Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 * (Turkey / Side) - photos, prices and hotel reviews

New and promising complex Merve Sun HotelSpa 4 * (Turkey) recently assigned the classification of the "quartet". This is a very interesting hotel, designed for tourists who come to sunbathe on the beach and see the local attractions. It provides a lot of excellent services, there is an ideal cleanliness and friendly staff, and the trip will not make you lay out for a rest a fortune. There is a team of professionals who provide first-class services. At least so say the tourists in their reviews.Merve sun hotel spa 4 turkey

Where is this hotel located

The Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 * is completelynear the beach of the Anatolian Riviera. Depending on where the tourists are settling in order to get to the sea, they need to overcome four hundred or five hundred meters. The nearest town to the hotel is the amazing resort of Side. Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 * (S. Demirel Boulevard) is located in its area called Kumkoe. The center of this resort is within easy reach - just a kilometer away. And to the old part of the famous Side - a little further, four kilometers at least. If you walk tiresome, you will have to use transport. Manavgat is seven kilometers away. Approximately the same distance from the hotel to Antalya and its international airport - 65-70 km.Merve sun hotel spa 4

How to get to Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 * (Turkey, Side)

Many guests choose this hotel forindependent travel, especially after the travel agencies have ceased their work recently. Therefore it is important to know how to arrive at the hotel. To get here, you need to fly to Antalya (or at least to Istanbul, and then - by bus). From the international airport, you can book a transfer to the hotel. If not, then from the bus station of Antalya there are many minibuses. True, you need to do a transplant. Most of the means of public transport goes to Manavgat. Almost all intercity buses to Alanya pass through the Side. Then you need to change to a minibus. From Side to the hotel, they also go dolmushi. Their stop is in front of the hotel.Merve sun hotel spa 4 reviews

Side Resort

It is also called an open-air museum. If you have settled in Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 * (Side), it means that you have one of the most popular archaeological sites in Turkey, where there are ancient ruins at every step. And to the west and east of the ancient center stretched excellent beaches. One of them, Kumkoy, where, in fact, the hotel is located, has recently gained a very high rating among travelers. There the clear sea, soft sand, little sharp stones and a good entrance for children. The western beach is especially famous for its gently sloping beach. And the eastern likes swimmers and divers. The archaeological complex of the old city will present you and the ancient street with columns, and agora, and temples. Only the amphitheater and museum of antiquities, which are located directly in Roman terms, have a paid entrance. Those who want to hang out in the evenings, like the disco Side. For example, "Oxide", where you can dance and swim in the pools.


The Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 * has severalbuildings - one main and four additional buildings. They are of different storeys and surrounded by a garden. This hotel is completely new, it was built in 2012, and last year many rooms were completely renovated. In the main building there is an elevator. The hotel has a seminar room. On the territory of the whole shopping range for shopping: a lot of shops with souvenirs and products, many pharmacies. There is parking for cars of tourists. In general, the hotel is very cozy and comfortable. The territory is small - only five square kilometers in area, but it is kept clean and in perfect order.

Merve sun hotel spa 4 seats

Reviews about the living conditions

At the Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 *, reviews of whichwe consider more than one hundred and seventy rooms. Standard rooms are in the main building. The larger rooms and family rooms are mostly located in additional buildings. As the guests say, the rooms are bright, air-conditioned, with a plasma TV, mini-bar. The screen on the TV is huge, there are five or six Russian channels. Huge balconies with French windows. Two rooms are for people with mobility problems. The reception of tourists is open around the clock. Immediately settle, put on bracelets and help carry the baggage into the room. According to tourists, living in a comfortable room. Cleaned every day and very often change towels and bed linens. Everything is fresh, clean, without stains. Use of the safe in the room is chargeable. Furniture in pastel colors, all new, with a wardrobe. Plumbing is beautiful, it works without any failures. In the mini-bar (in combination with a refrigerator) there is a bottle of drinking water every day. Toiletries are put once, upon arrival. The best rooms are in additional buildings, especially in the fourth, fifth and sixth.

Services & Spa

Now a little about what is the touristservice at the Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 *. Reviews of tourists tell us that you can rent a car here. A hairdresser and a laundry are open. If necessary, you can send a fax, make copies of documents, use a computer to access the network. In addition, the hotel operates wireless Internet, but it's best to catch in the lobby. Many good services for small guests: special high chairs in the restaurant, cots in the rooms, there is a good playground and mini club. Tourists can use the gym. There are board games, billiards and darts. The spa center received praiseworthy responses - there is a good massage (general and soap), a foot bath with fish, you can soak in the sauna. Hamam with a program for cleaning the face and body is very popular with visitors. In general, the service received excellent marks.

