Morning exercises for the child: a set of exercises

How lazy to get up in the morning. Climbing hard not only adults, but also kids. In order for the day to start cheerfully, morning exercises for a child are simply necessary! Such useful entertainment should become a habit. In the future, the baby will thank you for it, because the benefits of physical exertion in the morning are not only physical, but also moral. You seldom meet in the morning a cheerful, contented person. But if he got used to meet the day with simple exercises to music from childhood, it will be more fun to live!morning exercises for the child

The benefits of gymnastics

Moderate exercise is beneficial to everyone, even a sick child. As soon as the baby is two years old, you can safely show what morning exercise is for a child. Make sure that the baby does not have time to eat, and drank only a glass of water. Now he is ready to exercise. The benefits of such an action will be mass:

  • wolfish appetite;
  • deep sleep;
  • strengthening joints and ligaments;
  • the nervous system will return to normal;
  • blood circulation will improve;
  • growth will accelerate;
  • normal metabolism.

This list should be an incentive for each parent, because everyone wants to give his child the best. Morning exercise for a child is the way to a healthy lifestyle and energy for the whole day.

musical morning exercises for children


Almost every child shows his stubbornness to his parents, refuses to eat or do something. In order for a child to not have a negative to charging, imagine it in a game form. Turn on the fun music and start yourself doing simple exercises, walking around in different kinds of steps. This will amuse the baby, and he will definitely want to repeat. Fun warm-up exercises will eventually become your little ritual. The body of the baby will be saturated with oxygen, the mood will rise - all this will make the morning exercises. Exercises for children need to pick up simple, without acrobatic tricks and difficulties.

morning exercises exercises for children

Pediatricians recommend doing exercises for children from the age of two, because the coordination of movements develops faster, like motor skills. If your baby has excess weight, simple but regular exercise will help get rid of it.

Sport family

The best example for a child is his parents. When you get up in the morning, turn on some funny music and engage your baby in a fun exercise. Of course, you need to prepare in advance. It is good if all family members in the first months will go out in an organized way and do exercises in a team. Then the baby will understand that it is necessary for everyone. Morning exercise for the child will be something natural. Be sure to air the room before class starts. In the summer, do not hesitate to go outside and do exercises in the fresh air. The benefits will be huge, so also a good example set for the neighbors. In order not to frighten the baby, you can start with the simplest. Perform the following complex:

  • side bends;
  • running in a circle;
  • 10 squats;
  • walking in place (lift your knees as high as possible);
  • as a small stretch try to bend down and get your fingers to the floor.

For the first week of such exercises will be quite enough. Next, begin to complicate the process and follow some more simple approaches.

morning exercises for the child

Musical accompaniment

Musical morning exercises for children - a very exciting experience. Pick a repertoire in advance.Use songs from your favorite cartoons of the child, then it will be doubly pleasant to engage. Good mood and energy for the whole day are provided. It is possible to include one hit of the season in the music program so that the child is always aware of the novelties of the music world. The pace should be average. Very slow, smooth music will not give the desired effect, and the baby will sleep on the go. But too fast, incendiary chords will tire the baby. Therefore, the choice of music should be approached very seriously.

The best sets of exercises

To make you look confident in front of the children, plan your every move. The complex of morning exercises for children should be right and easy. If the baby is difficult to repeat the movement for you, interest will quickly disappear. Start with a light five-minute workout. Experts recommend charging in for 20 minutes. If you perform the same exercises daily, the results will not take long. Muscular corset baby will come in perfect condition. Charging, which is suitable for children of any age:

  • walking on the spot;
  • jumping on the spot;
  • put hands on shoulders and begin circular movements;
  • kick your feet forward (stretch your arms forward and try to touch the tips of your fingers with your big toe);
  • jumping on the spot with raised hands;
  • squats;
  • several push-ups from the floor or wall;
  • one minute of boxing (swinging hands, imitating punches on a punching bag in boxing gloves);
  • several dance steps;
  • stretching (sit on the floor and spread your legs wide apart, now try to put your elbows on the floor slowly).

morning exercises music for children

One two three four

Such a fun morning exercise for children is suitable for conducting in kindergarten, camp, elementary school. Each exercise is performed under the score - one, two, three, four. Children can pronounce the score on their own, or the presenter will help so that the children do not stray from the rhythm. The movements are straightforward, but active, each performed 5 times:

  • arms sideways, up, sideways, down;
  • marching in place, knees high;
  • hands on the belt, legs wide apart, begin to bend your head: right, left, down, up;
  • torso (trying to reach with the tips of the toes);
  • jumping on one leg;
  • back straight, start squats;
  • we lay down on the floor and raise the body 30 cm from the floor;
  • 10 push-ups from the floor;
  • walking in place, slow.

Such a complex of morning exercises for children is very useful. There is nothing complicated, and the positive charge is useful to any person! Now you can proceed to the water procedures. Well, if the baby likes to take a shower, in the morning it will give him even more vitality after charging. If he opposes early bathing, let him just wash off with cool water.


Preferences in melodies, performers, directions of music may be different for parents and children. Therefore, if you carry out joint exercises, you need to carefully select the repertoire. Usually kids prefer melodies from foreign cartoons. But they do not need to go on about. Combine several modern tracks, a couple of hits with your favorite baby songs. Then get a fun morning exercise. Music for children is very important - they know the world, shape their tastes and preferences. Therefore, it is not necessary to force their idols on them.

fun morning exercises for kids

Make a variety

All children are visionaries and inventors, he loves everything new and unusual. You can vary the exercises with elements of yoga, karate, wushu, boxing, ballet. Then the child will be doubly interested in doing exercises with you in the morning.

Girls are very important to be plastic, have a beautiful gait and posture.So try experimenting with ballet steps and the basics of yoga. Do a little stretching after charging. But the boys teach a lesson in martial arts. Box with your son for 7-8 minutes. This will be enough to warm up.

Spend as much time with your children as possible. After all, these little people are unique and interesting! The moments spent together will be remembered for the rest of your life both for you and the baby!

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