Biography of Marianna Vertinskaya

Marianna Vertinskaya is a wonderful actress with her unique destiny. In her career, there were many enviable victories and extraordinary acting roles. That is why to talk about this wonderful actress, sometimes, I want to watch. But what moments should be particularly highlighted in her fate? We will try to present you a complete portrait of our today's heroine in our biographical article.
Actress Marianna VertinskayaActress Marianna Vertinskaya

The early years, childhood and the family of Marianna Vertinskaya

Marianna Alexandrovna Vertinskaya was born on July 28, 1943 in the distant and mysterious Shanghai. There, her father, the famous chanson Alexander Vertinsky lived and spoke for a long time. It was only in the mid-forties that the glorified family finally decided to return to the Soviet Union.
Lydia, Marianna and Alexander VertinskyLydia, Marianna and Alexander Vertinsky
In the USSR, the mother of the future celebrity, Lydia Vladimirovna, often began to act in films, as well as work as an artist.Subsequently, the creative specialty for herself was chosen not only by Marianna herself, but also by her younger sister Anastasia, who is now known as an actress.
Marianna Vertinskaya with her sisterMarianna Vertinskaya with her sister
In this context, it is worth noting that parents have always encouraged their daughters in all endeavors. Unlike other parents, Alexander and Lydia Vertinsky were very happy when they learned that their eldest daughter wanted to become a movie star. Using their connections, they helped the young girl to find good teachers with whom Marianna honed her acting skills.
Vertinsky sisters with fatherVertinsky sisters with father
Perhaps it is because of this that our heroine was able to enter the Theater School named after Boris Schukin without any particular problems.

Career of actress Marianna Vertinskaya, filmography

Marianna Vertinskaya was able to appear on the movie screens for the first time in 1962, when she performed a small role in the leap year drama by Anatoly Efros. A student of the Shchukin School played her first major film role two years later - in 1964.
During this period, our today's heroine played the role of one of the main characters of the cult film “I am twenty years old”, which later received a special prize from the jury of the Venice Film Festival.This picture opened the name of a talented young actress of a wide category of viewers. And because before graduation, Marianna Vertinskaya managed to play several interesting roles in Soviet films. "City of Masters", "Roll Call", "His name was Robert" - all these pictures later became classics of Soviet cinema, as well as important items in the filmography of the actress.
Alone with everyone - Marianna Vertinskaya
In 1966, our today's heroine received a diploma from a theater university, and in the annex thereto was a proposal from the Yevgeny Vakhtangov Theater. Marianne became one of the participants of the permanent troupe, and therefore the whole subsequent fate of the actress was closely connected with the local stage.
Running a little ahead, we note that in the Vakhtangov Theater, the actress played until 1995. In less than thirty years, a woman played on his stage more than twenty-five roles. Among these stand out are the productions Princess Turandot, The Tradesman in the Nobility, The Woman Behind the Green Door, Summer in Noan, Anthony and Cleopatra, and some others. For many years of theatrical career, Marianna Vertinskaya managed to become a real symbol of the Vakhtangov Theater, as well as one of the most famous and respected actresses in his troupe.
No less interesting and diverse was also her career in cinema. By the end of the seventies, the actress was able to clearly establish itself in the status of one of the full-scale stars of Soviet cinema. She was shot infrequently, however, each role she played certainly turned into a small masterpiece.
That is why Marianna Vertinskaya never lost her popularity. Among the best roles of the actress, played during this period, it is worth mentioning the films “The End of the Lyubavins”, “Deniskins Tales”, “Captain Nemo”, “Death by Sail”, “Pena” and some others. These actor's work brought the career of Marianna Vertinskaya to some exorbitant height. However, in the eighties in the work of the actress there was some decline.
Marianna Vertinskaya and Valentin Nikulin.
In the eighties, our today's heroine began to devote more time to her family, and therefore her acting career faded into the background. She continued to play frequently in the theater, but Vertinskaya appeared on the screen quite rarely. For ten years, the actress performed only three roles.
In the difficult nineties, Marianna Alexandrovna completely limited herself to only one role - in the film “Woman at Sea”, which remained almost unnoticed by the audience.However, it was during this period (or rather, in 1991) that the actress received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Marianna Vertinskaya now

Due to many years of creative idle time, Marianna Vertinskaya began to gradually lose her position and the love of the audience. She began to forget. But it was at that moment when it seemed that the best years of the actress were finally in the past, she began again to break into the world of Russian cinema.
Marianna Vertinskaya with her daughter AlexandraMarianna Vertinskaya with her daughter Alexandra
In the 2000s, our today's heroine starred in six new films, which was quite a significant figure, compared with previous years. Among her best works is the mini-series "Angel", the historical tape "One Love - Two Souls", which tells about the life of Pushkin, as well as the film "The Heiress".
Since 2007, the actress is no longer removed in film. She devotes herself to family and friends. That is why in newspapers and glossy magazines there are rarely messages about her life and new creative projects.

Personal life of Marianna Vertinskaya

In the life of the actress had a few turbulent novels. So, the first husband of our heroine today was the architect Ilya Bylinkin. In marriage with him, the actress had a daughter - artist and TV presenter Alexandra Vertinskaya.
After the end of the relationship with her first husband, Marianna decided again to try her luck and married actor Boris Khmelnitsky. From this novel to the world was born the youngest daughter of the actress - Daria, who is known today as a successful designer.
Despite the birth of her daughter, the second marriage was no more successful than the first. Relationship with her husband broke up, but because Marianne began to often appear in the company of other men. Over the years, her relationship with Andrei Konchalovsky, Andrei Tarkovsky, a cameraman Alexander Kniazhinsky, and also a businessman Zoran Kazimirovich. For the last of these men, the actress subsequently married. However, the marriage with the Prague entrepreneur also fell apart.

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