Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records

Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna is the most youngthe perfect champion in the world competitions in gymnastics. The girl was born in a sporting environment, for her father is a famous swimmer who won the 1992 Olympic Games. The family lived in Moscow.

Career Rise

It was early enough to make significant progressKudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna. Her biography is connected with serious sport, starting from 2008, when the victory in junior tournaments was won. Then such an event took place in the territory of Dmitrov during 2009, it competed in Samara in 2011, as well as in Kazan (2012).

kudryavtseva yana alekseevnaSeason, when the performances began at the competitions,became the 2011th year. It was at that time that the talents were appreciated, which Yana Alekseevna showed Kudryavtseva. There was an international competition among juniors. At the same time, the Grand Prix competition continued.

Yana Alekseevna Kudryavtseva got off to the topthe ranks of his team. Excellent work was done by her both with maces, and with a hoop. The juniors' cup was won. In Pesaro received world leadership Kudryavtseva Yana. Her career was developing rapidly.

2012 brought victory in European competitionsamong juniors. The hearts of the judges bribed her beautifully performed performances with the ball. Kudryavtseva Yana Alekseevna received "gold" as a result of all-around in the team.

Rapid development

Since then, its achievements have only multiplied. Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna passes to the competition among adults. The sports career in the Senior category begins with an international tournament of 2013, which takes place in the Russian capital. The subsequent tour took place on the territory of Holon. The all-around was won with brilliance, as well as a contest with maces, "bronze" was produced, thanks to the ball, gracefully she managed with the hoop.

Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna then becomesparticipant of the World Cup, held in the territory of Sofia. He gave her the first place in all-round events. Despite the fact that it was her first season, the girl was the first in history to outperform her rivals at this stage on the very rise of her career. With brilliance, the lead in working with the hoop was won, she coped well with the sports equipment, got a "bronze" for the performance with the ribbon.

When the World Cup took place on the territory of Minsk, the second victory in all-round events, "gold" for work with the ball, and also the second one with the ribbon and clubs were received immediately.

yana kudryavtseva

Setting records

The next stage of her career was passed in Vienna,when the "gold" Yana Alekseevna Kudryavtseva won. Photos show what an elegant girl, but how much perseverance and hard work in her! Performing with the ball, she earned 19 points on the updated rating system, which at that time was a record. Phenomenally young girl was when she won the European Champion title. Only 15 years, and already such results!

In the first round of the World Cup in St. Petersburg in 2013, the third position in all-around was received, the first place for work with the ball, the second with the mace and the performance with the ribbon.

yana alexeevna kudryavtseva photo

Victory, no matter what

August of this year brought a debut in Kiev inthe framework of the world championship. There were some technical hindrances. A couple of times the music was off, so the performance had to start anew. However, in spite of everything, she became the winner and got the result of 18.5.

Also, it was extracted first place in work with clubs,the second position - with a hoop, as well as for playing with the ball. When there was a final all-around, that was conducted in an individual mode, the girl won. This achievement elevates her to the status of the youngest gymnast, who has won perfect leadership in the world in 15 years.

kudryavtseva yana Alexeevna career

The Conquest of the East

Then the events of her life unfold in Japan,where she was a member of the club championship Aeon Cup. The girl acted as part of a group competing on behalf of the "Gazprom" association. She and her colleagues in the national team became leaders of the team competition, ahead of Belarus and Ukraine. When there was an individual all-around, Kudryavtseva received "gold".

The next year 2014 returns the girl toMoscow to participate in one of the Grand Prix tournaments. He brings the third place for all-around and the second - for work with a mace and a hoop. The gymnast could have achieved great results if she had better prepared herself, but she still remained in the top three.

Where better things went to Tie, where she gotSuperiority in all categories, except work with the mace. There she won second place. Four gold medals were received in Stuttgart. Once in Holon at the Grand Prix, she won two more first places, one second and "bronze". On a second visit to Pesaro it was possible to win in all categories.

kudryavtseva yana alekseevna sports career

Unchanged Champion

April 2014 was the period ofthe championship of Russia in Penza. Individual all-around was totally subdued by her. Having come to Corbeil-Eson and Tashkent, she occupied second place, second only to her compatriot Mamun Margarita. When the next stages took place on the territory of Sofia and Minsk, the girl managed to win the victory.

The jubilee thirtieth European championship brought a triumph in the role of absolute leader. Kazan and the final stage of the International Cup became the period of receiving four gold medals and one silver medal.

World Cup 2014 in Israel beganteam all-round, as a result of which the participants from Russia became winners. Kudryavtsev was qualified in all final competitions. Categories of mace, hoop, ball brought first place, and tape - the second. This was also a very successful period, as she again won the status of absolute champion in individual all-around.

At the end of the competition, Jana received a special prize, which was provided by Longines for elegance. The beauty happened to be the winner of the Silver Sword award.

The most significant achievements

The list of records of this fragile and elegant girl is amazing:

  • She became the youngest gymnast who won the absolute world championship in 15 years.

  • Also she owns the status of the winner in the individual all-around debut season.

  • Was the first who received 19 points out of 20 under the new refereeing scheme at the European championship in 2013.

  • At the first European Games in Baku, set a record for the number of first places.

kudryavtseva yana alekseevna biography

Rhythmic gymnastics is an amazing art. When you look at how graceful, slender athletes perform, it seems that all exercises, high flies, incredible flexibility are given to them easily.

However, they achieve such successeswork. Yana Kudryavtseva already at a very young age has achieved high success, conquered Europe and Asia. The persistence of this girl can be envied, and all her achievements deserve the greatest respect.

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Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records Kudryavtseva Yana Alexeevna: biography and records