Nauseous, but not vomiting. What to do?

The time when a woman wears under her heartkid, is one of the most beautiful in her life. However, quite often this period can be overshadowed by various factors. Every second woman of the fair sex, who is in an interesting position, suffers from toxicosis. During this period the woman is constantly sick, but does not vomit. Although there are also vomitive urges.

Also, such a disease can occur in the absence of pregnancy. Especially dangerous is the condition when it occurs in children and the elderly. So, how to deal with it?

sick but not vomiting

Where does nausea come from in pregnancy?

If you feel nauseous, but do not vomit, and at the same time there is a delay in menstruation, then most likely you will soon become a mother.

The first manifestations of toxicosis a woman can feel about three weeks after fertilization of the egg. Why does it make you sick, but does not vomit in this case?

Nausea during bearing is associated withgeneral restructuring of the body. The woman comes with hormonal changes, which are considered the norm during pregnancy. Due to the increase in the level of certain hormones, digestive system disorder occurs.

Quite often the cause of nausea is hungrystomach. A pregnant woman feels disgusted with many foods and simply stops eating normally. The reaction of the stomach in this case is quite expected. It gets a lot of bile, which causes nausea.

Also, discomfort and discomfort in the stomachcan become a consequence of stress, which often accompanies pregnancy. Nauseous, but not vomiting in this case, many women. Statistics indicate that almost all unexpected pregnancies occur with toxicosis. This is because the representative of the fair sex is stressed by the news.

Nausea in poisoning

If you get into the body a large numbertoxins can also cause nausea. Harmful substances can be obtained from spoiled food, improperly similar medication or a large amount of alcohol.

In this case, it is necessary to begin treatment as early as possible and help your own organism cope with harmful substances.

Pregnancy nauseous but does not vomit

What to do if it makes you sick, but does not vomit?

There are many ways to combat earlytoxicosis or banal poisoning. Not every option is suitable for any person. Here you need to choose your own tactics to combat the disease. Let's consider the most widespread ways.

Nausea during pregnancy: relax and not be nervous

If you feel nauseous, but do not vomit, then for a start it's worthjust calm down. Since deterioration of well-being can become a consequence of severe stress and nervous breakdown, it is necessary to start taking sedatives. For example, tablets "Valerian" or a drop of "Shepherd". These funds are allowed for pregnant women. Many gynecologists even prescribe them for prevention purposes.

constantly vomiting but not vomiting

Healthy food

When you feel sick, but do not vomit, you do not want to eat anything. This is a natural defensive reaction of the body, but here it is necessary to overcome itself in order to alleviate the condition.

Try to eat in small portions. Let you have five meals a day. After waking up, immediately put a piece of biscuit, apple or yogurt in your mouth. Only then get out of bed. In a few days you will notice that the state of health has improved, and the nausea gradually disappears.

Spend time in the fresh air

Scientists have found that frequent walks, moderatesports, allowed during pregnancy, and respiratory gymnastics will help to avoid toxicosis. Try to walk and rest more often. If the gynecologist allows, then give preference to travel: stroll along the sea beach or get a breath of mountain air.

Nausea in case of poisoning: induce vomiting

strongly vomiting but not vomiting

If it makes you sick, but does not vomit, it's worth it.induce gastric emptying. So many people believe. It is worth noting that in some cases this can be a good option. If you ate stale food or a product, a self-induced vomiting will ease the condition.

If it makes you sick, but does not vomit, you should drink a few glasses of clean water. The liquid will help rinse the stomach and cleanse it of toxins.

Reception of medicines

Be sure to consult a doctor. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe medications that will help cope with nausea. For example, the medicine "Enterosgel", tablets "Activated charcoal". Any sorbent is suitable in this situation. The drug will help to remove toxins and remove nausea.

Immunomodulators may also be prescribed andprobiotics, for example, preparations "Tsikloferon", "Lineks", "Bactisubtil". These drugs help the body cope with the disease and quickly recover. In addition, a person with poisoning must drink plenty of fluids and comply with the appropriate diet, which will appoint a specialist.

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