Moskvich created the first space kingdom, but can not get there

Moskvich created the first space kingdom, but can not get there

Frame: the film "The Fifth Element"

Mankind has long wanted to go beyond Earth, to live on other planets. This dream is planned by the Russian businessman Igor Ashurbeyli, the creator and head of the first space kingdom of Asgardia. How does he do it - found out "".

On a rainy October day, the second floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel was crowded. Guests from Russia and other countries roamed the banquet hall, studied snacks and chatted with each other. At the entrance of the new arrivals were met by friendly PR people and issued two brochures: the constitution of the first cosmic kingdom of Asgardia and the colorful promo leaflet, which explained what it is.

The booklet also revealed the essence of the upcoming event: on October 12, 2016, a new state was created,and now the press was invited to sum up the first year of the nation’s existence and celebrate its birthday - an official Asgardian holiday. “Asgardia invites everyone to the future,” was on the margin of the first page of the brochure.

The press conference was held in the hall with the talking name "Washington", not very large, but pompously furnished. Time passed, the guests arrived and filled the place. In the third row, a respectable woman and a middle-aged man were talking. Starting with a discussion of the latest movies, they turned to a more important issue: remote influence on the public consciousness with the help of the technology of the 25th frame and psychotronic apparatus.

Moskvich created the first space kingdom, but can not get there

Frame: the film "The Fifth Element"

The man explained the concept, and the woman nodded approvingly. However, the conversation soon moved back to the field of cinema. The man pushed his neighbor with an elbow: “Grigorich, have you watched our film about the alien invasion?” Very good, they say! ”Grigorich answered that he never went to the picture, although he had heard a lot about it.

Soon, an entrepreneur and philanthropist Igor Ashurbeyli, a gray-haired, overweight man with a mustache, who was elected head of the space kingdom, appeared in the room. Slowly going up to the podium, he laid out the paper with notes and began to speak.

Before turning to the story about the successes of the newly-minted state, Ashurbeyli talked for a long time about the previous press conferences - it was clear that this question was no doubt disturbed him. The first two were held in Paris (the city of Freedom) and Hong Kong (because most Asgardian citizens live in China), now the choice fell on Moscow.

“From Asgardia we do not see your earth borders, only earth continents,” said the head of the space kingdom. - The largest of them is Eurasia, and the largest country on it is Russia. Perhaps, Moscow will have to become the capital of Eurasian Asgardians in the future. In addition, Russia is the birthplace of world space exploration; it marks this year 60 years of the first Earth satellite flight into space. Asgardia plans to launch its first satellite in the coming month.

But, according to Ashurbeyli, a press conference in Moscow could not have been held. The first two were held in the Ritz hotels, and now the entrepreneur’s team decided to change the strategy and book the RIA Novosti conference room. Alas, after a while they were denied a lease without explanation. It was evident that the head of Asgardia was outraged by this fact.“The state event of Asgardia turned out to be under the threat of a breakdown, which I regard as an unfriendly act. A corresponding note of protest was made, but then we decided not to waste time on trifles, ”he said. A new room was soon found, and again at the Ritz chain hotel. “Apparently, this is our fate,” said Ashurbeyli.

Moskvich created the first space kingdom, but can not get there

Frame: the film "The Fifth Element"

Then he finally told about the successes of the formation of the space nation. On the first day, 100 thousand people signed up for the citizens of Asgardia, and for 20 days - 500 thousand. Of course, among them were those who registered several times, children and bots. These accounts were eliminated, the second level of verification will remain. After that, they will receive an ID-card, and then the passport of Asgardia.

For the year in the space kingdom, as a result of a general vote, a constitution, a flag, a hymn and a coat of arms were adopted, and the head of state was elected. “Asgardia is on the 177th place in the world in terms of the population from 193 UN member states, which is not bad for a country with a year’s history,” the entrepreneur boasted.

Now, the Asgardians will have to go through several important milestones in the history of the nation: the launch of the Asgardia-1 satellite in November 2017; Election of the Government of Asgardia in May 2018, then the election of the court, prosecutors,the Chamber of Accounts and the Supreme Space Council; the inauguration of the head of state in June 2018; and, finally, the issue of stamps of the first day of cancellation.

Asgardia will have its own cryptocurrency - the solar, which will be provided by the mass of the Moon, where the territory of Asgardia will be located in the future. The NGO Asgardia is registered in Vienna, representing the country until its recognition by the UN as an independent state. The plans - registration of the investment company "Asgardia - the country of space startups."

“We say:“ we are not the best, we are the future ”, our motto is one humanity, one community. I embrace all of you and each of you, ”Ashurbeyli concluded his speech.

Those present had a lot of questions. For example, what tasks are facing the first satellite, and why launch it at all. Ashurbeyli replied that in addition to storing personal data of Asgardians on his carrier, he will play the role of the territory of Asgardia in space.

