On the products, say, not enough?

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Found by chance my mother’s menu from her bachelorette party 13 years ago. She remembered that fresh tomatoes and cucumbers in the winter were considered almost a delicacy - at least, they were dared in the first place, as an expensive and “festive” meal. Maybe, of course, this applied only to poor students, but still: holiday tables are now 13-15, and especially 20-25 years ago - these are two big differences.
At the same time, I noticed today what products were unloaded in the queue in the supermarket in front of me. A man in a protective orange vest, a lady with glasses, a student ... They bought fresh fruits and vegetables, greens, various types of meat products, expensive alcohol and cakes ... This is despite the fact that today is not a holiday, but an ordinary day off.
Whatever you say, our people love to eat. Otherwise, for whom in each sleeping area such a number of delicacies is on the shelves? Everything that only your heart desires is in almost every locality. Okay, smoked sausage, or lard. And who buys snails and oysters, complex multi-layered cakes and pastries, unusual expensive bread, etc.?
Yesterday I was just doused with mud for what I said that in the provinces people live differently, it’s not always bad. But then who buys all this food ??? I now can not afford more than 70% of this zhrachki - otherwise it day after day will begin to undermine my budget and liver. I tried to count how much food I take for a day — about 300 rubles. This, moreover, that I rarely cook - it would, of course, be cheaper.
Tell me honestly, how much money do you eat per day? What mainly consists of your diet?
P.S. - photo banter, of course.

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