Jack Canfield: creativity and personal life

Jack Canfield, whose books have now been translated into many languages ​​of the world and are available for free download online, is the author of several editions of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, known throughout the world.

Canfield is a personal growth trainer, motivator, writer and businessman. He was born in 1944. Jack marks his birthday on August 19th.

Carier start

The youth of the future writer and motivational coach was held in Wheeling (West Virginia). In 1962, after studying at the Linsley Military Institute, Canfield continued his studies at Harvard: in 1966 he received a bachelor's degree in Chinese history, and in 1973, while already a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, received a master's degree.

Like many famous speakers, Jack Canfield began his career as a school teacher. Being engaged with children, he devoted all his free time to writing books.

What is known about Canfield today

Jack CanfieldToday, Jack Canfield is a figure in the Guinness Book of Records at the request of the New York Times (as the author of the best-selling book), a welcome guest on television, in newspapers and radio programs.He also co-authored the secret documentary and is considered one of the most sought-after speakers of the 21st century.

Canfield is the author of various trainings through which many American speakers have risen to the level of a business coach. By the way, in America, Jack Canfield is called the second Napoleon Hill.

Jack Canfield RulesThe book Jack Canfield "Chicken broth for the soul" until the nineties of the last century was considered one of the best motivational benefits. However, Canfield did not write this book alone.

The second co-author of a series of books that Jack Canfield worked hard to create was Janet Switzer. Together they created a lot of useful and informative work. But the main fruit of their joint efforts - the bestseller, which has sold around the world in multi-million copies, which has been translated into 40 languages ​​- is the “Rules ...”.

“Rules ...”: Jack Canfield + Janet Switzer = turn-based development strategy

Janet Switzer is a man co-authored by Canfield who created his “Rules. Laws of Success ”and a number of other tutorials. This book is intended for those who want to get more complete step-by-step instructions on how to achieve success and change their lives for the better.

jack canfield books

On the pages of the "Rules ..." it is told about the order to which everything that happens in the Universe is subordinated. So says Jack Canfield. “Rules ...” the authors of the book have devoted too emotional pessimists. Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer offer the reader their strategy for developing positive thinking and tell you how to manage your emotions.

Who is Janet Switzer

jack canfield janet switchJanet is a small business strategy developer, management consultant and writer. From her pen came out several international bestsellers, she is the author of the websites “Free Scheduler of Instant Income” and “Free: How Experts Create Empires.” Currently, it takes all that sheds light on the topic: "The principles of success and instant income."

Previously, Janet Switzer advised entrepreneurs on virtually all categories of business: from high technology, production issues and retail sales. Heads of service enterprises, consulting firms, dealers, distributors and many other entrepreneurs turned to her for help.

Janet is the author of the best-selling "Instant Income: Strategies,which bring cash for small businesses, innovative workers and casual entrepreneurs ... ”Her books, newsletters and training courses are in demand from businessmen from more than eighty countries.

About Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield is not for nothing called the disciple of Napoleon Hill. His “Think and Grow Rich!” Will appeal to all those who admire Hill’s writings. The basic principles outlined in the Jack Canfield edition are in many ways similar to the concepts considered by Napoleon Hill.

True, Canfield does not believe that through affirmations, pronounced in front of a mirror, you can get everything and immediately. In his opinion, the global changes should be preceded by the work on the adjustment of thoughts-attitudes (imposed by reason), behavior and attitude to work. Work, according to Jack Canfield, should be selfless and from the heart.

Practically all the works mentioned at the end of this article are written by this author's tandem.

Together, they made up the world-famous "Rules ...". "Jack Canfield, Janet Switzer" - this inscription flaunts a few more books.

Life circumstances, the authors believe, can change only after mastering the technique for attracting success.jack canfield rules janet switch

Canfield doesn’t advertise his personal life

Little is known about the speaker’s personal life. He entered into legal marriage three times and is the father of five children. It is known that he first married in 1971. Four of his older children were born from this marriage.

In 1976, Jack divorced, and a few years later he married again. His fifth child was born from a second marriage.

In 1999, another divorce was waiting for him, and in 2001, the American speaker tied the knot for the third time.rules jack canfield janet

Jack Canfield: books

The book "Medicine for the Soul", which sold more than eighty million copies, was devoted to ordinary people who managed to overcome all the difficulties that had fallen to their share. According to the testimony of readers who have familiarized themselves with this work, "Medicine for the Soul" is written in understandable language and is read "in one breath."

The stories collected in the collection "Medicine ..." are divided into purely motivational and thought-provoking texts that play the role of a kind of "kick."

Man Jack Canfield considers as a bank of incredible mental potential, most of which remains unclaimed. The reason for this lack of demand lies in the internal settings and rules imposed on the individual from birth.

The book "Dare to Succeed" is intended as a guide to empowering and eliminating fear and restraint. A person who has long and hard worked on himself, according to the author of this work, will definitely be rewarded. How exactly this will happen, the reader will learn, starting reading: Canfield in detail will tell about the nature of fears and how to get rid of old installations.

"The Aladdin Factor" - the revelations of the successful

“All that the soul desires, or the Aladdin Factor,” is, in fact, a technique for the realization of the plans and dreams “soaring in the clouds” in the material world. The book tells about the inexhaustible source of confidence and energy, which opens to everyone who will be able to pick up the key to it.jack canfield books

In addition, the "Aladdin Factor" contains revelations of people who have succeeded, after reading which, the reader will understand: each new path to success is unique and unique, and therefore extremely interesting.

One of the best (to date) works of Canfield is the “Whole Life. Key skills to achieve your goals. ” The book is based on a long-proven truth: goals set in writing come true faster.The author also reminds readers: before starting a movement forward, habits should be reviewed and adjusted.

“Whole life” is a handbook that gives everyone the opportunity to learn how to bring a chosen goal closer and explaining exactly how to do it.

The book is especially recommended for reading by managers who want to raise the "morale" of their subordinates, to teach them to set tasks correctly, and, taking the path to achieve them, do not quit.

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