Multicooker Redmond RMC-4503: manual, spare parts, recipe book, reviews

For those who decide to eat healthy food or simply do not have time for cooking, the Redmond RMC 4503 multicooker will be the perfect solution to this problem. Consider its specifications, equipment and user reviews. Perhaps this is what will help decide whether to purchase a kitchen assistant.

multicooker redmond rmc 4503

Contents of delivery

Multicooker Redmond RMC 4503 comes in a large cardboard box, made in red colors. On it you can see not only how the device looks, but also a description of its functions and main characteristics.

In the box itself, in addition to the apparatus for preparing healthy food, there are:

  • book of recipes;
  • warranty card;
  • user's manual;
  • bowl with non-stick coating;
  • plastic ladle and spoon;
  • cable 1.2 meters long;
  • measuring cup with tick marks;
  • half a cook for steaming.

Each item is packed individually.Often there are no complaints about the delivery set - there is practically everything in the box that is necessary to start using the kitchen assistant immediately after purchase. True, some do not like the lack of forceps to remove the bowl.


In fact, the multicooker is large, although it occupies a small part of the kitchen space. Its size is 270 X 300 X 270 millimeters and weighs about 4 kilograms. Due to the interesting shape, these dimensions do not seem impressive, which cannot be said about the amount of food that can be cooked in it.

redmond bowl

Visual component

Multicooker Redmond RMC 4503, the price of which is often no more than 5,000 Russian rubles, has a rather nice design. This is a cylindrical device in gray or gold tones with a fairly functional dashboard. The case of the multicooker is made of two materials - metal and plastic.

The cover of the device is always white. It does not have springs, so all manipulations with it must be carried out manually. Above there is a removable steam tank, which allows you to efficiently care for the multicooker, without making great efforts. There is also a convenient handle and a button for opening the device.In general, the design on top is somewhat similar to the Yin-Yang sign. The only difference is that it is completely made in white.

If we talk about the legs, then you should not count on the rubber coating, therefore, the Redmond RMC 4503 multicooker, unfortunately, will slide over any surface on which it will be located.

Behind on the crock-pot there is a small loop for a spoon. Some argue that it is still designed to fix the cable. Since the device does not have a shutdown button, the decision to make such a lock would be more than reasonable. Although, of course, a small button that allows you to disconnect the kitchen gadget from the network, would be more convenient.

There is a condensate collection container on the side. It is very convenient, because all the water remains in it, and does not flow to the working surface.

To summarize, the multicooker looks quite restrained and is able to fit into any design.

multicooker redmond rmc 4503 reviews

Bowl and its features

The Redmond multicooker bowl is universal. In the event of a malfunction or simply a desire to have a backup option, the bowl can be purchased at most stores of appliances that implement multicookers.

The manufacturer will attach several options from compatible bowls:

  • RB-A503;
  • RB-C502;
  • RB-C505;
  • RB-S500;
  • RB-A501.

The bowl in the slow cooker is quite roomy - 5 liters. Moreover, it has a Teflon non-stick coating. Among the shortcomings - a small bottom thickness and lack of handles. Because of the latter problem, it is almost impossible to get a hot bowl out of the apparatus, and while stirring food in it, it rotates.


The power of the Multicooker Redmond RMC 4503 - 800W. For the user, this means that the machine will be able to work quietly with both low temperatures and simple modes, as well as something more complicated.

The multicooker has 10 main programs. In them all the parameters are calculated and the cooking turns into a five-minute case - peel the vegetables, chop everything and put it in the bowl. Next, you need to select the program and set the time of its work. The device does the rest on its own, reporting the end of cooking to a rather loud beep.

The device is regulated using an electronic microprocessor control panel with a digital display. You can select a program by using five function keys.

A little later, we will look at the programs with which the Redmond RMC 4503 is equipped, reviews from those who have already purchased this kitchen gadget, and some recipes.But now we will talk about the features that are available in this kitchen assistant.

Delayed start

This is an ideal solution for those who like to eat freshly prepared food, but do not want to spend time constantly preparing it after a hard day’s work. How it works?

In the morning, getting ready for work, all the products in the bowl are put together in accordance with the recipe, including salt, oil and spices. Further, after pressing the “Delay Start” button, a countdown timer is set. For example, your working day starts at 8.00 and ends at 17.00, you need another hour to get there. How much to put a delayed start? At 10 o'clock, at 5 p.m., the slow cooker began cooking and by your return home by 6 p.m. a hot, fragrant dish was ready. This is applicable if the program itself is executed within one hour.
multicooker redmond rmc 4503 price

Auto Heater

If you continue the situation about the trip from work, even if you linger, the Redmond multicooker bowl will be in the “Automatic heating” mode. It lasts as long as the device is not disconnected from the network.

These two modes are the golden basis for busy people. But that's not all that a Redmond kitchen gadget can do.Let's talk about the programs.

