One of the favorite days of the Irish is March 17th. What holiday is celebrated on this day?

Holidays are religious, secular,professional, sports, etc. Each memorable date has its own history, timed to an important event, or it is connected with the name of a saint, statesman, national hero, writer, poet, other person of importance to society.

Some celebrations are celebrated all over the world, othersonly in a specific country. But it also happens that the traditions of one people are of interest to representatives of other ethnic groups, and then national holiday dates gradually become international. For example, on March 17th. What holiday is celebrated on this day? The Irish and all those who are not indifferent to the Irish culture celebrate St. Patrick's Day at the end of the first month of spring.

March 17 - what holiday?

history of the holiday

St. Patrick promoted the spread of Christianity on the lands of Ireland. According to the official biography, he (before the churching - Mavin Sukkat) was born in the family of a Roman landowner and at the same time deacon Kalfurnius and housewives of Conchesa. Despite the fact that his father was a minister of the church, the boy did not seek to believe in God.

To turn to God made life. At the age of 16, Mavin was enslaved to the Irish leader, and worked for six years with the owner as a shepherd. Wanting to get freedom, the guy prayed fiercely, and one day the Lord gave the answer.

Escaping from captivity, the young man returned home. Later, Mavin left his father's house and went to Gaul to serve God. A few years later, a talented young man was elevated to the rank of bishop and was named Patricius.

Returning to Ireland, St.. Patrick took up missionary work. Convincing speeches of the bishop contributed to the fact that more and more people converted to Christianity. Bloodless religious propaganda was beneficial to local authorities, which were under the auspices of Celtic priests.

The name of the saint is associated with many legends. The most common stories are about the appearance of Irish writing and the expulsion of snakes.

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day, it is timed to the day of the death of the patron.

Festive Traditions

At the heart of the celebration is the celebration of the saint. Irish people hold parades with the participation of a brass band. The festivities are held annually on March 17. What a feastwithout a national Irish tool -bagpipes ?! Also, participants of the events dress in things green and attach to the clothes of the shamrock. On the example of this plant, the saint showed the unity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The fact that with the help of the trefoil of St. Patrick interrupted the pagan ritual, the Irish folded the hymn, which is also performed at the feast.

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day

Annually the culprits of the celebration areLeprechauns are mythological characters, repairing shoes and guarding treasures. According to legend, if you manage to catch a leprechaun, he, perhaps, will tell you where the pot of gold is kept. True, believe the word cunning creatures can not.

Leprechauns appeared only recently. They were invented by the producers of postcards, as the symbol was required on March 17. What holiday without congratulations? However, the image of the saint, in honor of which celebrations are arranged, is appropriate on icons, but not on greeting cards.

March 17 holiday in Russia

St. Patrick in other countries

Outside of Ireland, this holiday is not so muchChristian, how much cultural. Fans of Irish traditions dress in national costumes, perform Irish dances, play bagpipes, visit pubs.

March 17 St. Patrick's Day as stateThe holiday is celebrated in Northern Ireland and the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador. Other states are celebrating unofficially. Honored honors to the saint are given in the USA, Australia, Argentina, Russia, etc.

In the Russian Federation,a festive parade was first made by Irish businessman Derek Keoh. Since March 17, a holiday in Russia with the parade has been held annually, except for 1999 and 2000, when the country has not yet recovered from the financial crisis.

In addition to the parade, on St. Patrick's Daythey organize thematic parties in nightclubs. DJs change into the patron of Ireland, put folk songs. Visitors take Irish step lessons and enjoy green beer.

The national Irish holiday promotesstrengthening of cooperation between the two countries, because the economic and cultural ties between Ireland and Russia are getting stronger. The holiday in Russia, celebrated on March 17, is an occasion to learn more about the culture of a friendly country.

On St. Patrick's Day, people walk and have fun, but church representatives criticize the secular options of the holiday, believing that the holy should be honored by religious canons.

What dishes are prepared for the holiday

It is impossible to imagine festive events without a feast. This also applies on 17 March. What a feastwithout a national cuisine? In Ireland, beef stewed in dark beer, mutton stew, roast lamb leg with root vegetables, chicken puff pastry and focaccia, stuffed with cabbage, gruyere cheese and corned beef are served for dinner in honor of the patron of the country.

Who else is honored on March 17

In the Orthodox calendar, the names of saints,in whose honor children are named. Namedays on March 17 are celebrated by Alexander, Vyacheslav, Georgy, Pavel, Ulyana, Julian, Julia, Vasily, Gerasim, Grigory, Egor, Kondrat, Yakov.

Namedays on March 17

Especially revered on this day, Prince DanielMoscow, ranked saint. The younger son of Alexander of Macedon inherited power from his father. Daniel opposed the wars, the thirst for power was alien to him. During the reign of the prince on the Moscow lands, there was not a single battle, but many churches and monasteries appeared. The relics of Daniel were incorruptible. Therefore, the name-day on March 17 is also celebrated by Danila. Boys, bearing this name, are distinguished by high intelligence, wide erudition and good self-control.

According to the Orthodox tradition, a child bearing the name of a saint is protected by his heavenly patron.

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