Island countries - amazing holidays all year round

Finally came the long-awaited spring. You can already not be afraid of evil frosts and smile at the tender rays of the sun. However, even in the coldest days, you can truly enjoy the warm days somewhere on the sea coast.

Huge popularity has now been receivedisland countries, surrounded on all sides by the azure waters of the oceans, seas and straits. Most of them boast stable soft and hot weather all year round. It is this factor that has a major influence when choosing a resort for a perfect holiday.

island countries

Fantastic island countries, spread out inpirate waters of the Caribbean Sea, year-round happy to give a piece of its splendor and natural harmony to the traveler, who languishes in the dampness and dampness of the big city. These countries include Cuba, Barbados, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Antigua, Barbuda and others. Stunning nature, animal and vegetable diversity, presented in each of these resorts, a magnificent romantic atmosphere and a bright sun, reflected in the transparent waters of the sea - what else is needed for an excellent and memorable holiday?

Island countries, to which Cyprus andMaldives, will enjoy a great holiday for every taste. And these resorts are similar to each other only by one principle - they are excellent for recreation at any time of the year. In the rest between them there is a huge number of differences. Cyprus offers tourists not only lazy entertainment on the golden or black volcanic sand - in the winter on the island you can go skiing and snowboarding. The Maldives - atolls of the Indian Ocean - are excellent for those who want to spend an unforgettable vacation, enjoying the beauties of the spicy waters that accumulate in the lagoons of each island of the archipelago.

island countries of the world

The island countries of the world include more than 45states. Of these, the largest number is concentrated in Oceania and Asia. The most famous are such resorts as Fiji, Taiwan and the Cyprus and Maldives already mentioned above. These countries will not disappoint travelers either in the winter or in the summer.

Fiji is an archipelago, whose name recallsbright, juicy and ripe fruit, flowing with juice. The most interesting thing is that under such a sweet name lies a stormy cannibal past. The passengers of even wandering warships were afraid to land on the shore, because the result could be their eating by local barbarian tribes.

As if trying to make up for his impartialthe past, now Fiji, like many other island countries, shows the world a shelter of peace and comfort, offering travelers a great vacation. Here, like streams, lovers of tranquility and stunning silence flock to the whole world.

island countries of Europe

The island countries of Europe are represented by only fivestates, but everyone knows their names - Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Malta and Denmark. It is a sin not to admit that these powers are a place of accumulation of a huge number of tourists, attracted not so much by the geographical position of countries as by culture, traditions and history.

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Island countries - amazing holidays all year round Island countries - amazing holidays all year round Island countries - amazing holidays all year round Island countries - amazing holidays all year round Island countries - amazing holidays all year round Island countries - amazing holidays all year round