Merve sun hotel spa 4 guest reviews

Entertainment and staff

Let's pass to a question on employees of hotel Merve SunHotel Spa 4 *. Reviews of tourists say that some of the staff speak fluently in Russian. Such people can be found in the administration, in the bar and in the spa. The staff is very honest. Tourists often did not want to leave money and valuables in a safe deposit box, but nothing ever disappeared. In the afternoon and in the evening, various games, shows and contests are held by the pool - though, mostly in German. No one strains the holidaymakers, and the emerging issues are resolved very quickly and qualitatively. The staff is friendly, cheerful, trying to help than they can. Since the hotel only recently began to work with tourists from Russia, many do not understand the language, but quickly learn. No preferences or discrimination of guests in the country of origin, as well as rudeness and rudeness are observed.


Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 * (Side) is operated by the system"All inclusive". You can eat in the main restaurant, have lunch at the beach cafe, and have a snack at the bar. The food is very tasty and varied, the alcohol is not diluted. Meat every day, several times a week - a poolside grill. All kinds of salads, sweets. Breakfasts are excellent. Orange and pomegranate fresh are very tasty, they are paid, but inexpensive. Fruits are constantly - watermelons, melons, pomegranates, apples, grapes, mandarins. For wine sometimes you do not have to walk - waiters bring it themselves. In general, the employees of restaurants and bars work, not restrained. Tourists claim that the food in this hotel is not much different from the budgetary Turkish "five". There is an à la carte restaurant, but the cuisine there is almost the same. When the hotel organizes the so-called Turkish nights, then the dinners are the most delicious. Alcohol is served without restrictions and in the bar, and on the beach, and in the main restaurant.

Merve sun hotel spa 4 turkey sit


The hotel is not on the first line, but the beach is at the hotelMerve Sun Hotel Spa 4 * (Side) is its own, with its sun loungers, umbrellas, sun loungers and other attributes of relaxation at sea. All this is very much, there are plenty of vacant seats, nobody occupies. Going to the sea not for long, mostly along other hotels, in the shade of pomegranate and lemon trees. Behind the beach follows a special employee who cleans it, removes and arranges the sun beds. The neighboring hotel has a volleyball court where you can play a ball right by the water. On the beach there is a pier that divides the territory by the sea into two parts. The right side is better for children - there is shallow and hollow. You can swim on the left, it's deep and clean. The bottom is sandy, the water is clear, many fish and crabs. On the beach rides a hotel bus twice a day, but most travelers prefer to walk there on foot. On the territory of the hotel there are two swimming pools, one of them indoor. Jacuzzi, water slide, "paddling pool" for children - all this is there. The pool is such that not always enough sunbeds, but the staff quickly solves this problem.

What to see

From the hotel Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 * to the mainsights of Side - ancient ruins - can be reached on foot. The road will take you from half an hour to forty minutes, depending on your strength and energy. If you do not feel like stomping, sit on the minibus (dolmush). In Side you will be amazed by a huge territory with many ancient ruins. Almost all places can be walked for free. There it is very beautiful, especially in the evening, with illumination. The temple of Apollo, which is near the sea, is admirable. There you can go for a drive on boats. From the temple begins a shopping street with souvenir shops, delicacies, leather, gold and other goods. Just do not forget to bargain! In Side there are beautiful sandy beaches. About ten minutes will take you a trip on a minibus to Managwat, where you can visit the local bazaar and go to the waterfalls. This is the most famous natural landmark in the vicinity. The water from the rock effectively falls directly into the sea depth. Get there for another twenty minutes. In addition, in this village there is a good shopping center "Waikiki" and a large supermarket "Migros". From excursions through the travel agency recommend rafting, jeep safari and riding a pirate yacht.

Merve sun hotel spa 4 turkey reviews

Price list

The cost of a week spent at this hotel,starts with twenty-five thousand rubles for two. But this is the minimum price. Independent travelers, booking a hotel through booking sites, pay between two and a half to seven thousand rubles per room per night. As for the cost of services, to use the safe in the room, you need to pay $ 15 for ten days. Freshies cost one dollar per glass. Visit the spa - about twenty-five euros, but tourists (especially women) write that the procedures are worth this money. Now a little about self-guided tours. Going to Side on dolmusha will cost one and a half dollars (two liras). The same is a trip by bus to Managwat. Visit the ancient amphitheater - fifteen Turkish lira, the museum - ten.

Merve Sun Hotel Spa 4 * (Turkey): reviews

The vast majority of tourists whothis hotel, claim that it is worth the money spent on it. The hotel is praised for its crystal clearness. The hotel chef is called one of the best in Turkey or at least on the Antalya coast. Tourists from Russia are few, mostly here they like to relax Germans and Scandinavians. Therefore, the hotel is quiet, calm, clean and tidy. If you know English or German - it's generally wonderful. In terms of guests, this is a good budget hotel for recreation, where you want to return. Tourists from other hotels often complained about their problems, but vacationers from the "Merwe San" with a similar encounter was not necessary. Convenient location, delicious food, clean rooms, excellent attitude to children - with such a formula of vacation guests feel comfortable at one hundred percent. It is inexpensive and very worthy.

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