Panel of buttons with their own hands

To unusual decorate the interior, we need skillful hands and your imagination. A large number of fakes can be created by hand from buttons. You will need a lot of flat buttons. Let's start!

Mural rainbow

You can create a panel with the help of a picture created by you. It can be a rainbow, sun, sea, flowers. You will need: (buttons of different bright colors, thick cardboard, PVA glue, beads as a decoration, a pencil).

button rainbow

Master Class

  1. Come up with a drawing.
  2. On a cardboard, draw it.
  3. Apply glue to a piece of cardboard.
  4. Put the buttons in color.
  5. Fill the gaps between the buttons with beads.

Panel clock

panel clock

You will need: (PVA glue, thread, compasses, pencil, buttons, beads, cardboard sheet, white paint, acrylic silver paint).

Master Class

  1. On a cardboard sheet, create a circle with a compass.
  2. Apply the PVA glue on the contour of the circle and stick the thread.
  3. Fill the entire circle with white.
  4. Using a sponge, apply silver acrylic paint.
  5. Glue a large button to the center of the circle.
  6. Mentally divide the circle into 6 parts-segments, and lay out the buttons in a circle.
  7. Decorate at will.

School of design: decorative panels of buttons (video)

 Panel "Tree": various variations

Button trees are a unique creative illustration. To make the panel look interesting, use buttons of a different style.

button tree


To create a composition, you will need a wooden board, wood template, felt-tip pen, glue and buttons. On the blackboard, circle the tree template with a felt-tip pen, or draw it by hand. Obkleyte tree trunk buttons brown or sand tint. Leaves - green, red, orange ...

Triptych with a sprig of sakura. To create you need three canvas with a white or neutral background. Put them nearby and draw a solid line-branch. Paint it brown. Put the flowers out of the buttons, then glue them.

You can take a ready-made picture and lay it out with buttons of different colors. Paint the space between the buttons with beads, beads, glitter.

button tree

Drawings for the panel: their schemes

The basis of the composition is a drawing. You can choose not only a tree, a sun or a rainbow, but also three-dimensional letters, written messages, and hieroglyphs.


Variations of pictures

Silhouette of a hummingbird.This is a very beautiful, elegant, little bird.Her button-up silhouette will look interesting.


Rainbow. Play with color, add tonal transitions.


Flower bouquet. To emphasize the beauty of the bouquet, you can use a satin ribbon.

Fishes. Create a canvas, the color of the sea depth. Reflect the beauty of the underwater world.

Ballerina. Create a canvas, black. Lay out a ballerina in an elegant pose with pearly light buttons.


It will be interesting to look at the drawing of a fruit, owl, butterfly, musical instrument.

A unique panel of buttons: super ideas (video)

New Year's panel

The Christmas tree will perfectly decorate your house in the New Year's holidays, and will be an excellent gift made by yourself.

New Year's panel

Master Class

  1. Take a canvas and draw a background. It can be monophonic, with color schemes or frosty patterns.
  2. Glue small snowflakes on the background.
  3. Cut out the paper template Christmas tree.
  4. Pencil circle the pattern on the finished background.
  5. Put the Christmas tree with the buttons.
  6. Up the tree decorate with an asterisk.

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