Kiev railway station, Kievskaya metro station (Moscow)

Kievsky railway station, Kievskaya metro station, numerous shopping centers around the perimeter of the station square did not appear immediately. At the end of the 19th century, a station building was built, which was called the Bryansky Railway Station. In 1912, in honor of the centenary of the Battle of Borodino, the Russian government decided to build a large railway junction to send trains to the south. Under this project was rebuilt Bryansk station, which has become four times more. Construction took exactly five years and ended in 1918.

Kiev railway station metro station


At the same time, the Borodinsky Bridge was built, which today is the landmark of Moscow. The first train left the platform on February 18, 1918. The Bryansky railway station operated until 1934, after which it was renamed Kievsky, since most of the trains went in the direction of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and the city of Bryansk had nothing to do with it.

Thus, one of the largest Moscow railway junctions appeared - Kievsky railway station.The metro station was still only in the project and was part of the general plan for the reconstruction of Moscow. In accordance with this plan, it was supposed to expand the station square to Dorogomilovskaya Street and connect it with the ensemble of the Borodinsky Bridge and the Moscow River. The center of the landscape should have been Kievsky station, the metro station and the space to the embankment.


Sixteen platforms, underground passages connecting passenger terminals, a huge landing stage, ending in waiting rooms, arched floor 320 in length, 48 in width and 28 meters in height - this is the modern Kiev railway station. The Kievskaya metro station has an exit to the central facade of the station, and the entrance to the metro is located near the central cash hall. Another entrance to the subway is located a little further from the station building, towards the Radisson Hotel.

metro station kievskiy station moscow

Three underground branches - "Koltsevaya", "Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya" and "Filevskaya" - are united by the metro station "Kievsky Station". Moscow is constantly being updated, all new transportation resources are needed that could cope with the increasing passenger traffic, and Kievskaya is one of the most modern and powerful stations on the Moscow metro map.


In 2004, a grand arched ceiling, from which dozens of trains leave daily, was modernized. Steel riveted arches in the amount of 27 pieces were dismantled, and lighter welded ones were installed in their place. At the same time, the four arches of the famous architect Shukhov were preserved. They maintain the vaults at the junction with the outer wall of the waiting room. As a result, the transition to the subway cash registers was closed, and thus the central underground metro station, Kievsky Station, was formed. Moscow (or rather, its inhabitants) had long been accustomed to such innovations, so the extra hundred meters of a detour did not seem inconvenient to anyone.

Kiev station which metro station

The Moscow Metro is a very flexible system, predisposed to constant changes, improvements and innovative changes. The most progressive station among others is Kievsky Station. What is the metro stationwas the first in Moscow, on which the "Entrance - Exit" turnstiles were installed? It was "Kiev". The first time, passengers, hurrying to the train, were confused in two tickets: on the passage and on the passage through the turnstile. But soon tickets appeared with a barcode, and the situation returned to normal.

Quality of service

Which of the Moscow railway stations regularly wins the competition for the title of the best in the provision of services? This is also Kiev railway station. The metro station (the map below, which will help determine its location) is contained in an exemplary order. Everything here is focused on providing comfort for passengers.

The only inconvenience in the station services complex is a long and slow transition from the Arbat-Pokrovskaya branch to the Filevskaya line. But compared to serving passengers in other directions, which is at a high level, minor inconveniences do not seem to be significant.

Kiev station metro station map

Accompanying services

One of the achievements of the station complex is Aeroexpress, whose comfortable buses take passengers from Kievsky railway station directly to Vnukovo Airport. The route is non-stop, fairly fast, the interval between flights is half an hour. Near the Kiev station there is a large parking lot for cars. An hour in a well-guarded parking lot costs 50 rubles. There is also a car wash and a technical center where diagnostics and maintenance can be carried out with the replacement of engine oil.Parking rules allow you to leave the car for a long time if the owner is absent for several days.

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