Perfume Max Mara: brand history, assortment and reviews

The perfect smell is the dream of every girl.However, in the era of modern overproduction it is very difficult to find from its great variety precisely its aroma. We suggest you to plunge into the world of perfume from the well-known all over the world Italian brand Max Mara. Perhaps, the perfume product of this brand will be your ideal.

Brand History

One of the most successful and popular Italiancompanies originates in the distant 1951. It was then that entrepreneur Achilles Maramotti opened his first store in the north of Italy, in the city of Reggio Emilia. The company specialized in making clothes, and in this store it was possible to purchase coats that were created in the likeness of French models.

The company developed rapidly, and already1958 took 3rd place in Italy in terms of industrial production. In 1969, the famous Max Mara brand collection, which was named Sportmax, was released. It is from this moment begins the history of creating a perfume line from the world famous brand.

To date, Max Mara is a brand thatproved himself in the perfume environment, and also fell in love with women all over the world. The products of the brand belong to the well-known Cosmopolitan Cosmetics home throughout the world. The brainchild of this house are also other major giants of the perfume world - Escada, Rochas, Gucci. The cooperation of Max Mara with a large trading house allowed the brand to develop and launch a lot of perfume lines, which became known all over the world.

Perfume by Max Mara Women

In 2004, the Italian trading house producedits first massive flavor. Perfume Max Mara Women is an exquisite fragrance that can stir up consciousness and awaken feelings. If you are stylish, charming and individual, then this fragrance is definitely for you.

In the lower notes of Max Mara perfume can be recognizedsmells of citrus and ginger. The heart of the fragrance is filled with floral shades, among which a refined lily, a luxurious magnolia and a wild orchid. Perfume is finished with unique notes of sugar beet. This surprising combination of unlike aromas reveals all the faces of a woman - from strong-willed and liberated nature to momentary weakness and tenderness. Spirits are able to help a fair sex representative to subdue both working and loving peaks. No man can stand before this enchanting and magical scent.

Max Mara Women

An elegant bottle resembles the outlines of a femalebody, which makes the perfume even more attractive. The average price range of Max Mara perfumes ranges from 1000 to 1500 rubles, depending on the volume. Despite its long history, the fragrance remains popular today.

Independent aroma

In 2008, the trading house Max Mara released a fragranceLe Parfum, which became a synonym for the independence and independence of a modern woman. The creators of spirits were able to combine in the perfum incompatible - modernity and tradition, male and female, luxury and simplicity, elegance and nudity, rigor and imagination.

Max Mara Le Parfum

In the lower notes of the fragrance you immediately feela shade of musk, which is the most powerful aphrodisiac. The flower heart of the fragrance is represented by the sounds of gardenia and jasmine. The final notes of the enchanting perfume were burning hot pepper, nutmeg and sweet plum. Elegant, elongated pink packaging attracts attention at first sight. The average price of perfume Le Parfum is from 4000 to 5000 rubles.

Positive reviews of perfumes Max Mara Le Parfumoccur at every step. Almost all customers unanimously declare that this fragrance has become the favorite for them. A real feminine fragrance, filled with refinement and tenderness - all this is noted by girls about perfume. Also, the advantage of Max Mara perfume is its stamina and plume, especially in winter.

Kashmina Touch

The star of musky fragrances was perfume Max MaraKashmina Touch, which the company introduced to the public in 2008. The creator of the smell was the famous French perfumer Cecil Zarokyan, whose works are known throughout the world.

Benzoin, cinnamon, sweet clover and zir - the main noteswomen's perfume from Max Mara. According to public opinion polls, the aroma is most suitable for the autumn season. And this is not accidental. In the period of torrential rains and cold wind, the girls are in search of a warm hearth that would envelop them. It is such a fragrance is Kashmina Touch. A refined, but at the same time enchanting smell will allow the fair sex to be in a good mood and feel like the sunniest day.

Kashmira Touch

East-floral perfume was liked by manygirls. In their reviews, they write that this fragrance really justifies its name. As the ladies say, it is in autumn that the fragrance completely opens and fascinates others. Also note that the perfume Kasmira Touch hold about 8 hours, which indicates a good persistence of the fragrance. There are those who have not approached the aroma because of the male shades, however, it should be noted that any flavor is a matter of taste.

Silk Touch

The softest and most intimate scent of Max MaraThe Silk Touch perfume, which was presented in 2007, can be considered. Perfume is suitable for romantic and dreamy ladies who believe in the fairy tale and wonders of this world. Seducing and inviting - synonyms of the presented flavor. Elegant notes can awaken the magical attraction of a companion to a lady.

Silk Touch Max Mara

In the base notes, combinationswood cedar and attracting musk. The heart of Max Mara Silk Touch perfume opens with a floral scent of jasmine, and the top notes of barberry and cherry leave an indelible train.

In their reviews, customers say that"put on" this smell as underwear, which indicates the sensuality and intimacy of the perfume. Also, girls emphasize a special feeling of weightlessness and tenderness when applying perfume on the body.

Gold Touch

Another floral creation of the ItalianFashion house was perfume Max Mara Gold Touch. Starting notes of aroma are shades of bergamot and pink pepper. The central smell is added to the composition of vetiver and jasmine. As the top notes, the perfume makers preferred delicate vanilla.

Gold Touch Max Mara

The unobtrusiveness and refinement of these spirits subduedthe hearts of girls, which they speak in their brightest colors in their reviews. It is the feeling of comfort that allows ladies to use the Gold Touch product daily.

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