On the doorstep of the guests? Cooking pancakes with cheese

Each country has its own traditions, its own dishes. Russians have always been famous for their hospitality, the abundance of dishes on the table. On holidays it is very difficult to imagine a Russian table without pies, pies, pancakes. Each housewife has always had her own recipe for cooking her favorite food. Our kitchen has always been famous for fried cakes, pancakes. Today, modern housewives do not cease to amaze guests with various delicacies of their own preparation.

flat cakes with cheeseIt happens that simple pancakes are difficult to surprise,then you must certainly make cakes with cheese. It is done simply, but it turns out unusually and delicious. For cooking, you need a glass of kefir, about two hundred grams of any hard cheese, a teaspoon of sugar, a pinch of baking powder for dough or citric acid-cured soda, two glasses of flour. We begin to prepare scones with cheese. In a cup we pour kefir, three on a small grater cheese, we mix everything. Then gradually pour the flour, sugar, baking powder, stir to a homogeneous mass. We pour vegetable oil on a frying pan, reheat it. Dough put on a board, roll out flat cakes and fry until a ruddy crust.

Pancakes with cheese can be prepared in various ways. You can bake in the oven.recipe of tortillas with cheese and hamIn the dough you can add mushrooms, sausage, meat,greenery. By itself this is a simple recipe. Cakes with cheese and ham are delicious, satisfying, unusual. The dough is prepared in the same way as for conventional cheese products, but we still add finely chopped ham into cubes. This kind of pastry can be well oiled with butter or mayonnaise.

It turns out well and cake with greens and cheese. In the dough from kefir, flour, soda, cheese we add finely chopped greens. You can use onions green, parsley, dill. It turns out the original hot appetizer. For such cakes, ketchup or tomato sauce will work well.

Cakes with cheese can be served in borsch,saltwort, soup, broth. This dish can be taken on a barbecue, hiking. It is delicious not only in hot form, but also in the cold. For children, you can make cakes in sweet form and with chocolate. In the dough, add a couple of spoons of sugar and bake in the oven. After cooking, sprinkle with grated chocolate and powdered sugar. It turns out a kind of dessert for tea.

cake with greens and cheeseCakes were invented in the southern countries. If in Russia there were pancakes and fritters, then there were cakes. Initially they were baked from flour and water in special ovens. Before serving, much oiled with butter. Today cooking is very democratic. Mistresses try the recipes of different peoples, subsequently adding something of their own. So there appeared on our tables unusual cakes with cheese, ham, greens. They can be an independent dish, and additional to soups, to fish, to meat, to salads. The basis of cooking flat cakes is one: kefir or sour milk, flour, soda, cheese, and then you need to show imagination. We add something to your taste and desire.

On the threshold of unexpected guests, do you want to surprise and please something? Prepare cheese cakes and serve for tea. The time will be spent a little, but the meeting will be pleasant.

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