Laptop Asus K53T: description, specifications, reviews

Judging by the specifications, Asus K53T is no different from most manufactured laptops. The price of $ 670 makes it affordable, but for the same amount you can buy laptops with the best processor. Does the model justify its overpriced?


The manufacturing company likes to actively use the same chassis in different configurations, and the K53 series is no exception. Asus notebooks have the same design, prices range from $ 350 to $ 750. This is often costly for a company, since high-end devices look cheap on the outside.

The same applies to the K53T line, which, as far as can be judged, is one of the variants of the K53 series, equipped with Intel processors. The only significant difference is that the palm rest, previously produced from a thin layer of metal, is now made of plastic. All the previously existing luxury has now sunk into oblivion.

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Connectivity, judging by the reviews, does not stand out.With VGA and HDMI, USB 3.0 is limited to one port with support for two additional USB 2.0 connectors. Some competitors offer two USB 3.0 interfaces, so the Asus laptop is in a slightly disadvantageous position.

Input Devices

Since the laptop is equipped with a 15.6 ”screen, there is a lot of space for a keyboard. In this case, Asus decided to apply the least attractive design with flat buttons without the expected gap between them. As a result, the fingers are easy to confuse the keys, if typing blindly. According to user feedback, this leads to an increase in the number of typos.

On the other hand, the Asus K53T keyboard has its advantages. Users say that it is large - on both sides they remain free just over 1 cm. This means that the buttons are large (although they are small on the digital panel). At the bottom there is enough space for the palms, and a convenient position, if you believe the reviews, is easy to find for printing.

What is not enough is the touchpad. The size of the touch surface at times makes it difficult to use, especially when performing such multi-touch gestures as scrolling. At least Asus offers two separate buttons to it. True, their progress is small, but this solution, as users note, is better than the rocker key often used by the company.

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Display and sound quality

The 15.6 ”resolution of the screen is 1366 x 768 pixels, and it has a glossy finish that goes to the black border. As a result, users complain, the display suffers from a lot of glare, and its backlighting is not strong enough to counter this when the laptop is used in bright conditions, such as a sunlit room or street.

According to reviews of Asus K53T users, the characteristics of the screen of the model correspond to the parameters of inexpensive TN panels. Although the display is technically capable of displaying almost all test images for checking black levels, some of them show that the manufacturer is cheating a little by increasing the brightness of dark colors that the monitor cannot display. Nevertheless, the image quality of the device is not inferior to other laptops of the same price range.

Laptop sound is very good. There is even a bit of bass, and the distortion is small even at maximum volume. Music, according to users, sounds quite tolerable - this is the most that can be said even about expensive laptops, not to mention such a budget model as this one. However, the sound quality and volume are far behind the pair of external speakers.If you buy a laptop to replace a desktop computer, then additional acoustics will be required.

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There is enough space in the laptop of such a large size for air cooling. To verify this, a lot of time is needed. At low loads, the fan noise level is minimal, but more importantly, it remains at a relatively low level and under heavy loads. The cooler can be heard, but not at such a level as to disturb someone in the next room. Now with regard to temperature. According to the owners, there is a slight warming of the keyboard in the palm rest during the active work of the graphics processor, but otherwise the device remains cool. You can even play Minecraft with a laptop on your lap - a MacBook would quickly roast them.

Heat escapes from the large air vent on the left side of the notebook. While it is not closed, and the gadget is not on an insulating surface, it can be used as you like.

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Easy to carry

Yes, 15.6-inch laptops are not famous for their portability, but they can vary in size. Asus K53T, for example, is in the middle of this range. The thickness of the model is 35 mm, and the weight is 2.45 kg.This means that the laptop will fit in any backpack with a laptop compartment, but it will be too large for many bags. Reviews of users who took him to a cafe, allow us to conclude that it is a bit too big for small tables, but if you don’t travel often, it’s not annoying.