Steam cooking

As mentioned above, the package comes with a special half pot, which is placed on top of Teflon. It has quite comfortable openings that allow a pair of quality to penetrate into any prepared product. Wash this plastic accessory is easy and pleasant.

Steamed dishes are not only healthy, but also tasty. You can verify this by trying the recipes that come with the Multicooker Redmond RMC 4503. The book contains 120 recipes and some of them are aimed at cooking for a couple.

crock-pot redmond rmc 4503 recipes book


This mode is quite common in reviews. Why? It is striking to many that such a budget machine can fulfill its tasks so well. If you cook the stew in this mode, you can later feel the taste of each ingredient separately. And this is taking into account that with a cook you only need to immerse everything in the bowl and close the lid.

Bakery products

Most multivarks, despite the fact that, according to manufacturers, have a baking mode, they often cope with this task extremely badly. Multicooker Redmond RMC 4503 surprised everyone. Cakes fit and get a nice ruddy crust.Bread is always soft and airy. In a word - a dream, not a slow cooker.

The program "Baking" is designed for 50 minutes, but its time can be adjusted.

Rice and plov

These are two separate programs that prepare radically different dishes.

The program "Rice" is designed for cooking rice milk porridge and other dishes from this cereal. The consistency of the resulting product is viscous.

But the program "Pilaf" so cooks rice cereal, that in it the whole dish becomes completely crumbly. Meat and vegetables that go along with cereals, are fragrant and juicy.

Multicooker redmond rmc 4503 User Manual

Milk porridge and buckwheat

The name of the program speaks for itself. In the recipe book you can find some interesting cooking variations in this mode.

If we talk about recipes from the web, then the most popular is the preparation of buckwheat in the "Milk porridge" mode. Groats languish at a favorable temperature, leaving all the healthy properties and taste with them. Believe me, you have never eaten such buckwheat.

Although, if you cook buckwheat in the program provided for this, the taste will also be different.


This program is used most it combines all the necessary parameters for the preparation of the simplest dishes: a time frame of up to 45 minutes, an average temperature and a tasty result. Excellent option for dietary dishes, seafood and so on.


Despite its name, some use this program to make broths, compotes, and even brawn. The recipe of the latter we consider.

For the preparation of fragrant jelly need the following set of products:

  • Meat - two pork legs and 1.5 kilograms of beef on the bone.
  • Vegetables - carrots, onions, garlic.
  • Spices - garlic (3 cloves), salt, pepper, bay leaf (3 pieces).

All but the spices, after rinsing in cold water, place in a bowl and pour water to the maximum mark. Then you need to add spices and, selecting the "Soup" mode, press the start button. After two hours, switch to the "Quenching" mode for the same amount of time.

Next, you should act as in the preparation of jelly on the stove: pull out the meat and separate it from the bone, strain the broth and pour into the forms in which the greens and meat are already placed. After 10 hours spent in the refrigerator, the dish is ready to eat.


Many users note that the Multicooker Redmond RMC 4503 gray or beige perfectly replaces the microwave, as it not only warms the food qualitatively, but also defrosts food safely.

Redmond rmc 4503 multicooker spare parts


This is one of those multicookers that will not let you down. She is smart and easy to use. All programs are available, and upon their completion, it clearly notifies the signal.

The Multicooker Redmond RMC 4503 user manual is quite detailed and simple. Even a child can handle this machine.

By the way, if we talk about children, the slow cooker will not turn on if there is no bowl in it. This will protect the whole family from many problems and concerns.

A delayed start with frames at 24 hours is guaranteed to provide food, and this is undoubtedly a great advantage. And thanks to the heating, no one will be left without a warm dinner.

Very pleased with the program, allowing the preparation of dishes for a couple. Particularly pleased that the plastic is very easy to maintain.

From a complete set it is surprising to get all the necessary utensils - a spoon, a ladle and a measuring cup. This is useful and appropriate.

Dimensions and a detailed recipe book will turn this multicooker into the favorite of the whole family.


Despite the fact that spare parts Multicookings Redmond RMC 4503 is not so difficult to find, reviews indicate that the device is often bought with a marriage. It can be expressed in incorrect operation of the timer or failure of temperature regimes in the programs.

The next moment cannot be considered catastrophic, but the absence of handles or at least complete forceps for removing a bowl is very inconvenient. A hot bowl of multicooker does not get it.

The short power cord makes the device even more uncomfortable to operate, especially in the light of the lack of a power button. And in tandem with a non-detachable lid, the maintenance of the slow cooker is complicated several times.

Another disadvantage of this kitchen assistant is considered to be the strong smell of plastic. Although it passes with time, it would be unfair to keep silent about it.

The absence of 3D heating in a multicooker can be justified by a low price, which cannot be said about the absence of the Multipovar and Yogurt programs. Based on user feedback, this is really not enough.

Some may be outraged by the fact that for mixing or other manipulations with the bowl you need to use only plastic cutlery.This aspect applies to almost all multicookers, so it cannot be considered a full-fledged drawback.

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