Nexia 3 - Korean budget car

First of all Korean cars Daewoo Nexia were designed for those people who preferred inexpensive and reliable cars at the same time.Nexia 3

This car has realized the dream of millionsRussians - to go on a new foreign car. In addition, the Daewoo range is famous for its modern, carefully designed and prestigious design. On such cars could go as businessmen, and married couples. Significant role played by a relatively small price - new cars Nexia 3 are almost the same as the top-model VAZ.

Korean novelty - a kind of remake of Germancar Opel Cadet, which was withdrawn from production many years ago. Many car owners often use this, when parts of the old Cadet are installed on the Korean car (all the parts are fully functional and workable). The dimensions of this novelty are also very similar to the Opel lights.

In the CIS countries Nexies were not onlyKorean production. These cars are put on stream on the Uzbek conveyor "Uz Daew" and in Rostov, at the factory "Krasny Askai". Unfortunately, Russian and Uzbek cars are inferior to Koreans in terms of quality and reliability. It is only necessary to review the crash test of cars from three different manufacturers - immediately you are convinced of the quality of the Korean car. The difference is obvious and significant.нексия 3 photo

A bit of history ...

Until 1996 Nexia was imported to Russia exclusively from Korea, other factories for their production did not yet exist. But cars were clearly not enough. Demand outstripped supply. After a while, a plant for the production of these cars was built in Rostov, and later in Uzbekistan. In the late 90's, the noticeably cheaper Nexia began to gain increasing popularity. In 97-th she was replaced by a new budget car - Lanos. Production in Korea has ceased, but in Uzbekistan it has expanded.

Daewoo Nexia and its characteristics

The machine has a small number of basiccomplete sets. The buyer can choose from only two options: basic (GL), with hydraulic steering and air conditioning, as well as "luxury", in addition to the air conditioner there are many different lotions: electric windows, central locking, fog lights.

new nexia 3

The new Nexia 3 is produced already duringseveral years. During this period, the car really liked many drivers comfort and softness of movement. In addition, the car has a spacious interior, a large luggage compartment and a modern design both inside and out.

Renewed Nexia 3 is small enoughfuel consumption - 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers of run (at 90 km / h). The maximum claimed speed is 170 km / h, but, according to the drivers, this speed is far from the limit.

Good technical characteristics, relativelylow price, well thought out design - all this determined the high popularity of the model Nexia 3. Photo and video shooting, a variety of test drives once again convince the high maneuverability of this car. Nexia is an excellent car for both long and short trips, characterized by unpretentiousness in maintenance, power and reliability.

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