Is your sister's husband for you?

A great thing is family. It's great if she is friendly, she has many relatives. And if parents, children, nephews, brothers, husband, sisters like to gather in the family circle, in my opinion, it is fine. However, if there are a large number of relatives and cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunts, who have their own families and several children, it is difficult to answer who is who to whom. Let's try to understand this difficult issue, because for each relative and family member, his own name was invented.The sister's husband is

Most likely, many already know that her husband's mother is a mother-in-law, father is a father-in-law, and his parents are a mother-in-law and father-in-law.

Or maybe, for starters,who is this wife? We remind you that this is a woman whose relationship is fixed in marriage. But the man in relation to the lady with whom he is married is a husband. Sisters are the next of kin. That they can be cousins, second cousins ​​and so on, it is not necessary to explain. Let's just note that the relatives are called those who share a common mother and father. In the event that the common parent is only the mother, such brothers or sisters are called uterine, born of the same father - half-blooded.

By the way, if a husband has a brother, then he is called a brother, sister - sister-in-law.

In case the wife has a sibling, he will be your brother-in-law, her sister is sister-in-law, and the husband of the wife's sister is a brother-in-law. But the Swager - the common name and brother of her husband, and his wife's brother.

Snoha, daughter-in-law, son-in-law - all these words are clearthose who tied the knot. Few people know that a daughter-in-law can be called not only the wife of a son, but also the wife of a brother, and also this is possible when two brothers' wives address each other. Practically forgotten yatrovki, as well as deroshennitsy - these are also special names of wives of brothers. And in general, the daughter-in-law is a woman who married in relation to the mother of her husband, his brothers, sisters, sister-in-law, brothers' wives (yatrovkam).The husband of the wife's sister

It is generally known that the son-in-law is the husband of the daughter, but if he came to live in the house of his wife, he could have been called and named as a prima from ancient times. By the way, her sister's husband is also a son-in-law.

The nearest relatives are younger childrenbrother (sisters) are nephews. And your brother's grandson will have to be your grand-nephew. Children of cousins, second cousins ​​and sisters are usually called cousins ​​and second cousins. But the cousin's husband, most likely, can be called a cousin-in-law.

The stepdaughter and stepson are the non-native daughter and son in relation to one of the spouses.

It is worth remembering about the godparents - theirit is customary to call kum and kum. And who will the mother of the kuma have? The answer is simple - godmother, father - godfather, and her children - godfathers and sisters. Do not be confused with the twin brothers - twin brothers. This is the name for men who exchanged their own crosses.cousin's husband

And still, the most important thing, if to the question,the husband of the sister is someone for you, the following will not sound: "the seventh water on a kissel" or "first of all the guarantor under the loan". After all, to live in friendship with relatives, close and distant, means to have a reliable stronghold and support. And this is extremely important in our difficult life.

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Is your sisters husband for you Is your sisters husband for you Is your sisters husband for you Is your sisters husband for you Is your sisters husband for you Is your sisters husband for you Is your sisters husband for you Is your sisters husband for you Is your sisters husband for you Is your sisters husband for you