Loud star divorces 2017

4-01-2018, 11:15
Some spouses managed to disperse quietly and without quarrels, while others actively discussed personal life on a variety of talk shows. What couples could not save the marriage, despite all the efforts?
2017 was rich not only in star weddings, but also in parting. Sometimes the couple found the strength and forgive each other for mistakes. However, sometimes it came even to lawsuits and public insults. We decided to remember which divorces most worried the public?

This gap can be called a divorce year. It seemed to admirers of Armen Borisovich that he was incredibly happy next to the young darling. Vitalina helped the famous actor in everything and even took the place of the director in his theater.
However, on October 15, there was news that Dzhigarkhanyan was missing. His wife did not know where the People's Artist is located, so she sounded the alarm. It turned out that Armen Borisovich is in the hospital. After some time, he made a sensational statement and accused the young darling of cheating.
“Vitalina, I hardly pronounce her last name, brought me a lot of unfair pain.I am always afraid when people close to me suddenly start coming close to me. Oh, I say no: “Just a minute. Let me think for myself and make some decision. ”... No, I am not ready to forgive her. Now I say this. Even thinking, confidently say no. I will say rude words. She behaved infamously. A thief, she is a thief, not a man, ”said Dzhigarkhanyan. And after that, Vitalina’s representatives responded, new scandalous facts of history and contradictory information about financial fraud appeared. Dzhigarkhanyan assured that his wife rewrote all of his property, took his money and did not even give him the opportunity to work in the theater. However, Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya denied all accusations against her.
Officially, their marriage was terminated at the end of November 2017. However, the history of the relations of Dzhigarkhanyan and Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya did not end there. The famous artist with the help of his friends filed three lawsuits against the former spouse, accusing her of fraud. Now the parties will solve financial issues in special instances.

The news of the separation of the actress and her chosen one was a complete surprise for fans.The fact is that Evelina regularly published joint photos with her husband, confirming the family idyll in every way. More precisely, its visibility.
However, the program "Andrei Malakhov. Live "star told how family relationships evolved. As it turned out, they broke up with Alexander a year ago, but supported the image of a happy cell of society. Now, Evelyn intends to start a new life and devote all of herself to raising Semyon’s son.
Bledans did not talk about the reasons for the divorce, but noted that she was eternally grateful to Semin. The woman did not hide the fact that the initiative about the separation came from her husband.
Now ex-beloved continue to communicate. Bledans often publishes photos with her husband and talks about everyday worries. Fans are sure that such a beautiful and talented woman will not be alone for long.

Rumors about the separation of Anfisa and Guram appeared regularly. The man spent a lot of time at home in Georgia, and his chosen one lived and worked in Moscow. However, Chekhov every time refuted these conjectures, not tired of confessing love to her spouse.
The fact that the famous TV presenter divorced her husband, it became known on October 27, and after a couple of days a young woman appeared on the program "The Secret for a Million". In an interview with Leroy Kudryavtseva, Anfisa said that they broke up with Guram several months ago. However, lovers did not want to wash dirty linen in public. One of the reasons for the break in relations was Bablishvili’s stay in Georgia forever.
By the way, Guram himself also appeared on the program and made a sensational statement. As it turned out, there were always problems in their relationship.
“Honestly, I was not a faithful husband. I did not have another family or a permanent lover. It's just a man's nature. Anfisa did not know about betrayals, ”the man said. Now Anfisa tells fans only about work plans, avoiding the topic of relationships in every way. The son of a couple, Solomon, often stays with his father, but the famous mother tries to give the boy every free minute.

“The circus has closed! My ex-husband with his partner. I hope I can wash off someday. I didn’t want to fool anyone, it happened so, ”Ekaterina shared her emotions on Instagram. The representatives of the program“ You won’t believe! ”Managed to contact the artist by phone.Communicating with them, she admitted that the ruler called her herself. Because of the shock, Catherine fell into a deep depression.
Semenova stressed that she did not intend to forgive her husband. Their divorce proceedings began a year ago, and now she intends to complete it. But Cerishenko does not lose hope to return the woman with whom he lived 25 years.