“You don't want to conquer anything on Earth,” he explained. And in international law it is not written what size the territory should be - it is simply written that it should be. Our territory will fly, and digital data of all citizens of the state will be stored on it.

Ashurbeyli refused to give the exact launch date of the satellite, citing the fact that he is a superstitious person. “God willing, take off,” he said. This statement caused a logical question from the audience: if an entrepreneur professes Orthodoxy, does he not consider the very initiative of conquering the cosmos blasphemous?

Moskvich created the first space kingdom, but can not get there

Frame: the film "The Fifth Element"

The head of Asgardia replied with parables. A person asks: "Lord, when I reach the edge of the universe, what will I do next?" - "My son, I created you in my own image - as a creator, when you reach the edge of my universe, you will start creating your own."

Everything that was happening was somewhat surreal: here, before the assembled, sits the head of a new state (and kingdom), not recognized by any country in the world. He is asked about the collective portrait of the citizens of his country, they are discussing with him whether the fact that English is the main language of Asgardia will not lead to the dominance of the Anglo-Saxons in his power - and in all seriousness. A regular question arose for the correspondent: Why does Ashurbeyli believe that his kingdom will be able to achieve UN recognition?

"Who said,that the UN is a large reputable organization? Just a kind of legacy of agreements on the results of the Second World War, ”the entrepreneur replied, right there, however, having made a reservation that he was joking. According to him, for the recognition of enough votes of four or five countries that are members of the UN, and this is something simple.

By the way, why is Asgardia a kingdom? It seems to be a parliamentary republic. However, the reason for such a name was quite prosaic.

“We wanted some kind of shocking, romance, magic,” Ashurbeyli admitted. - Space kingdom! The constitution states that we have a constitutional monarchy, but I limited my tenure to five years, which is enough for the Asgardians to decide what they themselves want. This constitution is not a dogma, in five years they can vote for the cosmic dictatorship, which means they will have it. Or there will be a monarchy. I have no idea what will happen in five years. The body is growing rapidly, 75 percent of Asgardians - young, creative, that they come up with - I do not know.

In addition, Ashurbeyli said that Asgardian women are the happiest women in the world, since in Asgardia there are 84 percent of men and only 15 percent of women. By the way, the public dating service will open soon.And when the government is elected and the country is recognized by the UN, the authorities will be able to enter into marriages between Asgardians, many of whom, by the way, do not specifically marry and do not marry now to do it later in the space kingdom.

One of those present asked the entrepreneur a question: would he want to debate with the famous visionary Ilon Mask, who is going to send mankind to Mars? But Ashurbeyli considered his status too high to talk with such a person. “As the head of state, I would love to ask questions to Putin, Trump, I would have debated,” he said. “And speak with the founder of the corporation, even if it’s outstanding,” let it be done by my Minister of Science and Technology. ”

At the same time, he was quite skeptical about the idea of ​​a flight to Mars: “I don’t look further than the Moon in the horizon of my life, because today human physiology does not allow him to be constantly at longer distances, but I wouldn’t like to engage in adventurism.”

Moskvich created the first space kingdom, but can not get there

Frame: the film "The Fifth Element"

At that moment there was a noise in the hall.

- Well, what are you doing? The Asgardians will not take! - One guest from the first row was indignant at the behavior of his friend.

“We cannot fail to take it if he visits the site and fills out the form,” Ashurbeyli told him.

- I'll write a testimonial! - the man did not let up and immediately asked how the entrepreneur is going to deliver the first satellite of the space kingdom into orbit.

It turned out that the device was manufactured in America, launched on an American carrier rocket, which will dock with the ISS, and then shoot it off into orbit. “Such a trouble. In Russia, it was not interesting to anyone, we tried, we fought all year, ”said Ashurbeyli sadly.

In the meantime, the correspondent in the constitution of Asgardia stumbled upon the passage that Asgardia assumes the duty to repel any threats and ensure the safety of every citizen. But who will provide? Will there be power structures in the space kingdom - the police, the army? .. And do they plan, while the citizens are on Earth, and not in space, to somehow defend the rights of the Asgardians?

It turned out that there would be no army, no police. “Since the main task of Asgardia is to protect the planet Earth from threats from space, then, of course, (this is stipulated by the constitution) the country will have an aerospace fleet based on orbit.And his tasks will not be to protect Asgardians, but to protect all of humanity on planet Earth from asteroid-comet and other dangers, ”said Ashurbeyli.

When will the Asgardians finally get their space house?

“I would like to visit the lunar settlement of Asgardians during my life,” admitted the head of Asgardia. - And before that, visit the first orbital ark. I am 53 years old, here and count. This, of course, will not be tomorrow. We started with the first satellite, next year we will launch two more, within four or five years there will be a four-level orbital group. And be sure the moon. No one looks further.

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