Macau is the world capital of greed.

Walking around Macau is an interesting thing, but are there millions of tourists coming here every year? Of course not. Millions aspire to Macau to wake up the volcano of luck in one of the city’s thirty-three casinos. Over the past decade, global financial flows have been redistributed, and now Macau casinos bring in the largest revenue, even Las Vegas casinos have tucked in their belts.

1. One of the largest casinos in mainland Macau is called Grand Lisboa (Grand Lisbon). It was built in 1971, and is the oldest in the city. In addition to the casino in the huge complex are the hotel and numerous restaurants, four of which can boast of Michelin stars.

2. But the Lisboa empire is not limited to one building and also includes the 15-story casino of Lisboa and the 19-story hotel ... also Lisboa. Confused as to do nothing.

Ask, what then in photo number 1? Another Lisboa casino and another hotel with the word Grand. Scale, however.
3. Just at these casinos there is a bus stop, where you can get from the airport to the city center.

4. Let's look inside. Chic reception and interiors.Gold tinsel literally causes the smell of money in the air.

5. We are ready to argue that it was the owners who sought this effect.

6. Macau casinos, like Las Vegas casinos, are democratic. So both in the lobby and in the gaming rooms themselves are allowed in any clothes: if only they would play and the grandmothers would bring.

7. At first we thought that the whole army of simply dressed people came to Macau only to take pictures in the chic interiors. They also behave as if they had never been anywhere: only in this case can you be seduced by a photo against the backdrop of a golden ship.

8. And against the background of the stairs.

9. In Macau casino everything is possible - even Chinese cabbage as a work of art.

Taking pictures inside the casino is strictly forbidden, so in the post we will please you only with official pictures from the gaming halls. They let in with the camera, but there are a lot of employees inside, so they decided not to get into trouble. At the entrance, things are not checked, the Chinese may be asked to show passports, and whites who are suspicious are asked for age. Pasha was asked how old he was, had to answer that he was thirty-two years old.
10. We assure you, the Chinese, including the rich, absolutely do not care about clothes, so even the guests,squandering money at a high-stakes table, dressed like the man in the photo. It is impossible to understand by clothes who is poor and who is rich. There is definitely something about this. It's not easy for girls to make a hunt for millionaires in Macau :)

11. Gambling halls casino Lisboa Masao.

Probably, the photo was taken in the evening, when there are more people, but even during the daytime the huge gaming spaces are not empty.
12. On a busy street right after the casino, there were shops with jewels and expensive watches, designed to help the dowry of fate to part with the just-picked jackpot. “Easy come - easy go”, - so many people think about winning.

13. All these expensive knick-knacks are the same goods of impulse demand as the gum at the supermarket checkout, unless the scales are different. From the windows, telling that you need to quickly part with the money, not to hide, not to hide.

14. Prices are difficult to call affordable: for example, one of the rings is worth more than 500,000 Hong Kong dollars (to get an approximate price in rubles, you need to multiply by eight).

Never in Russia have you seen such expensive goods, put up with prices right on the street shop window. But here it is necessary, otherwise newly minted millionaires will pass by for an hour.The high cost in this case does not scare away, but seduces.
15. Perhaps the three largest and most famous casinos in Macau are located on Taipa Island. That is, right at the Macau International Airport, so that the majority of those who play and gaze never visit mainland Macau: who needs this Portugal, especially lime :)

16. The most luxurious casino is called Galaxy.

17. With the onset of darkness even more beautiful.

18. Entry group says: be rich. Looking ahead, we note that special attention was paid to both Galaxy and Venetian, all materials are of high quality and everything that we saw looks like a needle - the exact opposite of the Genting Highlands complex.

19. In recent years, the turnover of Macau casinos began to fall (by 3.3% in 2016), as the Chinese authorities tightened control over the enrichment sources of their fellow citizens and the number of players in money bags decreased. To compensate for the recession, casino owners began to pay attention to shopping and related entertainment. Moreover, many entertainments are being reoriented from wealthy customers to the mass market. Now the share of non-gaming revenues in Macau is barely 5%, while in Vegas it exceeds 50%.

20.To attract ordinary people to the Galaxy, for example, a free "Ice Fountain Show" is held.


22. Better than many urban musical fountains.

23. The calculation is simple: a mass tourist will come, pofotka, go shopping, sit in a restaurant, you see, and in the game room a hundred or two later.

