Means "Vitaprost" (candles). Instruction

The drug "Vitaprost" (candles) refers to a group of drugs of animal origin. The drug is used in pathologies. The agent has an organotropic effect. The drug helps to reduce tissue swelling, leukocyte infiltration. The tool stabilizes the secretory activity of epithelial cells, increases the tone of the bladder.vitaprost candles instructionThe drug "Vitaprost" (suppositories, instructions contain such data) improves microcirculation in the prostate, reduces thrombus formation. The tool has an antiplatelet effect. During clinical studies, it was found that the drug to a moderate extent reduces the size of the gland, against the background of benign hyperplasia there is a decrease in the severity of obstruction and irritative manifestations. Due to the effect of the drug, the volume of residual urine decreases, the maximum and average urinary flow rates increase. In addition, the drug stabilizes ejaculate parameters, reduces pain and discomfort on the basis of prostatitis, eliminates dysuric manifestations.

Indications for use of the drug "Vitaprost" (candles)

The instruction recommends the remedy for chronic prostatitis. The drug is prescribed in the states after and before operations on the prostate.candles vitaprost forteCandles "Vitaprost Forte" are recommended for benign prostatic hyperplasia, treatment of urinary incontinence (urgency), urge to urinate on the basis of uncomplicated forms of hyperactivity in the bladder in post-menopausal and climacteric women.

Mode of application

Use of the preparation "Vitaprost" (candles) is recommended by the instruction after emptying. It is appointed on a suppository once a day. After the introduction should be in a horizontal position for about thirty minutes. Duration of use of the drug - from 10 days. The duration of the course of treatment with the drug "Vitaprost Forte" with benign prostatic hyperplasia is 15 days, with chronic prostatitis - 10 days, with bladder hyperactivity - 20 days.

Side effects of the drug "Vitaprost" (candles)

The instruction warns about the likelihood of allergic reactions.vitaprost forte candles instructionAs practice shows, these phenomena rarely develop in patients who comply with the recommendations of the doctor.


Means "Vitaprost" (candles) instruction does not recommend the use of women.No medicine is prescribed in any form for hypersensitivity to the components. The medication “Vitaprost Forte” (candles) is not recommended for pregnant and lactating patients.

additional information

Elderly people can be recommended as part of complex therapy in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, as well as in the recovery period after acute prostatitis. In clinical studies, the positive effect of the drug on spermatogenesis in infertility in men has been established. In practice, clinically important cases of drug interaction with other drugs are not described. No overdose of the drug was noted.

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