Kabardino-Balkaria. Blue lakes where are located?

Lake Ciric-Kel, which is located in Kabardino-Balkaria, is considered one of the deepest lakes of karst origin. Many tales about this fish-free lake can be heard from the locals. For example, that in the 1930s a truck loaded with alcohol sank in it. Many tourists are attracted to Kabardino-Balkaria. Blue Lakes is a special attraction of the region.

Kabardino Balkaria Blue Lakes

Pure water

A lake with blue water can be found in the beautiful Cherek Gorge, adjacent to the area with the same name. Chereksky District is the largest in area in Kabardino-Balkaria, while it has the smallest population. This is explained by the fact that the main part of the territory is occupied by mountains. Here are:

  • five of the seven peaks of the Caucasus, with a height of more than 5,000 meters;
  • the longest glacier of the Old World;
  • one of the oldest climbing camps "Bezengi", which began many Soviet climbers.

Blue Lake is a unique natural monument. It is the second in the world in depth and looks like a mine in karst rocks. The size of the lake on the surface is 235 by 130 meters. The depth of the bottom of the mine - from 179 to 235 meters. The lake expands at the surface, and in this zone its depth is up to 40 meters. Rivers and streams do not flow into the lake, but it feeds a small rivulet. Water has a year-round temperature of 9 degrees Celsius. But despite this, thousands of travelers flock to the Blue Lakes (Kabardino-Balkaria). Rest can be spent with friends or family.

In any weather, you can see what is happening underwater at a depth of 20 and even 50 meters. It is possible that the mine has great depth, but this has not yet been proved by research.

blue lakes kabardino balkaria how to get there

Lake exploration

The first descriptions of the Blue Lake were made by the scientist I. Dinnik at the end of the XIX century. I. Schukin continued this work at the beginning of the 20th century. Professor I.G. Kuznetsov, graduated from the Petrograd Mining Institute. He was awarded the silver medal of the Russian Geographical Society. In the summer of 1980, representatives of the Institute of Geography from the Georgian SSR began to study. The mineral content of water is low. Of the inhabitants were found only algae.

Very hospitable land of Kabardino-Balkaria.Blue Lakes - a good reason to visit this area.

1982 is the date of foundation of the diving center. This year a student R. Prokhorov from Moscow arrived with all the necessary equipment on Blue Lake. Later, he will become the director of this center and set a Russian record for the depth of immersion.

Not one record dive into the Blue Lakes (Kabardino-Balkaria) was made in this area. How to get to this wonderful reservoir, you can find below.

All lakes

Blue Lakes - these are five reservoirs. The most interesting is the Lower Lake. It is located at 809 meters above sea level. The depth of the reservoir - 386 meters. Not a single river flows into it, but about 65 million liters of water flow out. Locals call it Ceric Kehl. It inhabits only the crustacean, which is not afraid of hydrogen sulfide. The upper lakes include two reservoirs. There is a fish in them, and between them there is a connecting dam. There is a secret lake, it is located in the depths of the forest zone. Not all tourists find it. The most popular is the Dry Lake. The depth of the depression is about 180 meters; there is water only at the very bottom.

blue lakes kabardino balkaria recreationAthletes are attracted to the Blue Lakes of Kabardino-Balkaria, the depth of which allows you to set records.

Notable places

If you move along the gorge, you can get to the Circassian tunnels and the old road. It starts at a small waterfall and lies on the edge of a 150-meter cliff. Standing on it, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the valley and the snowy peaks of the mountains. Passing on, you can get to the village of Upper Balkaria. At the edge of the village is a suspension bridge leading to the old village. In Stalin's time the aul was destroyed, only parts of the houses and the outlines of the former streets remained.

The tower Abai-Kala, famous for growing apricots near it, is incredibly beautiful. At a distance of several kilometers from it stands a preserved watchtower. It is built on a huge 10-meter stone, and one cannot get into it without appropriate equipment. It is famous for the natural landscapes of Kabardino-Balkaria. Blue lakes are perfect reservoirs with clear water.

blue lakes of kabardino balkaria depth

Fifteen kilometers from the lakes there is a source of mineral hot water. It is called Aushiger, and the water in it rises from a depth of about 4 kilometers. It was discovered in the middle of the 20th century during oil exploration. Philologists believe that the word "Aushiger" can be translated as "Saint George" or "Jesus of Greece."This testifies to the early spread of Christianity in these lands.

Legends of the Blue Lakes

Locals believe the Blue Lakes to be bottomless, however, like most similar lakes. From the population you can hear a lot of stories about those who drowned in lakes and surfaced in other places. The bottom of the lakes, according to rumors, stores:

  • the cavalry of Tamerlane or Alexander of Macedon (it is possible that both) with all the ornaments made of precious metals and stones;
  • a large number of German and Romanian military vehicles who abandoned them, retreating;
  • a statue of Joseph Stalin, cast in bronze;
  • many cars of our time;
  • truck with port.

The bottom of the lakes is now a legendary unique museum that holds the history of many centuries. The whole of Kabardino-Balkaria is full of myths and legends. Blue lakes are directly related to mysticism and secrets.

where are the blue lakes in kabardino balkaria

How to get to the lakes?

In the area of ​​the Blue Lakes created the entire infrastructure for tourists and travelers.

Kabardino Balkaria Blue Lakes

The water in these lakes is really blue. Anyone can come to this place and scuba dive, having previously been trained.It remains to find out where the Blue Lakes are located in Kabardino-Balkaria.

blue lakes kabardino balkaria how to get there

To come to the Blue Lakes is not difficult. Not far from them there is a significant number of camp sites, which are open for tourists. Also in this place are organized systematic excursions from Pyatigorsk, Nalchik and other settlements of Kabardino-Balkaria.

You can get to the Blue Lakes by private transport. From Nalchik you need to go to the village of Babugent (via Urvan and Soviet). At the same time, a little before reaching Babugent, at the fork you need to turn left - on the Cherek Gorge.

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