My mother said to me: “Go away. Let me go back only if you abort

2-03-2018, 18:46

My lover left me after learning that I was pregnant. Probably, I just did not see that he loves me not so much as it seemed to me. Neither he nor his parents, nor his sister, my close friend, did not even want to look at their daughter-granddaughter-niece. But I did not require anything. Everyone made their choice: he found a new girlfriend, I gave birth to a child without a husband.

At one time, my mother said: “Go away. Let me go back only if you have an abortion. ” Mom raised me without a father. She did not want the same fate for her daughter. She had that right. But I will never tell my daughter anything like that. We will support and support each other. There will be no nagging in our house due to lack of money and male help.

I had just graduated from the institute and was already working, but I managed to settle down in a student dormitory and even achieve a low-money job.I got some furniture and housewares for my salary. I didn't have anything. What are there juices, fruits for pregnant! Enough for bread and milk. Everything was: and tiredness, and tears, and monstrous lack of sleep.

But I didn't want to be pitied. I smiled. His friends came to visit me. I talked about him only good, did not think about the insults. I needed strength for the child I was wearing under my heart. Once I heard the phrase: no one owes you anything. Rough, but essentially true. Why should someone save me if I myself took responsibility for my life and for the life of a little man?


My daughter was born in December. New Year we have already met with her. My new acquaintances gathered, played the guitar, drank tea, helped to wash the diapers in turns. Varyukha also helped as best she could: she ate and slept, but during breaks she cheered merrily. Many have told me that our home is surprisingly joyful and easy. And once I noticed that one of the students began to come more often and stay longer. He was kind, skillful and, by the way, beautiful. Sasha is 4 years younger than me. I hung the castle in my heart, forbade myself to make plans, and was happy every minute while we were together.And then I saw his mom. She asked for permission to visit us through him and ... on the very first day she called me a daughter.

Now my husband and I live in another hostel. Everything in the room is made by his hands. He says I'm the perfect wife. With my mom we made up. She doesn’t mind the soul On weekends we go to his parents in the neighboring town. There Varka rushes to his second granny, and for two days they do not depart from each other.

I think with horror: if by hook or by crook I kept a person who didn’t love me, would I have something like that now! Only a husband who does not notice me point-blank, a mother-in-law, confident that I have broken her son’s life, guilt and tears into the pillow.

God gave me much more than I asked.

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My mother said to me: Go away. Let me go back only if you abort image, picture
My mother said to me: Go away. Let me go back only if you abort 96

My mother said to me: Go away. Let me go back only if you abort 14

My mother said to me: Go away. Let me go back only if you abort 75

My mother said to me: Go away. Let me go back only if you abort 14