Lip disease: types, causes, symptoms and features of treatment

External signs of the development of certain ailments can often be hidden under clothes. However, what if lip disease is felt? The occurrence in the marked area of ​​various inflammations, as well as infectious manifestations causes considerable discomfort. Let's consider the most common diseases of the lips, the causes of their development, methods of treatment. So let's get started.

Fordyce disease

The main sign of the development of such a disease of the lips is the appearance in the area of ​​small ulcers, which are formed as a result of increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. Doctors call these manifestations seborrheic cysts. Often, ulcers are transferred to other parts of the body.

lip diseases

How is Fordyce's disease treated? Therapy involves, first of all, the use of ointments containing retinol. Obsolete abscesses are removed with a laser, as well as by electrocoagulation. As practice shows, these solutions do not guarantee absolute recovery.For such an insidious disease is characterized by relapses, which are observed in the most numerous cases.

Blue lips - a sign of a disease?

A change in skin tone to a darker color often results from insufficient enrichment of tissues with oxygen. Sign of what disease blue lips? Doctors call these manifestations cyanosis. So why turn blue lips?

blue lips a sign of what disease

The effect may occur for the following reasons:

  1. Hypothermia - when the body temperature decreases, the tissues are saturated with blood in order to warm them. As in other parts of the body, in the region of the lips, the effect is accompanied by the appearance of a characteristic blue.
  2. Lack of iron in the body - occurs when the loss of the abundance of blood, a deficiency in the diet of foods that contain a useful trace element. Iron deficiency is a fairly common problem among women who are expecting a child.
  3. Oxygen starvation - can develop against the background of altitude sickness, impaired blood circulation, pathologies of the respiratory organs. The lips often become blue and purple.
  4. Raynod's disease - the main manifestation of the disease is damage to the small blood vessels due to stress, emotional overstrain.

What to do in case of cyanosis of the lips?

If the cause is hypothermia of the body, you must do everything to get warm quickly. In other cases, you should resort to ultrasound, make a cardiogram, pass a blood sample for analysis. If a low hemoglobin level is detected, the problem can be eliminated by taking iron-containing drugs, as well as by changing the daily diet.

Chronic Lips Skin Cracks

The essence of the phenomenon is the occurrence of skin lesions in the corners of the mouth, along the rim of the lips. At the root of the problem are solely physiological factors. The cause of this disease of the lips can be a person's addiction to smoking, the presence of the habit of constantly licking or biting his lips. Chronic skin cracks often occur in those who refuse to use moisturizing lipsticks and balms in windy, frosty weather. Sometimes the cause of stress and avitaminosis.

lip disease causes

With the chronic nature of the problem, the lips always look sore, reddish and somewhat swollen. Bleeding areas are formed on the skin.To cope with trouble, a person must watch out for his behavior, without once again injuring his lips. Anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agents may be used to repair skin lesions.


Herpes is an extremely common disease of the lips. The causative agent of the disease is a specific viral infection. The latter is in the body of the main part of the population of the globe. However, the virus does not make itself felt until favorable conditions arise. Often, herpes is manifested against the background of immune weakening of the body, with flu and acute respiratory infections, in case of overwork, emotional shocks.

lip disease symptoms

Treatment of herpes

How is lip disease treated? Herpes is treated with:

  1. Mazei "Zovirax" and "Gerpevir". This is the most effective means to combat the viral pathogen. The affected skin is treated with such preparations several times a day. External manifestations of herpes with such treatment usually disappear during the week.
  2. Alcohol or cologne. A piece of cotton is moistened in the indicated compositions and applied to the affected area.The use of funds can cause a lot of discomfort. At the same time, the method allows to dry the skin, accelerating the healing of wounds caused by herpes.
  3. Toothpaste. It should be applied to the lips at the first sign of disease. The composition must be rubbed into the skin. After a few minutes, the paste should be rinsed with warm water. Like alcohol, this solution makes it possible to dry the manifestations of herpes.


Snipes are diseases of the lips that can develop against the background of various phenomena. Often, the coincidence of several pathological factors simultaneously leads to their occurrence. Among them it can be noted: the effect on the skin of pathogenic microorganisms, reduced immunity, lack of beneficial substances in the body, smoking, lack of hygiene of the oral cavity, etc.

lip disease treatment


Doctors distinguish several varieties of zaed depending on the nature of the course of the disease:

  1. Acute - sharply appear in copious amounts and quickly disappear with adequate treatment. Do not leave on their own defects on the surface of the skin of the lips. Usually act as a separate defect and do not indicate the development of other ailments.
  2. Chronic - diseases of the lips, which are characterized by sluggish, long course. Zayedi can not disappear over long months. Often, the rash is transferred to the adjacent areas of skin. Often act as a sign of reduced immunity. Sometimes they make themselves felt when exposed to external irritants.


