Popular restaurants of Krasnoyarsk: photos and reviews

Krasnoyarsk is a city in which there is a large number of restaurants. If you want to visit one of the most beautiful places, listen to our recommendations. Today we will tell you about which restaurants in Krasnoyarsk are the most popular. And also we suggest you to get acquainted with the list of the best institutions of the city, which was compiled on the basis of visitors' reviews.

restaurants of Krasnoyarsk

Features of restaurant service in the city

How do catering establishments in Krasnoyarsk attract their visitors? We list their distinctive features:

restaurants Krasnoyarsk menu

Popular restaurants and cafes of Krasnoyarsk

Where in the city you can eat and have a great free time? We offer the following list of places:

  • Restaurant Trattoria Formaggi. Great place located at the address - Prospekt Mira, 15. This is a classic Italian restaurant. It is distinguished by a cozy atmosphere and polite staff. Here you can eat and have a good time with friends and relatives. Comfortable atmosphere is created by soft sofas, dim lights, romantic music.There are children's dishes in the menu that your child will taste with pleasure. After visiting the restaurant pleasant emotions are provided to you. The average bill in the institution - from 1000 rubles.
  • Restaurant "Master of the taiga." Its address is Sibirskaya Street, 92. The interior of the institution is original. Skis hang on each wall, and a fireplace crackles in the center of the room. The menu will delight you with its diversity, and the waiters - with the speed of their service. Despite the fact that the place is gorgeous, you are waiting here for comfort and relaxation. The mood begins to rise immediately, as you find yourself inside the institution. This is one of the best institutions of Krasnoyarsk. Your friends from other cities will be pleasantly surprised by everything they see here, from the interior to the menu.
  • Another place for lovers of Italian cuisine - the restaurant "Mama Roma". This is a whole network of institutions that are located in different cities. Where is it located in Krasnoyarsk? To the address - Mira Avenue, 50a. In the city there are other places with Italian cuisine, but the food cooked here is always of excellent quality and very tasty. Despite the fact that this restaurant is classified as expensive, there are always a lot of visitors.The average bill in the institution - from 1000 rubles.
  • Restaurant "Taiga" (Krasnoyarsk). This is a whole complex, which includes: comfortable, hotel rooms; saunas with pools; game room (billiards, checkers, backgammon, etc.). Where is this place? Drokino Village, Traktovaya Street, 11. It’s easy to find a better place for various banquets, anniversaries and weddings. Facility staff will tell you which menu to order, as well as give tips on holding a festive event. A large variety of delicious dishes and delicious drinks will delight even the most sophisticated gourmets. The menu is very unusual and pleasing to the eye.
  • "Bangkok" - a restaurant (Krasnoyarsk). Residents of the city love this place. Let's find out how this restaurant attracts many visitors. Among the advantages can be noted: delicious food; the courtesy of staff; delivery to the home or office of the finished product; stylish interior. This is the very first Asian restaurant in the city. Visitors feel relaxed and peaceful here. Family holidays; grand banquets; business meetings - here everything goes at the highest level. It remains only to find out the address.Located restaurant on the street Uritskogo, 94. Here everything is done for the convenience of visitors. The restaurant has several zones in which you can spend time with great comfort.
  • "Crystal" - a restaurant (Krasnoyarsk). One of the most favorite institutions of the city is located at - Kaczynska, 62d. Numerous visitors are attracted by bright, modern furniture; stylish design; unusual lamps. From Monday to Friday, delicious business lunches are served here.

Restaurant Taiga Krasnoyarsk

Budget restaurants Krasnoyarsk: list with addresses

Where can you eat tasty and inexpensive in the city? We offer you several popular options:

  • Restaurant "Sushi Terra" - st. Zheleznyak guerrilla, 23.
  • Restaurant "Cagliostro" - Karl Marx, 149.
  • Cafe "Red Tent" - Siberian, 92.

Crystal restaurant Krasnoyarsk

Best restaurants of Krasnoyarsk

We offer you a list of the most popular institutions, compiled in the ranking order. Let's start, as is customary, from the end:

  • Trattoria Formaggi is in sixth place.
  • Fifth - the hotel-restaurant complex "Taiga".
  • Fourth - "Master of the taiga."
  • Third - "Mama Roma".
  • The second is "Crystal".
  • The palm belongs to the restaurant "Bangkok".

restaurants and cafes of Krasnoyarsk

Favorite food and drinks

What do the best restaurants in Krasnoyarsk offer? The menu is quite diverse. Judge for yourself:

Restaurant Trattoria Formaggi - this is all the richness and variety of Italian cuisine. We recommend you to order the following dishes: bruschetta with mushrooms; salmon carpaccio; Sicilian stew with octopuses; Risotto with rabbit. Do not forget the desserts: strawberries with mascarpone; thin apple cinnamon pie; "Tiramisu" with "Amaretto", etc. A pleasant white or red wine will accentuate the taste of the best dishes.

The "master of the taiga" will delight you with the variety and high quality of fish dishes: nelma dumplings; ice floss with planed and much more. What to choose drinks? Try delicious and fragrant tea on forest herbs and mulled wine.

Restaurant "Mama Roma". From the name it becomes clear that the institution specializes in Italian cuisine. Pasta with tomatoes and almond cake are very popular among visitors.

Restaurant-hotel "Taiga". What can you recommend to try in this place? Veal shashlik; Salmon steak; chicken kebab; stuffed pike; cheese soup; roast three types of meat in a pot and much more. Each dish here has a unique taste and beautiful design.

Lovers of exotic dishes, of course, will delight the restaurant "Bangkok".In the menu a large number of appetizers, salads, hot dishes. Even the names themselves attract: a marbled beef tartare; venison carpaccio; Asian chicken salad; green thai and more.

Bangkok restaurant Krasnoyarsk

Visitor reviews

Restaurants Krasnoyarsk - a place where you can relax and have a great time with friends and family. Attentive waiters will always help to make a choice of dishes on the menu. Many residents of Krasnoyarsk are among the most popular restaurants called "Bangkok." It is located in the heart of the city, which is of considerable importance. Here you can always try something unusual.


We told you about the most popular restaurants in the city. Perhaps some of the visitors this list will be somewhat different. It's okay, because how many people, so many opinions. However, these restaurants of Krasnoyarsk (mentioned in this article) have the highest rating among visitors.

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