Battery life

Typically, laptops with discrete graphics without recharging the battery do not last long, but AMD has developed an analogue of Optimus, which is available in Fusion laptops. Switching between integrated and external video cards is not as smooth as it constantly requires the user to choose, but ensures decent battery life. In combination with proprietary power management schemes, the Asus K53T laptop allows you to squeeze 5 hours of work with Wi-Fi on from the average 6-cell battery.

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K53T has some unnecessary software installed, but it is unobtrusive. Instead, there are constant reminders about updating drivers, which, in principle, not bad. This should be done anyway.

Like other Asus systems, the laptop is equipped with proprietary power saving schemes that include a widget that allows you to switch between different power modes.The application significantly extends battery life, making it a rare example of pre-installed software that truly improves the product.


Asus K53T hardware belongs to the middle class Llano laptops. The processor is a 4-core hybrid AMD A6-3400M with a base clock frequency of 1.4 GHz and a maximum of 2.3 GHz in optimal conditions, when not all cores are involved. The Asus K53T motherboard supports up to 8 GB of DDR3-1333 RAM (6 GB installed), as well as SD, MMC and Memory Stick memory cards.

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The discrete graphics card is represented by the Radeon 6650M. It can work in CrossFire together with integrated. This combination is called the Radeon HD 6720G2. It is difficult to assess the joint work of the CPU and GPU, but it is obvious that although AMD follows on the heels of Intel, in terms of intensive use, the company's processors provide only two-thirds of the performance of Core i5 chipsets, not to mention the i7 core.

The PCMark 7 test clearly demonstrates this: the laptop is 500 points behind the Dell Inspiron 14z. The Asus U36S is ahead of the K53T even more, but it is a much more expensive system with a solid-state drive. Thus, the Asus K53T features of the A6-3400M processor are not impressive enough. But AMD specifically created Llano with fast integrated graphics and support for CrossFire in the hope that the chipset will provide excellent GPU performance paired with a discrete part.Has this been achieved in reality?

Synthetic graphics tests 3DMark 06 and especially 3DMark 11 show that the K53T demonstrates good performance, ahead of Asus N55. The most likely explanation for such a high result is the optimization of the performance of complex visual effects used in 3DMark 11. Laptops with Intel HD 3000 video cards can not even run this test, because they do not support DirectX 11.

asus k53t motherboard

However, these indicators are meaningless if they do not affect the games.

Strongly focused on the speed of the CPU Dawn of War 2 does not reveal the advantages of the model's architecture. In Just Cause 2, however, the result is significantly better than that of the U36S, and absolutely superior to the Dell Inspiron 14z with Intel HD 3000. In Battlefield 3, the performance is even better - the K53T can provide an acceptable frame rate with medium detail.

In general, as the reviews show, the Asus K53T laptop for its price demonstrates excellent performance. Although gamers will not be able to enjoy high details, but at least they are able to play any game, even such demanding as Battlefield 3. This is a big victory for AMD in the budget segment, because decent power in laptops is cheaper than $ 1000 is still quite difficult to find.

Boot time (42.3 s) and recovery after sleep (25.5 s) is not surprising for laptops with a mechanical hard disk drive.


One of the main advantages that distinguish Asus laptops is prices. On the model line they are quite democratic. $ 670 for the A53TA-A1 or 630 for the A53TA-XE2 is inexpensive, considering their level of performance. Although the Core i5 outperforms the AMD A6 processor in terms of speed, the Asus K53T graphics card Radeon 66720G is an excellent combination of embedded and discrete graphics, which provides the resources needed even for the most demanding games, albeit with modest settings. This is a rarity for a laptop worth less than $ 1,000.

Despite gaming support, the K53T provides decent battery life for laptops with a 15.6 "screen. This makes it ideal for student gamers. It is inexpensive, portable and high-performance.

However, compared to HP and Dell laptops, this model seems to be lagging behind. The Asus K53T case (reviews confirm this) is not particularly attractive, the keyboard and touchpad are mediocre and inferior to many models of its class. This reduces the attractiveness of the model.

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