Irbitsky Motozavod: history, products

The Irbit Motorcycle Plant is the onlyworld enterprise for the large-scale production of heavy wheelchair motorcycles. The brand "Ural" has become synonymous with high patency, mobility and decent quality. 99% of products are exported. Surprisingly, the Ural model has become cultic in the US, Australia, Canada along with Harley-Davidson, Brough and Indian.

Irbit Motorcycle Plant

Spy History

By the end of the 1930s Soviet military leadersto the conclusion that the army lacks an easy mobile vehicle for reconnaissance, communications, delivery of ammunition, rapid movement of advanced units of motorized infantry, support for tanks. The cars of those years did not have the necessary characteristics, were stuck in the mud, were too noticeable on the battlefield. The use of horses was already considered an anachronism.

Motorcycles with sidecar, appeared in the troopsGermany, have become an ideal solution. However, it was not easy to acquire them. After all, the goal was not just to purchase a batch of three-wheeled "cross-country vehicles", but to establish own production. A special operation was developed for the purchase of five BMW R71 cars in Sweden and their secret delivery to the USSR. In the future, the reworked model of the "iron horse" under the name M-72 began to produce the Irbit motor-car factory. By the way, the BMW R71 also became a prototype for the American army motorcycles Indian and Harley-Davidson.

Irbit Motor Works Ural

On the roads of war

As for most enterprises, World War IIserved as the primary cause of the formation of a motorcycle enterprise in Irbit under the protection of the Ural Mountains. In 1941, the workshops of the Moscow Motozavod were sent here. I had to hide where I had to. The main capacities were deployed in the former brewery, part of the equipment - in the distance, on the territory of the caravan plant.

The first batch of M-72 newly formed IrbitThe motor factory released on February 25, 1942 - a few months after the evacuation. All the war years the factory workers worked in poorly adapted, constrained conditions. However, this did not prevent to produce 9799 units of equipment. Motorcycles were actively used in the army and after the World War II.

Peaceful time

Only after the war the factory workers sighed freely. In 1947, plans were approved for a significant expansion of the production base. In the post-war five-year period, the Irbit motor-car factory was actually rebuilt. In the new shops everything was thought out specifically for the production of wheeled motorcycles. The staff has considerably expanded.

Although the army did not need more so muchmotorcycles, equipment with pleasure acquired organizations, agriculture, police, ordinary citizens. Up to 1950, 30,000 "peaceful" copies came off the assembly line. In 1955, updated models of different color schemes left for the country's roads. It was the M-72 with a reinforced frame and wheels, an improved engine design.

Irbit Motor Works

Creative Experiments

Designers IMZ together with NAMI searched for otherdirections of development. The eyes turned to the automotive industry. In particular, an unusual model for the design of a minibus with the body of the carriage layout "Belka" was developed. The speed of the machine on the basis of the M-72 reached 80 km / h.

The experimental line includes all-wheel driveThe passenger-and-freight car for the countryside is a competitor of UAZ. In the off-road vehicle, under the cute name "Ogonyok", the knots and the engine were used, which were produced by the Irbitsky Motozavod, spare parts from "Moskvich 410" and other manufacturers. The speed of 70 km / h was acceptable for the villagers.

Parallel to the patronage of the militaryno less exotic technique was designed-the floating off-road vehicle of project 032. Designed for evacuation, delivery of ammunition and reconnaissance, it had a structural feature. The steering was shifted to the left side, and the driver could drive the all-terrain vehicle, crawling along the ground. However, in the series of design experiments did not go.

Irbit Motozavod spare parts

Irbit Motor Works: Ural

Most of the country's residents wheelchair motorcyclesare known under the brand name "Ural". It is more euphonious than the faceless "M", and emphasizes the geographic affiliation of the enterprise. The name was first used in 1961. "Ural M-62" was fitted with an overhead motor 650 cm3capacity of 28 liters. with., which allowed to accelerate to 95 km / hour. Over five years of more than 140,000 motorcycles with a "mountain" character found owners.

The brand "Ural" became the symbol of the best motorcycle withstroller. Also produced were two-wheeled specialized modifications for the escort and patrol service. Under the USSR, the enterprise remained a powerful center of mechanical engineering, producing over 100,000 units of equipment annually.

Falls and take-offs

It is difficult to say whether the Irbit motor-car factory withstoodthe test of time. In market conditions, such an impressive amount of motor technology was unclaimed. Most of the workshops were closed, of the 9,000 working people left to work a few hundred. At the same time, the enterprise switched to high-quality manual assembly. Rama and a number of nodes are made on the IMZ, the components are supplied by foreign partners.

The collective managed to bring the quality of the "Ural" topreviously unattainable height. Motorcycles have won the respect of the selective American public. Possessing equipment under the Ural brand in the United States is considered prestigious.

products of the Irbit Motorcycle Plant

Products of the Irbit Motorcycle Plant

The shape of the Urals has changed little. It is vintage design and strong brutal design that delight the buyers of the legendary brand motorcycles. But the quality of the components has changed fundamentally. Once a simple technique has received gloss due to the abundance of chrome-plated metal, better paint quality, attention to detail.

Today IMZ offers wheelchair models under the Ural brand:

  • "Retro";
  • "Retro M70";
  • "City";
  • Patrol;
  • Gear-Up.

Differences for the most part relate to design andsmall technical features. The price of the models is high and exceeds 600,000 rubles. However, the loyal fans of the legendary brand cost the technology does not stop. The Irbit motor-car factory annually makes under the order of an order of 1000 motorcycles.

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