They began to talk about the discord in the relationship of this couple back in the spring, when Rezo stopped wearing a wedding ring. However, Nadezhda herself and her relatives categorically denied the discord in the family.
Yet September 22 Mikhalkova filed for divorce. About this "StarHit" said a source surrounded by the actress.
“This is a serious step by Nadi. After all, the Mikhalkovs are famous for strong marriages that are trying to save against all odds. But then the relationship gave such a crack - no longer paying for anything. For a long time they tried to save the family only for the sake of the children, ”a friend of Nadezhda said at that time. Later, information appeared on the new novel Gigineishvili. The man has allegedly been in a relationship with a businesswoman Nadezhda Obolentseva for several months. However, Rezo himself refuses to comment on his personal life.
Hope also remains silent. Apparently, the stars were able to part calmly and maintain friendly relations for the sake of two children in common.

Yegor Konchalovsky and Lyubov Tolkalina were not officially married, but they lived together for 20 years, so the parting of lovers so shocked their fans.
For the first time Tolkalina spoke about the break, devoting a post to a social network to changes in her personal life.
“And completely secret and most importantly - only after I finally parted ways with my husband, I learned to be friends with him,” the actress wrote. Soon it became known that the ex-lovers were already happy in new relationships. Lyubov Tolkalina prefers not to discuss his personal life, but Yegor Konchalovsky does not hide that the young darling has already presented him with a child. Little Timur was born in early April, and the boy's godfather became the daughter of the director and his muse with twenty years of experience Maria.

The singer for many months refused to comment on privacy. However, rumors about her parting with her husband and new novels appeared in the media with enviable regularity.
On September 6, a young woman decided to break the silence.She dedicated a post to her husband on Instagram, frankly telling about the breakup.
“Levchik, thank you for the happiness called Olivia! I love you very much, although we have not been together for a long time, but we are family, we are friends, and this is forever. I love you, ”the artist wrote. The lovers got married in 2013, and a couple of years later the couple had a daughter, Olivia. For the sake of baby, Lev and Keti decided to maintain friendly relations. They often spend time together and try to make a common child happy.

Relationship singer and his darling seemed perfect. They were married in 2005, and soon the couple had their first daughter. They lived in the United States in a luxury house, which was created according to the individual project of the artist.
However, in October 2017, Rousseau announced a divorce on the program “Andrei Malakhov. Live". According to the men, a crisis has long ripened in their relationship.
“Our problems have been going on for quite a long time, but we haven’t talked about this. Today I spoke about it for the first time. I do not think she claims money. My goal was to save the family, because we have two children, and the second child is only three years old. I did not want to try this bitter taste of divorce ... I am trying to save a family for the sake of children ",- shared Abraham. However, his wife Morela adhered to a completely different version of events. The young woman claimed she was not aware of her husband’s intentions. According to her, Rousseau left the house in the USA suddenly, after which he stopped communicating, communicating with children and paying bills.
A little later, Andrei Malakhov went to America, where he interviewed Morela. The ex-lover of Abraham Russo was incredibly upset because of the situation. She accused her husband of meanness and lies.
So far, the divorce of spouses is not formalized, and fans hope that they will be able to find a common language.

Popular singer married musician Dmitry Kleiman in April 2015. A few months later, the couple had a daughter. However, their relationship even then seemed unstable. In an interview, Victoria admitted that she was very jealous and was watching who the spouse subscribes to in social networks.
The first to speak of divorce was Kleiman. He confirmed the separation from the famous artist, which caused her bewilderment. According to Victoria, the ex-lover first discussed the divorce with the press, and only then she found out about it.
“It is rumored that Vika will be officially free soon! Thanks to reporters for reporting! But now the peasant shreds, for a fortnight he could not report that he filed documents in court, ”wrote indignant Daineko in the microblog. After that, the man repeatedly stated that he was unable to communicate with his two-year-old daughter. However, Daineko refuted these conjectures. According to the singer, she is only happy to see Kleiman and his meetings with the common child, but the musician himself is not eager to see the girl.

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