Pangasius: cooking recipes

The fillet of pangasius won, and it must be said onright, gratitude and popularity among many lovers of fish dishes. After all, who does not like fat, tender and incredibly juicy meat without a single bone? Pangasius does not even need to be cut. You can simply defrost and start cooking the chosen dish. Dishes from pangasius seem rather fat, but at the same time their caloric content is only 89 kcal per 100 grams. Preparing pangasius, whose recipes are unusual in taste, is very simple.

Quite often you can hear how Pangasiuscalled the "marine language". It is not right. Marine language - right flounder - lives only in sea waters. A pangasius is a river fish or grown in artificial conditions.

What is interesting and the most delicious can offer pangasius, the recipes of which you now learn? We offered you one, but the most interesting and tasty dish. Try it!

Pangasius Casserole

This wonderful dish is very suitable for a late breakfast or light dinner.

Preparation of Pangasius is not anylabor. Moreover, time will not be much needed. In addition, this dish combines at the same time two wonderful dishes: delicate and incredibly tasty fish and cheese omelet. So if you like at least one of the ingredients, this recipe of cooking you will like. The fish cooked on it turns out to be steamed, but at the same time very tender and juicy.


- half a kilo of pangasius fillet;

- 150 grams of hard cheese;

- one small red bell pepper;

- 100 grams of cream;

- 4 eggs;

- a small amount of fresh parsley;

- black pepper, sea salt and seasoning for fish.


Fish fillets of large size must be cutin half, and leave a small one. Season the meat with salt, pepper and the selected seasoning for the fish. Let it stay a little while, and in the meantime you will be preparing the omelette. Cut small cubes of paprika, grate cheese on a medium grater, chop parsley as little as possible.

Mix the paprika, cheese and parsley in a bowl. Separately whip with a fork or whisk four eggs and add them to the mixture. Stir everything.

Put the present fish in a glass orceramic form, and from above place the cheese-egg mixture. After this, pour all the cream. Just make sure that there are not too many of them. The mixture must soak, not swim.

Put the form in preheated to180 degree oven for 45 minutes. When the dish is ready, you need to give him a little to stand. So the fish omelette will take a good shape and will not spread over the plate.

That's all! Our pangasius, the recipes of which you have just learned, is ready. You can invite everyone to the table.

Features of this dish

If you use fillets that are frozen, give him time to thaw. Do it best at room temperature.

Before adding Pangasius, drain all excess water that was formed after defrosting. Otherwise, the dish will turn out to be very watery and tasteless.

Very carefully add salt. After all, cheeses are usually quite salty. So when you season the fish, do not forget about it.

The better the eggs are beaten, the more splendid and tender the omelet will turn out.

Do not add too much cream. But it is necessary to add, otherwise the taste of the omelet will turn out to be too cheesey and sharp. Do not try to replace them with sour cream. You can try milk, but be prepared for the dish to be excessively liquid.

Very good in this dish with all the parsley. If it does not, add dill.

As you saw, pangasius, the recipes of which you learned, is prepared quite simply and quickly. Each mistress can handle.

Have a nice appetite for you and your family! We hope you will appreciate this dish.

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