Independent gas ovens: overview, specifications, reviews

Annually an increasing number of peopleprefer to buy independent gas ovens that perfectly fit into the interior of modern cuisine. Such ovens are models that are installed separately from the hob and do not connect to it. At any time, you can move the oven to another location, set under the countertop of the curbstone, or simply mount it into the cupboard.

Gas ovens have many advantages, such as:

  • economy;
  • Ease of Management;
  • presence of the required number of functions;
  • simplicity of design and ease of maintenance.

Many prefer to purchase independent built-in gas oven, as this device is at a certain level from the floor - it is very convenient to monitor the preparation of the dish.

How to choose the right one

Independent gas ovens every yearThey are increasingly in demand, because they differ in functionality, usability, reliability. The main advantage of gas models is a cheaper operation. When choosing a product you need to take into account a lot of different parameters:

  • the size of the product;
  • functionality;
  • cleaning systems;
  • additional features and capabilities.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to product design, reviews, as well as the cost of the oven. Before choosing an oven, you need to study the rating of the best manufacturers and models.independent gas oven


Deciding to purchase an independent gas windcabinet, you need to know what modern manufacturers of home appliances offer. Mostly on the market you can see ovens made in the classical version, which include two heating modes, as well as the absence of a fan. At the bottom of the heat provides only one heating element, and above is mounted gas or electric grill.

gas oven 45 cmIt should be taken into account that the management of gasheating is difficult to regulate, therefore, considerable experience and skills are required. Some ovens are equipped with additional functions, which is why it is possible to cook a variety of delicious and original dishes.

Many manufacturers of household appliances startedequip the oven with a convection system. Such products have hollow burners, which can not be blown out. However, there are certain drawbacks in the gas oven - it is quite fire hazardous. Therefore, the manufacturers solved this issue by mounting the gas control system. It turns off the gas if the flame has gone out for some reason.

Dimensions and volume

When choosing an oven, you need totake into account its dimensions, which largely depend on the size of the kitchen, the amount of food prepared, as well as your own preferences. In advance, you need to determine the place where the oven will be installed, and then you need to conduct all the required measurements.

Great demand is enjoyed by the narrowgas oven (45 cm). It fits perfectly into small kitchens and allows cooking for a small family. However, it should be noted that it will not be possible to cook large meals in it.

gas oven reviewsAn oven measuring 60 cm is consideredclassic option. It is suitable for medium to large kitchens. Such products are capacious enough, versatile and suitable for cooking on a family of 5 - 6 people.

Ovens measuring 90 cm are chosen by those whoprepares frequently and does it in large volumes. In addition, you need to consider the volume of the oven. The larger the volume of the working space, the greater the chances that a large dish will fit in the oven. If you require periodic baking, then you can choose models in the volume of 50 - 60 liters.

Operating mode and basic programs

Choosing independent gas ovens, you needtake into account the basic nuances of this device, as well as their functionality. The number of heating modes is necessarily taken into account. Gas ovens in this plan are not allocated with abundance, they are satisfied with one or several modes of heating. The minimum number of modes is 5 - 6, and the maximum can be 16 programs. The simplest is heating. The cost of household appliances depends on the number of functions.

Among modern models,independent gas oven with convection, as this system ensures full circulation of hot air inside the oven. As a result, the dish is evenly cooked, blown with warm air from all sides. In addition, this function contributes to the formation of a ruddy crust on a platter, and inside it turns out juicy.

built-in gas independent gas ovensAnother good function is the grill,which implies the fact that during cooking food is blown with hot air, and in some more modern and functional models, infrared radiation is added. As a result, the dish turns out to be very tender and juicy inside, and outside with a ruddy crust.

Management type

By choosing a gas independent oven, you needDetermine the control system of the device. It is divided into mechanical and electronic. In some models, the control system can be combined.

The most common type of management is considered to beMechanical, represented by a set of rotary switches. It is characterized by simplicity, but not functionally enough. The main advantages include affordable value and reliability.

independent gas oven with convectionMore interesting and functional typecontrol is considered to be an electronic or sensory type. This greatly expands the functionality of the user. Touch control is represented by a set of buttons and a touch screen. Electronics provides a more accurate setting of the work, it is possible to apply various cooking programs.

Features of cleaning the oven

Choosing a gas oven, in addition to the basicfunctionality, you also need to pay attention to the cleaning system of the product. Regardless of the quality and functionality of the oven model, even the most modern device requires cleaning. There are several different types of cleaning:

  • hydrolysis;
  • pyrolytic;
  • catalytic.

The principle of hydrolysis purification is sufficientplain. A baking tray with water is installed in the oven. Then the oven is heated, steam is formed, softening the existing contamination. Some of them self drains into a baking tray, and the remaining dirt can be cleaned with a sponge.

 independent gas oven gefest

In addition, quite popular is consideredpyrolytic purification system. It is characterized by the fact that the oven warms up to very high temperatures and at this very moment all the dirt particles burn out. After this cleansing process, just wipe the walls with a damp cloth.

The catalytic purification system is the most complexby the principle of its action. It is based on a special enamel, which covers the walls of the oven. At certain temperatures, this catalyst begins to quickly break down fat and dirt. After that, just wipe the walls with a damp cloth.

The best manufacturers of ovens

Picking up the oven, you need to focus on the manufacturers of household appliances. There are quite a few companies involved in the manufacture of such devices, among which there are:

  • Bosch;
  • Gefest;
  • Candy;
  • Electrolux;
  • Ariston.

Bosch produces reliable, high-quality and functional models, which also have an affordable price. Independent gas ovens proved to be well established"Combustion", as they are characterized by durability and original design. However, the models of this company have a fairly high cost.

independent gas ovens siemensMany people prefer independent gas windscabinets "Hephaestus", which are of good quality, reliability and reasonable cost. The Italian company Zanussi produces high-quality equipment with good functionality. Thanks to a wide range of models, you can easily select the required option.

The long-term quality independent gas oven Siemens is known all over the world. This technique is highly appreciated due to its high quality, reliability and functionality.

The best models

Picking an independent gas oven, you needconsider the most popular models. It is worth highlighting the oven Maunfeld MGOG673B, characterized by enhanced functionality. For convenience and safety, various functions are also provided. The model is equipped with a timer and a door with three panes for greater comfort in the preparation of various dishes.

A good option is the oven GefestДГЭ601-01, which is distinguished by its affordable cost and functionality. In this model there is also an electric grill. Among the main advantages are the original design and ease of handling.

In addition, a 45 cm Bosch CBG675BS1 gas oven, characterized by reliability, compactness and functionality, can be a good option for a small kitchen.


To choose a gas oven, reviews you needread necessarily. They will allow you to decide on the model and choose the best option for yourself. Many users note the high quality of the Bosch oven, as it has many functions, affordable cost and stylish design. Orient when buying an oven you need for the size of the kitchen and the functional of the device.

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