home use with battery power, you should consider the reviews of experts and ordinary users about popular models. Such devices allow you to install in the cartridge as a bit, and drill.Makita percussion screwdriver

Recognized as one of the best in this class.hammer drill driverBoschPSB 1440 LI, which has good functionality. She is able to cope even with quite powerful self-tapping screws. Lithium battery gives ease of construction. For work in a very limited space, the model of the same brand PDR 10,8 LI will do. It has all the functional qualities of the previous screwdriver.With this compact device, you can even drill small holes in concrete or brick walls.

Also noteworthy is the Makita HP331DZ impact drill driver. The rotation speed can be adjusted by pressing the spindle button. The device has a battery of 10.8 V. The only drawback of the model is the lack of a supplied battery. If desired, the user will be able to choose the appropriate battery by himself. Keyless chuck allows you to quickly change the nozzle. This saves time in the process. Also included in the model is a motor brake function during serial drilling.

Reviews of professional cordless screwdrivers

Among the models intended for use in loaded conditions, according to user reviews stands outcordless impact screwdriverMakitaDTD145Z. This device has a brushless motor. This allows you to extend the life of the equipment. The device operates on a 18 V battery and has 3 speeds. Also, the model has a backlight that allows you to work even in poorly lit places.Bosch percussion screwdriver

Also recognized as a successful model is the AEG BB 18G2 screwdriver, which is designed to work with various materials. Thanks to high power, the device allows to drill holes in brick, concrete, metal and wood. Changing nozzles due to the well-thought-out design of the cartridge becomes much easier. The kit includes 2 Pro Litium type batteries. This allows the equipment to operate without recharging for a long time. It is not necessary to completely discharge the battery.

It is very popular among users.screwdriver "Devolt" shock,model DCD 737 P2. According to user reviews, a brushless motor is one of its advantages. This ensures long life of the device. The thought-over ergonomics, the convenient rubberized handle allow a hand of the master not to be tired a long time. The kit includes a magnetic holder. Quick-release clamp allows you to work faster. Sophisticated design and versatility of the device is suitable for its use in professional activities.

Also users mark such model as Ryobi R18PD-LL15S. 2 batteries included.Sophisticated ergonomics allows you to work for a long time without hand fatigue. There are 2 speeds, which increases the range of possibilities of the presented device.

Reviews for home network screwdrivers

Network screwdrivers for home use also combine the function of a drill. They provide the ability to adjust the speed, as well as torque. They are designed for medium or fine mounting material. They are powered by a household network of 220 V.

Among the network varieties of equipment stands out one of the most popular model. One of the best for home use is namedimpact screwdriverMakitaTD 0101. This device has a tangential punch type. It is directed across the axis of rotation. When tightening screws or other fasteners, it turns out to increase the torque. Thanks to this device, the presented screwdriver makes the master's work much easier.

Of the advantages of the model named smooth adjustment of speed. At the same time, work with the presented equipment is marked as comfortable. You can perform all the necessary actions all day, your hand will not get tired.

Of the shortcomings of the model, users do not notice a long enough cord to connect to the network. If desired, you can replace it or use an extension cord. Also, users argue that when drilling solid materials may lack a little power. This complicates the process. However, the ease of the device, its well-thought-out functionality make the presented model popular among users. For home use in the presented model is enough power, quality and comfort.

Reviews of network professional screwdrivers

Standard professional screwdrivers that plug into the network do not have torque adjustment. Instead of a cartridge in the set, the presented equipment is supplied with a built-in bit holder of a six-sided shape. Also in such devices there is a function to adjust the depth of twisting. When the screw reaches a predetermined level during installation, the screwdriver stops.

The best in this class are recognizedshock screwdriver "Makita"“Bosch”, “Devolt”, “Metabo”, etc. These devices are intended for serial mounting of fasteners.They can also be used as a drill.

Among the equipment represented in this class are Makita 6960 and the device of domestic production (together with China) Titan PUS 101.

The Russian network type screwdriver designed for professional use consumes 300 watts during operation. Designers have developed an ergonomic case design and a comfortable handle. Thanks to it high comfort during the work is reached. Provided illumination of the working area. The advantage of the design is also access to the carbon brushes without the need to disassemble the tool. Titan PUS 101 is a worthy competitor to foreign similar models of professional equipment.

Impact DrillMakita 6960 is characterized by high torque. Her weight is optimally balanced. The handle has a built-in reverse switch. This is a worthy tool, work with which will be easy and fast.

Expert Tips

Choosing the appropriateimpact screwdriver reviewswhich is submitted by users, you need to consider a few more points. Each model has a specific set of additional functions.They increase the cost of equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose additional features of the tool wisely.

Before buying the model you like, you need to take it in hand, evaluate the balancing. If you hold the tool comfortably, you should get it. If the equipment is heavy, it slips out of the palm, it is better to set it aside. During the work the master will be tired. This reduces the quality of his work.

On the case of the screwdriver there should be no defects, damages. Also, experts recommend to purchase such equipment from trusted vendors. When choosing a model, it is not necessary to purchase expensive equipment. The main thing is that the stated characteristics of the equipment fully satisfy the expectations of the master.

Having considered what they areimpact screwdrivers,as well as their main features, everyone will be able to choose a tool that meets their needs. A wide range of options presented by the technology will allow each master to get the best option.

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