Have you decided to bring a playful kitten into the house? Then you should take care of its contents. A special place in the life of a pet is occupied by the necessities. Today we will talk about scratching.
So it is arranged by nature that cats feel the need to sharpen their sharp claws, and it will be better if they get a nail catcher in time, which you can not only buy at the pet store, but also make it yourself. Only in this way you can save your furniture, wallpaper or other items of furniture that are valuable to you.

Types of kogtetochek

Today, stores offer a variety of scratching posts for pets:
  • horizontal or vertical;
  • corner;
  • single-component or prefabricated.

It can be simple boards coated with fabric, carpet, or plain thick cardboard. In shape, they can resemble posts, wrapped in a rope. If space permits, you can purchase a multi-level structure that allows you to recreate the natural environment.

Master Samoothek himself

What we need:
  • 3 thin, 5 cm in diameter and 1.5 m high, the trunk of young felling;
  • the lath rack, from which we will cut 3 crossbars, 50 cm long each;
  • screws;
  • drill;
  • wrench;
  • board size 20 x 40 cm for the bed;
  • a piece of foam rubber of the same size;
  • tight fabric;
  • furniture gun with brackets.


Prepare the material. Trunks clear of branches and saw off the desired length. Our design suggests that birch trunks are 20 cm shorter than an aspen tree trunk. We did this so that the kitten, lying on a shelf, could sharpen its claws. From the sledge rail we will make the lower crossbars to make the construction sustainable.
Kogtetochka do it yourself

Prepare screws of different lengths: from 2 to 7 cm.
Kogtetochka do it yourself

Drill the hole for the screw in the rail at a distance of 2 cm from its edge. This must be done so that the wood is not sold out. Using a screwdriver, we drive a screw through a hole in the rail into the birch trunk at a distance of 10-15 cm from the edge.
Kogtetochka do it yourself

We do the same with the second and third barrels, and then we attach a stand in the upper part - a shelf so that the cat lies on it. Now you can give the kitten a test of the structure to make sure of its strength, take into account the nuances and correct all the shortcomings in time.
Kogtetochka do it yourself

After that, you can proceed to tightening the shelf and final assembly of the scraper.
Foam rubber cut out the same size as the shelf itself, and the fabric - with allowance for hemming. Using a furniture stapler we attach the cloth to the board.

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