Does the mouse cursor disappear or freeze? No problem!

despite its apparent simplicity, it is as complex as a composite device like other parts of a computer. And, of course, it is also subject to breakdowns due to negligence. There is a certain at which the mouse fails. Often, the fault manifests itself in the fact that the mouse cursor stops working.

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There are several types (symptoms) of a malfunction. The first of these is the problem that the mouse cursor hangs. The reasons for the occurrence of such a malfunction can be quite a large number. Let's first consider purely mechanical effects. Sometimes when working at a computer, the mouse cursor starts to quiver or just stop at the place. That is, simply ceases to obey the user. In most cases, the user is to blame.

  1. The problem may occur due to non-compliance with accuracy and cleanliness in the workplace.There are several options for correcting this situation. To get started, tidy up at the table, wipe off all the dust from the surface, wipe with a damp cloth. Then gently clean the "eye" of the mouse - the area where the laser touches the surface. If this does not help, then carefully unscrew the mouse and clean it from the inside.
  2. The mouse cursor can also hang due to the fact that the whole system slows down. Moreover, this is not always a software error. If this is your home computer, try disassembling it and cleaning it from dust. To do this, the best fit or a special vacuum cleaner sold in computer stores, or a regular home, set up to blow. It may also be necessary to replace the thermal grease on the processor. But it is already better to entrust the professionals.

This is what we can do without touching the computer's operating system. However, the source of the problem is not always clogged. Let's look at some software errors.

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Often there are complaints on the forums: “I regularly turn off the computer in an emergency. For some reason, the mouse cursor began to fail.” And really, why? Many users do not realize that they themselves bring the computer to a non-working state.For example, constantly turning off the computer using the power button, you run the risk of creating on the hard disk a whole series of errors, including those that affect the mouse cursor. In order to fix this, you can use the system command CHKDSK. To do this, run the command line or simply enter the command CHKDSK C: / F / R in the "Run" field in the "Start" menu. After that, a window will appear in which you will be told that you need to restart the computer to start the scan. Enter "Y" and press Enter. After this, we restart the system through the Start menu. When you are asked if you want to cancel the disk check, do not press anything and wait.

mouse cursor disappears

Another variant

It is recommended to check the disk for errors as often as possible, this will avoid a number of problems associated not only with the mouse. If no disk error checking program helped you, you can try reinstalling the drivers. To do this, either delete the old ones through the device manager, or download the utility for automatic updates. For example, you can try the free version of Driver Booster. If none of the above helped, try checking the mouse on another computer. Perhaps her life has come to an end.


In addition to the hang of the cursor, there is another problem.Namely, the mouse cursor disappears. Just as in the previous case, there are several options why this may occur.

mouse cursor disappears

If you are working in any browser and your cursor suddenly starts to disappear, try disabling some plugins in your browser. In particular, a flash player. Perhaps the problem lies precisely in it, and not in the mouse itself.

  1. Another option - a problem with the video card. Clean it from dust, check the performance of the cooling system.
  2. Check the system for errors using the method specified earlier in the article.
  3. Reinstall the drivers, plug-ins in browsers.
  4. If the cursor disappears, do not rush to restart the computer. Simply disconnect and reconnect the mouse to the connector.
  5. In the settings there may be a check mark so that the cursor disappears when you type from the keyboard. In order to fix this, we do the following: "Control Panel" - "Mouse" - "Pointer Settings" - "Hide Pointer During Keyboard Entry" - Uncheck "Ok".
  6. The problem may be in the incorrectly configured OS. So try to just change the design style. If it does not help, download third-party cursors and install them into the system.
  7. Seven troubles - one RESET. The last resort will be to reinstall the entire system. And preferably not the one in which the failure occurred.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in eliminating failures in which the mouse cursor does not work.

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