ITunes - what is this program? Installing and Using iTunes

Many of us have heard of iTunes. What is this program and what is it for? This is the brainchild of Apple. And for what purpose it is used, we will discuss this article.


The year of iTunes' birth is considered to be 2003, throughtwo years after the release by Apple of the legendary iPod player with a fantastic memory capacity at that time - as much as 5 GB. There was one problem that did not please Steve Jobs. The owners of iPod heavily downloaded content from pirated sites, in order to score them their players. Jobs, an ardent opponent of piracy, categorically did not like this approach. And in 2003 he created his own online store of media content, where users could buy the songs they liked.

This is the ideology of Apple:as much profit as possible at any cost. Of course, Jobs's strategy works well in "good" countries, for example, the US. There for downloading pirated content you can get behind bars, and such cases are complete. But as for Russia, then Apple crashed. Russians as they used pirated content, and will use. The lack of working laws in the field of pirated music or films, as well as the high cost of legal content, are doing their job. Few people pay for what you can take for free.

The evolution of iTunes

itunes what is this program

Since that time, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge.iTunes has changed a lot. From the service for buying songs, he grew into a full-fledged online store with the ability to purchase applications, movies, books and music. There was also a separate program iTunes. What is this program? This is a multimedia player that can play almost all music and video files. The player is the standard default player on MacOS systems that are installed on Apple computers. Everything would be much easier if iTunes was just a player, but no. This is a symbiosis of the online Apple store and multimedia player. That is, the user can make purchases without leaving the cash register.

That's what iTunes is.For the computer are also available for Windows. They are easy to find on the official website of Apple. This can be considered an achievement, since Apple is not particularly willing to share its developments with competitors. True, iTunes did not find much popularity under Windows. And there are reasons for that, but more on this later.

iTunes and AppStore

itunes software for computer

When Jobs was faced with the question of sellingapplications on the network, I had to revise and iTunes. After all, initially the service was positioned as a media portal. Selling applications through it would be ugly. Experts from Apple did not have to puzzle for long, and soon they introduced the AppStore - an analog of iTunes, but with the ability to purchase only applications and games for MacOS.

Install iTunes in conjunction with AppStorecan also users of Windows, although it is not entirely clear why this should be done. Applications for MacOS can not be installed on the operating system from Microsoft. Perhaps that's how Apple wants to attract more people into its ranks.

iTunes on mobile platforms

itunes software

With the release of the first iPhone in front of Apple the question aroseabout the release of the mobile version of iTunes. The launch was made in the shortest possible time. I must say that now it is the most popular program for iPhones. iTunes is the prototype of all the well-known Android-Market. Therefore, its popularity among users of "apple" smartphones is not surprising. Without iTunes on a smartphone, it's impossible to do almost anything. Installation of applications, data synchronization, the work of AppStore - all this is iTunes.

After the update of iOS (mobileplatform iPhone), older versions of iTunes refuse to work on devices running the operating system of the previous version. For example, problems are observed on the iPhone 4S. If you can not log into your account, then iTunes for iPhone 4S needs to be updated. And you can not update it: you will have to download the installation file from the Apple server and install it manually.

ITunes is also available on tabletcomputers from Apple. Specialists of this company tried to make all of their equipment dependent on the online store, and they did it perfectly. Now users of Apple devices are required to pay for almost everything. Even the upgrade of the operating system can fly into a pretty penny, not to mention third-party applications. Unlike the same Android Market, free applications in iTunes and AppStore - once or twice and obchelsya. Now the life of the modern user of the "apple" is unthinkable without iTunes. What is this program that pumps money out of the user?

ITunes player

install itunes software

However, we are distracted.There is also an iTunes player for Mac and Windows. What is he like? It is a multimedia combine that can record discs and play music files. Unfortunately, iTunes "eats" too much RAM, which is especially noticeable on laptops. If on MacOS with its ideal optimization it attracts attention, then Windows starts to terribly brake.

In addition, the player does not reproduce allsound formats. For example, he does not know how to read lossless formats like APE (Monkey's Audio) and FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), which even ordinary Winamp can handle. From lossless it is able to draw only ALAC. And that's only because it's Apple's corporate format. Like all players, it supports the equalizer setting and even has a number of presets. But when playing music on Windows sound ugly. Perhaps, the libraries of the player do not have a script to correctly work with Windows sound drivers.

Sense is not installed on the Windows iTunes player.What kind of program is this, it is clear from the description. A senseless waste of RAM and hard drive space. You can download it because of curiosity, to see what it is.

Apple users can say that the player does not work well because of Windows itself, and on iOS it is, say, ideal. Very much even can be.


iTunes for iPhone 4s

The policy of Apple is quite understandable:get as much profit as possible. Given the high quality of products with an apple, companies can forgive literally everything. Both the AppStore, and the paid OS and iTunes update. True, not everyone thinks so. Users of the mobile OS "Android" sincere do not understand what makes people overpay for Apple products.

What is this program, we finally figured out.Everything would be fine, even the player has its merits, but here's the miscalculation of the company is to release the Windows version of iTunes. Apparently, Apple experts simply did not take into account the poor optimization of the OS and the availability of more convenient and functional counterparts.

In any case, we figured out what iTunes is, looked at the application areas, and figured out what it was for.

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