Minsk highway: description and history

Minskoe highway (Moscow) is one of the cleanest environmental sites in the region. Along the road there are many old cottages. Most of the land is built up, as a result, real estate there has significantly increased in price. Near Minskoe highway is Mozhaisk reservoir. The route is located near Rublevka.

The history of the Minsk highway (Moscow region)

Minsk highway was built a few decades ago, so its history is very recent. The track appeared after attempts to straighten the Mozhaisk road. It passed through settlements, which greatly reduced throughput.

Therefore, the USSR government decided to build a new highway. At first it got the name “M1Belarus”, and then it got the second name - Minsk. This name was assigned to the track. It runs through the picturesque and environmentally friendly places near Moscow.Minsk highway

Features of the Minsk highway

Minsk highway is considered one of the most promising. But the track has a lot of shortcomings.In each side of the machine can move only in two rows. The quality of the road surface also leaves much to be desired. The road is especially bad near the Forest Town and at the entrance to Golitsyno. Significantly impede the movement of many traffic lights and level crossings. Reduce the capacity of the route and hypermarkets built along the road.

Part of the problems with Minskoe Highway was solved in 2008, when a new intersection connecting this road with Kievskaya was opened. Further construction began on another interchange - Krekshino-Lark. Repair of the section from 33-45 km completed in 2012. The modernization of the Minsk highway implies the construction of new overpasses, pedestrian overpasses and interchanges.

Minsk highway Moscow

It was planned (after the project was fully developed) to lay a body double 20 kilometers long. The road should go around the northern region of Odintsovo. According to the project, the fare should be paid. It was assumed that after the completion of the work, the direction would be one of the most promising for suburban construction.

Description of the sights of Minsk highway

Land on the Minsk highway is valued because of the beauty of nature, relict coniferous forests, clean ponds and rivers. They are very rich in fish and reservoirs quickly "overgrown" houses.There are very few places left for the construction of real estate, so it has a high cost.

Along the Minsk highway in the forests, a lot of berries and mushrooms. Due to the ecologically clean area, the gifts of nature can be eaten without fear. Part of the villages along the route acquired the status of elite and expensive. In the area of ​​the Minsk highway there are many ancient villages that have left their bright mark in the history of Russia.

sites on the Minsk highway

Minsk highway became famous for its ancient buildings. Which are along the road. Until now, you can find defensive earthen ramparts. They are located on the site of the ancient Ruza settlement. The Dmitrovskaya Church, which was built in 1792 and has been preserved and today, attracts attention.

One of the main attractions of the Minsk highway is the village of Peredelkino. It is located just eight kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. In 1935, in this area, Stalin allowed the construction of cottages on the German project. One of the first to build up Alexander Fadeev and several other writers.

In the 1950s in the village appeared House of creativity. This building has reached our days. But tourists are more attracted to Peredelkino (Minsk highway) by the cottage museums of K. Chukovsky, B. Okudzhava and B.Pasternak. Some dachas stayed Solzhenitsyn and Akhmatova.Moscow region Minsk highway

In the "Forest Town", located 15 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, built mostly generals dachas, with large plots. This is the land of the Ministry of Defense. The houses in Zhavoronki, located a little further from the “Forest Town”, were received in the majority by the Sovmin workers. Among other well-known "starodachny" villages - Gribovo, Krekshino and Zaitsevo.

The oldest city of the Minsk highway

Minskoe highway has its relic - Mozhaisk. This is the oldest city of the route. The first mention of the village in the annals dates from 1231. At that time, St. Nicholas and Peter and Paul Cathedrals were built in Mozhaisk. They have survived to this day. On the bank of the Moskva River, the sixth century is already Loschutsky Monastery. It was founded by Prince Andrew and Father Ferapont Mozhaisky.

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