New life from New Year: how to avoid disappointments?


The end of the year is approaching, and most of us - who out of habit, who because of the characteristics of the character, and someone quite consciously - are engaged in self-analysis.

We sum up the outgoing year, remember our achievements and failures, unfulfilled hopes and unexpected pleasant surprises.

And, of course, we make plans for the next year and give ourselves promises. Is it worth doing?

Psychologist Tom Conellan tells: “More than 80% of the promises made by people to themselves on New Year’s eve are not fulfilled and remain just empty chatter”.

Want to start a new life with the New Year, not to promise, but to do? It turns out for this it is worth sticking to simple (at first glance) recommendations.

1.Don't promise yourself what you really don't want..

If deep down you like your round shape, promise to lose 10 kg. absolutely pointless. If you are a workaholic mother, you are crazy about your work and are willing to spend your time and all your efforts on it, it’s pointless to promise yourself to devote more time to your family next year.

The promise thus formulated will contradict your internal values ​​and thoughts about it will cause an inevitable sense of guilt.

2.Do not build your promises on a feeling of guilt.

If the foundation for your promises is a sense of guilt and resentment towards yourself, how can you talk about achieving your goal? So you not only lose the pleasure of the process of execution, but also subconsciously perceive the promise as a punishment. Better believe in yourself and move on.

3.Formulate promises correctly.

Do not promise yourself not to do something, promise to start doing something. Specify as much as possible: not just "lose weight", but to become slimmer by 5 kg., Not "devote more time to the children," but "go on a walk with the children every Sunday."

4. Perform without delay.

A favorable moment or necessary circumstances can never come, and inspiration is generally a very rare visitor. You know that if you do not iron the washed laundry right away, it will be waiting for a meeting with the iron for at least a week, or even more. With desires - the same scheme, the faster you start, the higher the probability that you will reach the goal.

5.Encourage yourself and look for support.

If you still have not fulfilled what you promise yourself, then it is not so easy to do it. Therefore, stop thinking that you are a terminator, think up a reward system for yourself and get someone's support.

For example, we learned English - we bought a new smart bag, which we had long dreamed of, but could not afford it. We decided to do dancing - look for a like-minded girlfriend. Together and to workout ride more fun, and among strangers will not be uncomfortable.

And alsopraise yourselfmore often, do not be shy, praise is a great strength and a great motivator!

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Happiness is near: the story of one family in pictures

What promises can you give yourself to give on the eve of the New Year, to become a little happier?

Communicate more. Even with the closest people, our communication was transferred to the format of social networks and SMS messages. Stop talking with your husband, evaluating his posts - talk to each other. The easiest way to “stay in touch” with those who are dear to us is to ask each other questions on the most unexpected topics and sincerely be interested in the answers.

Be free from progress. Arrange your progress free day. In our time, spend the whole day without a TV, the Internet, a laptop, tablet or smartphone seems almost incredible and unattainable. But, believe me, this is real, and very soon you will understand how much easier it is for you to think this particular day.

Remember yourself. Each of us has a lot of different roles: wife, mother, daughter, employee, friend, sister, etc. For their kaleidoscope, we sometimes forget about what exactly we want, our life goes unconsciously, like a "groundhog day". To get your brain in order, set yourself at least 15 minutes every day and spend the time as you like. Without excuses and logical explanations.

Feeding Love. Together with your husband, visit important places for you: the cafe where you met; the square where he proposed to you; a cinema in which you liked to walk before the baby's arrival; The children's playground on which you kissed for the first time. To again feel emotions and get impressions born in these places, it is useful from time to time there to go and be charged with positive energy.

Gather useful habits. It is difficult to change drastically in 1 year, it is better to do it gradually.For example, stop eating fast food or mayonnaise, start walking the stairs, sleep longer or drink more water. Let not so strikingly, but with each of these useful skills your life will definitely be better.

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New life from the New Year: how to avoid disappointments 60

New life from the New Year: how to avoid disappointments 59

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