Makeup for Asian Eyes

Asian eyes have amazing beauty -they are both tempting and enigmatic. Such women are able to conquer a man with one glance only. But asians need to be able to correctly use a variety of techniques to make the eyes expressive, since they are very narrow with impending eyelids.

It is necessary to remember that correctly mademakeup for Asian eyes is able to correct the shape of the face, while the eyes are visually enlarged, the look becomes more open and easy, the unique exotic beauty of the cut of the "mirror of the soul" is underlined. Those who wear such eyes should use pins and bold colors. As a rule, Asian women have rather narrow eyes, therefore with the help of make-up it is necessary to increase them.

Asian women have unique featuresfaces - a pronounced form of cheekbones, lips of a very beautiful shape, rare and short eyelashes, an overhanging upper eyelid (creates the effect of a "heavy" look and swelling), a narrow and oblique shape of the eyes, a slightly yellowish complexion.

Some basic tips: how to properly make up for Asian eyes:

  • first of all you need to buy false eyelashes, which will give your look a little mystery;
  • for make-up you should use only waterproof eyeliner, thanks to which the look becomes more open. At the same time, the upper eyelid line is removed, because of which the liner can be smeared;
  • acquire special tweezers for twisting eyelashes;
  • regularly look after the eyebrows, which should always have an ideal shape;
  • to make the face softer, you can slightly lighten the eyebrows.

Due to the existence of variouscosmetic companies, you have a unique opportunity to change your image almost every day. In this you can help a special technique in which makeup is performed for Asian eyes. If you decide to try yourself in a new image, then you can turn, for example, into an anime heroine, a geisha, a Japanese. And if you are not afraid to experiment, then you can come up with other images suitable for Asian features.

With the help of make-up you canvisually change your incision eye. You need to use light shades of shadows as a basis, and do not give up on white. Take a black (waterproof) eyeliner and draw the finest line on the mobile age, while slightly up you need to bend the tip of the "arrow". The "arrow" in the lower eyelid, on the contrary, should go down a little. Between the two tips of the arrow you should form a small distance, which must be lightly whitened with light shadows.

Very important in the East and Asianmakeup is played precisely by arrows - they need to be drawn solely for the growth of eyelashes and slightly bend the tip. In the inner eyelid should be a soft pencil in gray. If you have almond-shaped eyes, then makeup for Asian eyes is better done using a lighter pencil. A little dye the upper lashes, but do not make them the main accent, as this can visually increase your eyes. However, remember that you should have perfectly straight eyebrows - if they are curved, then Asian makeup will turn out to be unnatural and ridiculous.

If you decide to make an anime style makeup(which is perfect for a party, disco or night club), then you will need neon shades of several shades. It is important that there are no sharp transitions between them, and therefore it is necessary to thoroughly shade the shadows. Most geisha perform makeup of Asian eyes using bright pink or carbon shades. It is not necessary to supplement the image of the Japanese with other shades of shade, since the eyes will look too defiant, because the main accent is done with the help of "arrows". Mascara should be applied in several layers on the upper and lower eyelashes. To make your eyes more expressive, use special eyelashes tweezers.

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