Lunar eclipse: how does it affect a person?

In our world, everything is interconnected, and any event outside our planet has a certain effect on humans. Since ancient times, the most mystical and amazing phenomena were considered solar and lunar eclipses. Many nations attributed to them fatal properties. Is there any truth in this that astrology speaks on this subject - this is exactly what the article will cover.moon eclipse

A bit of history

Once, a story happened to a famous navigator: as a result of a storm, the ship was broken, and he had to disembark with the sailors. The local Indians refused to give shelter and food and were not at all hospitable. Then the brave navigator threatened the local leader that if he did not provide food for the sailors, he would extinguish the moon. Of course, the Indians did not immediately believe him, but when a lunar eclipse began a few days later, the natives were frightened and began to ask forgiveness from powerful foreigners.Products immediately appeared, and then the Moon was “allowed” to return to the sky. This navigator was none other than Christopher Columbus, and who knows how his fate would have been if there was not an old calendar among the saved books. In ancient times, many peoples had myths in which demons or evil gods devoured the Moon or the Sun, but a brave hero or a good God appeared who managed to save them and return the life-giving light to and lunar eclipses

What does astrology say

Today, a lunar eclipse is perceived to a greater degree as a negative factor that has a bad effect on human well-being and well-being. The strength of such an influence largely depends on the proximity of the date of birth to this moment, as well as on the location of the Moon and the Sun in the human natal map. If a lunar eclipse happened in the first two months after the birth of a person, then its effect on fate can be estimated using this method. First, the number of days from birth to this point is determined. The resulting number means a period in years, starting from the day of birth, at the end of which the impact may occur to the maximum extent.This year will be very important for a person - difficult problems associated with other people may be solved or arise. Usually with family members or close friends. Especially strongly it can be felt, after so many years, how many days have passed since the moment of birth, before such an event occurred. If an eclipse happened in more than two months, its effect is reduced to lunar eclipse

What does science say

Recent research scientists in this area found an interesting link. It turns out that the Sun is associated with the thalamus - the part of the brain that is responsible for human contact with the outside world, and the Moon - with the hypothalamus, which is responsible for our inner world, that is, for emotions and the subconscious. Thus, the knowledge of the ancients that a total lunar eclipse can lead to hormonal and nervous disorders and aggravate the internal problems of a person is fully confirmed. On such days, it is better to abstain from alcohol and sedatives, not to abuse physical exertion, get enough sleep and keep optimism in the soul.

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