Popular Uzbek singers: brief biography

The biography of Uzbek singers includes manyawards, awards and participation in competitions. Also there are so successful that they perform abroad. Some of them can perform songs in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, English and many other languages. Their voices sound fresh and melodic. This attracts Uzbek singers. List of girls whose biographies are in this article:

  1. Nasiba Abdullayeva is a People's Artist.
  2. Sogdiana is a successful Uzbek singer.
  3. Halima Nasyrova is an opera singer.
  4. Raykhon is a successful Uzbek singer.
  5. Ziyoda is an Uzbek singer singing in several languages.

Nasiba Abdullaeva

All Uzbek singers want to be equal to NasibaAbdullayev. The woman was born on November 15, 1961 (54 years). In her family she was the seventh child, the youngest. Privita Nasiba love of music was from childhood, she trained to play the accordion.

Unfortunately, to get a higher education inarchitectural and construction institute she failed, and for a long time she worked as a teacher. Since 1980, Nasiba is a soloist in the ensemble. And in the same period the girl releases two albums together with other singers. Already seven years later, Nasibe was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of Uzbekistan". Many Uzbek singers wanted to become as successful as she. Two years later Nasiba went to work in the philharmonic society. In 1990, the first solo album of the artist who has already taken place is released. Three years later she was given the title of People. After the divorce from her husband, Nasiba leaves the stage, but already in 2002 she resumes her activity.

Uzbek singers

Halima Nasyrova

Time passes, and Uzbek singers slowlybecome successful and known outside of their republic. And Halima is an obvious example. Unfortunately, the exact date when the woman was born - no. According to some sources - December 7, on the other - December 29. The same situation is with the year - either in 1912 or in 1913. In the family Halima was 9 child, but due to some circumstances she was a pupil of an orphanage.

The girl studied for a long time.After graduating from high school, she worked as an actress. A little later - went to the opera. With ease she was given the performance of foreign songs. I often went on tour in other countries. Received many awards, orders and titles. It is noteworthy that Halima was also a deputy.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the last years of her life. In the years 1979-1986. she taught at the conservatory. The singer died on January 3, 2003.Uzbek singers photo


biography of Uzbek singers

Many Uzbek singers work not only innative country, but also beyond its borders. One of the most influential now is Raykhon. The girl was born on September 16, 1978 (37 years old). Most likely, her choice to become a singer was influenced by the family. Her father was a famous artist, like his family. Since childhood Rayhon participated in competitions, sang and performed. She has a lot of fans who really like her solo shows.

Career, which she began in 2000, rapidly developed after the girl decided to quit the duo organized by her. The latter, by the way, quickly became popular.

The singer has both musical education andcompletely unrelated to art. Raykhon is a philologist specializing in English syllables. She has two children, and with her husband she divorced quite recently - in 2015.


Uzbek singers list

Speaking about artists such as Uzbek singers(there are photos of them in the article), it is necessary to say about Sogdiana. Her real name is Oksana Nechitailo. She was born in Tashkent on February 17, 1984 (32 years old). Now she is a well-deserved artist of Chechnya. He sings in several languages: English, French, Chechen, Russian, Uzbek. Her career began in 1998, and now Sogdiana conducts a lot of solo concerts and travels on tours.

She always receives rewards. For example, she was repeatedly mentioned on the "Golden Gramophone". A woman has children and a husband. At the last from previous marriages already 10 children.


This girl will amaze everyone with her vocal.Some of her songs in 2014 were included in the list of 20 best hits of the year in Uzbekistan. She was born on January 7, 1989 (27 years old). Ever since childhood she loved singing. In the interview, she admitted that she often performed the lyrics of the Uzbek prima donna Yulduz Usmanova. She sings, in addition to her native language, also in English.

Became known for the performance of Ruslana's song.She is criticized for the fact that she often echoes world hits. But due to her amazing voice, all these manipulations are happening with a bang. If they were not, then the world would not have known such a singer as Ziyoda (this is her real name).

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