24. Or maybe wake up the volcano of failure and lose pretty much - what the hell is not joking.

25. Behind the entrances to the casino (on the sides) begins the gaming area, where you can not take pictures.

Why do you think you can't take pictures inside? We have two hypotheses. First: some casino customers do not want to shine, including due to dishonestly acquired money. Second: with the help of a photo, you can get the data and then use it to win.
26. After leaving the gaming area, tourists are welcomed with open arms to the premium shops, where you can immediately spend easy money.

Unlike the casino Venetian cascading towards the mass market, the Galaxy casino has not yet moved away from its principles, and the shops in it are exclusively terminal. Kilometers of absolutely empty boutiques with bored sellers who are waiting for the very five to ten customers per day who will make purchases and justify the existence of a point.
27.The train in the Galaxy is also not easy: it carries expensive clothes and accessories.

28. Layout of the Galaxy complex.

29. Most Galaxy cafes and restaurants are also empty. As soon as a place is announced, where prices are slightly lower, a queue is immediately built into it. You can check out the cost of meals in the Deshmanskaya eatery itself (multiply by eight for rubles).

30. And this is the Venetian Macao casino, the largest casino on the planet. Among other things, the building is among the ten largest in the world. This is an enlarged copy of the casino of the same name in Las Vegas, the size of its playing areas is equal to seven football fields.

31. Venetian is a more awkward casino than Galaxy, but it's still cool.

32. Such chandeliers hang under the ceiling of the main entrance to the building. Fingers refuse to call it a visor.

33. The most famous venue of the Venetian complex is the halls where the Chinese have stirred up their Venice. Incredibly successful imitation of evening light and wet asphalt.

34. From the photo you might think that we visited Italy.


36. You can take a ride on small canals in a boat with a gondolier.

37. Which, as in the real Venice, soothes the ear with songs. The Macau gondolier, however, mostly sings in English.

38. As in the real Venice, crowds of Chinese tourists roam here.

39. Unlike the Galaxy, the Venetian is full of democratic brands like H & M and Triumph.

40What you can do to attract families with children.

41. Once we still managed to take a picture of a casino.

In the gaming rooms, replacing each other, you can, it seems, go for ages. And everywhere the cue ball!
There is no “cereal” in the air: light, cozy, soft carpets, comfortable (but not too comfortable, so that players do not fall asleep) sitting in the halls, polite dealers and helpful guards, so that the guests immediately realize that they are in solid institution. Previously, it seemed to be more zalachno: smoking in a casino was banned only from 2017, therefore in many halls it still smells of tobacco (smoking now comes from smoking rooms). Hours are nowhere and windows too: nothing should remind the play that it’s time to go home to the hotel room. If you are hungry or you want to drink - in the casino there is a cafe with suspiciously moderate prices for alcohol. Coincidence? We do not think.
As we have already said, all casino visitors are dressed simply, how much they lose and win - God only knows how, and only he knows, how much good things could be done with this money.
You know, maybe it's good that casinos have been banned in Russia, you know, what a woe is for gambling people who cannot stop in time.Unfortunately, the prohibition does not solve the problem, and all our gambling games have moved underground and online.
PS: We didn’t play that evening, spellbound by the scale of the revelry, but if we did, then with the croupier. We do not understand how you can not doubt the honesty of the machine: it also works according to a program written in such a way that it always remains in considerable gains. However, the fact that even in the presence of the croupier casino does not remain in the red, we also have no doubt.
PPS: In the evening, in the area of ​​the pseudo-historic village, we saw a characteristic picture: a heated Chinese male with companions fell out of a taxi and with quick steps went to an expensive fish restaurant, where seafood specialties are on display (42).

43. The Trinity chose a huge Kamchatka crab and quickly disappeared in the bowels of the restaurant, and the waiter pulled a suicide bomber from the aquarium, whose fate today is to become the dinner of this triumphant trinity. We were amazed not by what the crab took, but by how fast it happened.

PPPS: An interesting story happened in 2003 with a programmer who came to Las Vegas to cheer on his basketball team. In one of the breaks, the programmer went down to the Megabucks slot machine and made several bets,after a few minutes winning 40 million dollars! Newbies lucky. Do you think this is a fake distributed by the casino lobby, or is it really true?
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Macau is the world capital of greed

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Macau is the world capital of greed

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Macau is the world capital of greed

Macau is the world capital of greed

Macau is the world capital of greed

Macau is the world capital of greed

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