In most cases, the bunches disappear by themselves. To do this, a person should simply eliminate from the diet too spicy and salty foods, limit yourself to smoking, stop licking or biting your lips. If the pathological phenomenon has turned into a chronic form, in this case resort to the use of local antiseptics. These are the following pharmacological agents:

  • "Stomatidin";
  • Miramistin;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • borax solution;
  • "Furacilin".

blue lips disease

Traditional methods of therapy

Diseases of the lips of the mouth can be eliminated through the use of a wide range of traditional medicine methods:

  1. Tea tree oil - acts as a natural antiseptic. The application makes it possible to accelerate the healing of wounds on the surface of the skin of the lips. The tool must be used topically several times a day.
  2. Soda solution - an excellent tool for the treatment of infectious manifestations on the lips. A teaspoon of powder is dissolved in a glass of boiled water. The composition of the liquid from the ampoule containing vitamins B2 and B12. The solution is treated with damaged skin several times a day.
  3. Broths based on the bark of oak, chamomile, sage, calendula - these plants contain substances that have an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect on the body. Means prepared with the use of such herbs, periodically washed damaged skin of the lips, which contributes to their speedy healing.
  4. A mixture of aloe, carrot, lemon and olive oil - a tool rich in vitamins, has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. It helps a lot when it comes.
  5. Plantain leaves - the juice of the plant contains natural antiseptics, which in a short time heal various kinds of damage to the skin of the lips. For treatment, it is necessary to chop the leaves of such a herb and lubricate the problem areas with the liquid obtained several times a day.
  6. Beeswax - has a softening effect on the skin of the lips, protects the delicate epidermis from the negative effects of environmental factors.

Cleft lip disease

In contrast to the above diseases, pathology is a congenital defect and is a splitting of the upper lip. With this problem, the smallest babies are born. Most often, boys are affected. The appearance of a cleft lip is observed in the first months of pregnancy, when the formation of maxillofacial tissue occurs. The occurrence of the defect is due to mutations that are activated under the influence of infectious diseases, mother's abuse of antibiotics, smoking, and alcohol.

lower lip diseases

The elimination of the pathology is performed surgically. This may require one or more plastic surgery. Correction of tissues in the first weeks after the baby was born has a positive effect on the further formation of anatomically correct lip contours.

What solutions should not be used to treat diseases of the lips?

There are a number of misconceptions, according to which the symptoms of diseases of the lips can be eliminated by some popular methods. Among those worth noting:

  1. Application to the lip of the knife's plane - the metal is not capable of killing viral and bacterial pathogens.Moreover, the application of the method can lead to even greater aggravation of the problem, if the knife was previously used for its intended purpose in everyday life. After all, it can be microorganisms that will cause the development of inflammatory processes in the tissues of the lips.
  2. Hair is another specific solution. It is believed that clamping strands between the lips can get rid of the jam. In fact, skin contact with hair is fraught with additional injuries, as well as the introduction of various infections in the body.
  3. Earwax - indeed the substance has antiseptic properties, since it contains immunoglobulins. However, these trace elements cope with the elimination of infections only in the ear canal. Putting sulfur on the lips is absolutely useless. In addition to discomfort, such a decision may provoke additional bacterial skin lesions and aggravate the problem.
  4. The ash of cigarettes, according to popular beliefs, is considered a good antiseptic. In reality, the substance is no more than carbon, which is not capable of destroying pathogens of skin diseases.
  5. Honey - another useless remedy for diseases of the lips. Applying it to the damaged areas of the skin only creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms.
  6. Onion juice - it contains a lot of nutrients. However, to eliminate the pathological manifestations on the skin of the lips means is not suitable. Essential oils in the juice of the bulbs only lead to increased salivation.


Diseases of the lower lip, like the upper, are quite common. Not all people pay due attention to the problem, which sometimes leads to a chronic course of such pathologies. To avoid problems, it is important not only to resort to self-treatment in case of exacerbations of lip diseases, but also to seek qualified help from doctors. If the use of anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and skin softening agents does not give a result, the obvious solution is a consultation with a doctor who can help identify the problem and prescribe appropriate treatment.

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